Nanofiber Air Filter

  • Excellent dust-holding capacity
  • Extremely high filtration efficiency up to 99.9%
  • Longer operating time for stable performance
  • Professional knowledge to meet demanding needs
  • Premium production for sensitive equipment
  • Customized solution available for unique data

By using materials that are invisible to the naked eye, Filson nanofiber air filter has small openings that can trap viruses, bacteria, smog, etc. Meanwhile, it will not block small oxygen particles passing through.

  • Filter Media Materials: nanofiber
  • Filtration Efficiency: 96%-99%
  • Filtration Accuracy: from 0.2μm to 50μm
  • Product Styles: cartridge, panel, etc
  • Grade Type: OME, ISO
  • Air Flow: 600 cfm – 1200 cfm

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FilsonNanofiber Air Filter

The Finest Filter Media for High Performance

Filson nanofiber air filter can filter our almost 40% more harmful particles than other products, such as pollen, soot as well as ultrafine dust particles. According to ISO certifications, Filson nanofiber air filter keeps up to 10 times more dust compared to other material media.

With up to 99.99% dust holding capacity, Filson nanofiber air filter is the first choice for harsh conditions with a high level of soot or fine dust particles. Besides catching harmful particles, our products can also eliminate the reproduction of the bacteria.

As an OEM company, Filson allows any size, shapes and dimensions of nanofiber air filter. With our expert design time and professional workers, we have the ability to produce the best and suitable product for your applications.

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