Filson Mini Filter Press

  • Reliable, safe and easy to operate and maintain
  • Cost-effective solution for smaller-scale dewatering operations
  • 100% stainless steel construction for food-grade or laboratory-grade applications
  • Robust design for enhanced longevity
  • Excellent filtration performance leading to high profits

Filson mini filter press is much suitable for applications where require less filtration effort and floor space. The practical proofs that this mini equipment is reliable, durable and has little maintenance.

  • Plate material: stainless steel, cast iron, nickel, aluminium, monel, wood, hard rubber, plastic
  • Operating pressure: 0.3 – 0.6 MPa
  • Plate quantity: 2 – 30pcs
  • Filtration area: 2 m2 – 30 m2
  • Outlet cake moisture content: 75% – 85%
  • Size: customizable
  • Plate shape: square, rectangular
  • Certification: ISO, SGS, CE

Note: available for various dimensions, contact Filson today for more detail.

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Filson Mini Filter Press

Your Professional Mini Filter Press Supplier in China

As a filtration equipment supplier and manufacturer, Filson has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. With rich experience and profound knowledge, we are able to fabricate the quality mini filter press with a competitive price.

Besides mini filter press, Filson also provides filter presses in medium size and large size to meet your different application requirements. All of these filter presses are tested and checked before leaving factory for the best performance.

When choose Filson, you can rest assured that we will help you select the right filter press and correct press size for your industry, application and specific objectives. Just contact us NOW!

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