Filson Nickel Fiber

  • Mostly being made of pure nickel with purity of 99.8%
  • Excellent electrical conductivity up to 2.65 x 10-3 s/cm-1
  • Well flexibility with elongation ranging from 0.5% to 30%
  • High temperature resistance up to 1430°C
  • Wide diameter range between 6 micron to 100 micron
  • Good chemical strength, perfect corrosion resistance
  • ISO quality certification as well as a competitive price
  • Outstanding thermal conductivity up to 6 W/mK

Filson always uses pure nickel to fabricate nickel fiber, and the purity of nickel can reach 99.8%. Filson nickel fiber can be widely applied in aerospace, petrochemical, textile, electronics, battery, machinery, environmental protection or other industry according to your requirements.

  • Material: N6, N4 pure nickel(the purity up to 99.8%)
  • Common Diameter: from 6 to 100 micron
  • Melting Point : 1430°C to 1450°C
  • Specific Gravity: 8.89g/cm
  • Elongation: from 0.5% to 30%
  • Electrical Conductivity: 2.65 x 10-3 s/cm-1
  • Thermal Conductivity: up to 6 W/mK
  • Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness: 1 MHz – 1500 MHz

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, custom sizes available.

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Filson Nickel Fiber

Your Professional Nickel Fiber Supplier in China

Being regarded as a new energy material, Filson nickel fiber features in excellent electrical conductivity up to 2.65 x 10-3 s/cm-1 and better corrosion resistance. Therefore, Filson nickel fiber is popularly applied in electronics industry, battery industry or other corrosive places.

More importantly, having more than 20 years experience on making nickel fiber, Filson has the ability to provide you OEM solution on nickel fiber. So you can choose common diameter of Filson nickel fiber ranging from 6 micron to 100 micron or just send us your exceptional specifications.

Usually produced with standard pure nickel, Filson nickel fiber can perform normally under high temperature condition and its molting point is 1430°C to 1450°C. In addition, Filson nickel fiber has better thermal conductivity than other materials, which reaches 6 W/mK.

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