Filson Membrane Filter Press

  • Achievable for low residual moisture values in the filter cake
  • Ideal for porous or fibrous cakes to squeeze out the extra liquid
  • Available to be constructed to food grade specifications
  • Automatic or manual hydraulic selection for customer to choose
  • Excellent durability for long time use

Filson membrane filter press, sometimes also called diaphragm filter press, is a new dewatering equipment used to separate solids and liquids and it is widely used in applications including chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, light industry, food industry, mineral processing, water treatment, metallurgy, dyes and textile.

  • Capacity: 460L – 20m³
  • Filter area: 30 – 1000㎡
  • Plate size: 870 x 870mm – 2000 x 2000mm
  • Cake thickness: 30 – 40mm
  • Filter chamber volume: 427 – 17713L
  • Plate number: 23 – 127 pcs
  • Filtration pressure: typically 0.6MPa

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Filson Membrane Filter Press

Powerful Membrane Filter Press for Your Application

Like any other types filter press, Filson membrane filter press has the same working principle. However, it has a great influence on the dryness of the solid by using advanced membrane technology in the filter plates.

Filson membrane filter press is composed of membrane plate and chamber plate, by putting them together, a filter chamber is formed. When the solids are separated and becomes cake, the membrane plate comes into force.

During the operation of Filson membrane filter press, air or high pressure water will be sent into inner layer of diamphram to fully press the cake, further reducing the water content.

Filson membrane filter press is an ideal industrial tool for the filtration of viscous materials and high requirements to the final water content. Whenever you have the needs, just feel free to contact us and our professional engineering team will come up with a suitable solution for your specific application.

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