Filson Natural Gas Filters Strainers

  • High quality 304 stainless steel material free from rust
  • High performance even under high temperature and pressure
  • Capable of high operating pressure(6000psi) and temperature(700℃)
  • Best suited for natural gas filter application
  • Excellent structure, small resistance and convenient discharge
  • Optional types of natural gas filters strainers available

Most of these natural gas filters strainers offered by Filson are made from steel, iron, stainless steel and others. They are used to remove impurities in the medium to protect the valves and equipment from normal use. They are durable and highly reliable.

  • Raw material: steel, iron, stainless steel
  • Natural gas strainer mesh size: generally, the water supply screen is 18 ~ 30 mesh, the ventilation screen is 10 ~ 100 mesh, and the oil supply screen is 100 ~ 480 mesh.
  • Filtration efficiency: 99.99%
  • Type: T-type basket strainer, Y type strainer, duplex basket-type strainer…
  • Dimension: available in different size or customized
  • Max working temperature: up to 700 ℃
  • Maximum pressure differential: 6000psi
  • Connection type: thread and flange connection

Note: listed above are for reference purpose, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Natural Gas Filters Strainers

Your Premier Natural Gas Filters Strainers Manufacturer in China

Filson natural gas filters strainer is the most commonly used in the industrial applications, and it is named so because of its Y-form appearance. This type of strainer is mainly used in applications where there is a need for small size solid particles to be separated. They don’ t need to be washed so frequently.

There are different types of Filson natural gas filters strainers depending on the specific purpose of industry and transportation. Most of these elements are mainly made of copper and aluminum due to their corrosion resistance capacity.

When it comes to different shapes and designs, Filson natural gas filters strainers can also be customized to meet your special requirements of the filtration process. They may be made for both residential and industrial requirements.

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