Filson Mist Eliminator for Flame Arrestor

  • Reliable quality and reasonable price for overall savings and benefits
  • Cleanable and reusable through both physical and chemical methods
  • Robust construction for longer life time resulting in cost savings
  • Flexible design in sizes and shapes for almost all applications
  • Excellent mechanical strength to resist high pressure and harsh conditions

Filson, as one of the professional mist eliminator supplier in China, has full capability to produce various types of mist eliminator to be applied to different systems and devices, such as distillation columns, flue gas desulfurization, wet scrubbers, evaporators and flame arrestors.

  • Raw material: SS 304/304L, 316/316L, titanium, nickel, monel 400, inconel 625, hastelloy, PP, PE
  • Working temperature: upon materials ( consult factory )
  • Pressure drop: less than 120 Pa
  • Shape: mesh pad, candle filter
  • Size: vary from different requirements

Note: take listed specifications above as reference and to know more details, please contact Filson.

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Filson Mist Eliminator for Flame Arrestor

Your Premier Mist Eliminator Choice for Flame Arrestor

Filson provides quality mist eliminatiors for flame arrestor, especially for end-of-line flame arrestors which are installed at end of vent pipe prevents flame of potentially explosive vapour-air or gas-air mixtures from outside to the protected side.

Filson mist eliminators can be made of both metals and plastics including stainless steel, titanium, nickel, monel 400, inconel 625, hastelloy, PP and PE. According to different situations, you may choose particular material, but for flame arrestor, sintered porous metal media is the most commonly-used one.

Filson mist eliminator for flame arrestor is available to be formed into mesh pad, cylinder or other specific shape based on your requirements. Depending on the actual needs, the device dimension varies.

In order to provide a superior mist eliminator for flame arrestor, Filson will do any efforts to the calculation and design of the products. If you are interested, just feel free to contact us today and our professional engineer will give the information you want.

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