MS Casing Pipe

  • Wide range of applications for reliable quality
  • High tensile strength with excellent ductile
  • Great welding performance with advanced equipment
  • High resistance to corrosion as high-grade materials
  • Different dimensions in line with customized needs

Filson MS casing pipe is fabricated with top-grade materials, which is made up of low percentage of carbon, hence it has excellent resistance to high temperature oxidation and various coated layers to prevent corrosion, that’s why it is workable in different conditions.

  • Material: mild steel
  • Wall thickness: 1mm – 150mm
  • Outer diameter: 6mm – 2500mm
  • Length: up to 7m
  • Surface: polishing, annealing, pickling, bright
  • Surface color: black
  • Service life: more than 100 years
  • Standard:ASTM, ISO, EN, API

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson MS Casing Pipe

Easily to be Welded to Various Shapes and Sizes

Filson MS casing pipe is endowed with high tensile strength, delivering great work-ability and weld-ability, hence it can be fabricated into any size and dimensions according to your requirements.

Usually, Filson MS casing pipe is covered with different metals, paints or varnish to maintain its stable performance from rusting under extraordinary conditions. What’s more, it can also withstand temperature.

Compare to other metal casing pipe, Filson MS casing pipe is cost-effective and durable. With finishing surface and high strength, it provides diverse application possibilities. In addition, it is also easy to install and transport to save maintain costs.

Filson is leading MS casing pipe manufacturers in China, we promise to provide high-performance product for you. If there are any needs for customized service, please Click Here to connect us! Our professional sales will answer all your doubts.

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