Filson MERV 15 Bag Filter

  • Less filter changing times for overall cost saving
  • High dust removal efficiency up to 95%
  • Different sizes, colors, depths, materials and pocket numbers options
  • Custom design to suit application and customer requirements
  • Low initial resistance for better filtration performance

Filson MERV 15 bag filter provides longer life time comparing to other air filters and it can maintain its MERV value throughout the life of the filter. No matter for pharmaceutical industry or powder coating plants, the filter is always the premier choice.

  • Filter media: non-woven fabric, synthetic, fiberglass, activated carbon
  • Frame material: galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic
  • working temperature: 80°C
  • operating humidity: 80%
  • Number of pocket: 3 – 12
  • Filtration rating: MERV 15
  • Filter size: 24 x 24 x 15
  • Pocket depth: 12’’ – 36’’

Note: other MERV levels are provided, please contact Filson today for pricing.

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Filson MERV 15 Bag Filter

Your Reliable MERV 15 Bag Filter Supplier in China

Filson MERV 15 bag filter can be made of non-woven fabric, synthetic, glass fiber or activated carbon to meet different application needs. All these materials are selected carefully by our responsible specialists to guarantee the final quality of the product.

Featured with large filtration area, robust structure, rigid frame and high dust removal efficiency, Filson MERV 15 bag filter is much popular among all sorts of industrial and commercial applications, such as HVAC systems, electronic industry, automotive plants or commercial buildings.

Filson MERV 15 bag filter is also called MERV pocket ( air ) filter which is used to capture airborne dust and particles to improve the air quality. It is available and flexible to be made into various configurations with depths ranging from 12 inch to 36 inch, among which 12’’, 22’’ and 30’’ pockets are most frequently used.

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