Filson Microchannel Heat Exchangers

  • Lightweight than any other heat exchangers
  • Immune to galvanic corrosion
  • Compact structure design
  • Sustainable and certificated raw materials

Filson microchannel heat exchangers, also called micro heat exchangers, micro-scale heat exchangers or microstructured heat exchangers, are heat exchangers in which fluid flows in lateral tubes with dimension below 1 mm.

  • Material: stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic
  • Media type: oil, water, air, gas
  • Working temperature: up to 400℃
  • Working pressure: under 6.4MPa
  • Flow rate: 25L/min(depending on fluid type)
  • Heat transfer efficiency: 2.80% to almost 100%
  • Heat exchange area: 1 – 800㎡
  • Color: grey, blue, silver, brown(based on customer requirements)
  • Standard: ASME, ANSI, JIS, GB

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Filson Microchannel Heat Exchangers

High Efficiency Microchannel Heat Exchangers Serving the World

Filson microchannel heat exchangers can be divided into micro microchannel heat exchangers and large-scale microchannel heat exchangers according to their external dimensions.

The structure forms of a Filson micro microchannel heat exchangers are flat counter flow type heat exchanger and sintered mesh type porous microchannel heat exchanger. It has a compact structure to satisfy the need for growth in the electronics industry.

Filson large-scale microchannel heat exchangers are mainly used in traditional industrial refrigeration, waste heat utilization,air conditioning, etc. Its structure forms are parallel flow tube type and three-dimensional counter flow type.

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