Membrane Filter Cartridge

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Filson membrane filter cartridges usually contain (polytetrafluoroethylenen) PTFE membrane filter cartridge, (polyethersulfone) PES membrane filter cartridge, (polycinylidene fluoride) PVDF filter cartridge, and nylon filter cartridge, which all has a pleated construction.

Among the entirety of Filson membrane filter cartridges, all PTFE filter cartridge is the most frequently used type that offers excellent hydrophobicity and resistance to water intrusion. In addition, PES membrane contributes Filson PES filter cartridge superior flow characteristics.

The folded structure offers each pleated membrane filter cartridge a large filter area and high dirt holding capacity, hence efficiently increasing the service time. Moreover, Filson membrane filter cartridge can help to reduce the replacement intervals and decrease labor costs.

The whole series of Filson membrane filter cartridges adopt FDA-listed materials and are manufactured in a high-cleanness room, ensuring applicable for sterile filtration. You can apply it in Food & beverage, pharmaceutical, UPW, and semiconductor fields.

Membrane Filter Cartridge

PTFE Filter Cartridge
Filson PTFE filter cartridge takes the advantage of hydropphobicity and water intrusion resistance, you can utilize it in filtering water, hydrofluoric acid, asisopropanol.
PES Filter Cartridge
Filson PES filter cartridge is optimized for sterile filtration, capable of purifying both liquids and gases.
Code 7 Filter Cartridge
Filson Code 7 filter cartridge will always combined with standard code 7 adaptor to fit specific filter housings/filtration systems.
PVDF Filter Cartridge
Filson PVDF membrane filter cartridge has an effectively pre filter layer that reduces clogging, offers longer use time. Mail Filson with your requirements or membrane filter cartridge problems for sincere cooperation!

Why Filson Membrane Filter Cartridge

Filson Membrane Filter Cartridge:

  • The stable removal efficiency of submicron particles
  • FDA listed material for food&beverage applications
  • Fully thermally bonded construction to avoid bypass
  • A larger filter surface reduces changeover frequency
  • Polypropylene core and outer cage for extra durability
  • Excellent antimicrobial performance in wet or dry conditions
  • OD: 2.7”/69mm
  • ID: 1”/25.4mm
  • Lengths: 5”-40”
  • Operating temperature: Max. 203°F at 15 psid
  • Nominal micron rates: 0.05µm, 0.1µm, 0.2µm, 0.45µm, 1.0µm
  • Core material: polypropylene
  • End caps: polypropylene
  • Fiber: Polypropylene(PP), Polyethersuflone(PES) , Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE), Nylon/PVDF
  • Gaskets/O-Rings: Buna-N, EPDM, Silicone, Viton, PTFE

Note: common connections such as DOE, 222 O-ring, 222/Fin, 226 O-ring/fin are all optional

Filson Membrane Filter Cartridge Catalog

Filson Membrane Filter Cartridge

Filson membrane filter cartridges can withstand mechanical and thermal stress by robust membrane cartridge construction. The endcaps, inner cores, and outer support cages are constructed of 100% pure polypropylene(PP) for increased durability and excellent chemical resistance.

10inch 20inch membrane filter cartridge

10inch 20inch Membrane Filter Cartridge

Compared to other industrial water filter cartridges, the Filson membrane filter cartridge provides maximum fluid and particles access to pleated filter surface area for the highest throughput and is cost-competitive.

DOE SOE membrane pleated filter cartridge

DOE SOE Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge

All-thermal bonded membrane cartridge construction ensures no adhesive or binder contamination. Filson membrane filter cartridges are available in 5”, 9.75″, 10”, 20”, 30”, and 40” lengths with a nominal outside diameter of 2.75”.

Membrane water filter cartridge in stainless steel filter

Membrane Water Filter Cartridge in Stainless Steel Filter

It can be used to replace many pleated membrane filter brands, such as Domnick Hunter polyethersulfone membrane filters, pall membrane filter cartridges, pentek water membrane filter cartridges, 3M membrane cartridges.

As a professional industry membrane filter manufacturer, Filson has more than 15 years of experience in producing and designing all kinds of membrane filter cartridges. We are glad to custom industrial membrane filter cartridges to support your special applications.

Pes pvdf membrane filter cartridge production and packing

Pes PVDF Membrane Filter Cartridge Production and Packing

Features of  Filson Membrane Filter Cartridge

  • Absolute rated efficiency rating up to 99.98% (beta5000)
  • Manufactured with FDA-listed materials for food and beverage
  • Polypropylene core and outer support cage for increased durability
  • Provide superior bactericidal performance in wet or dry conditions
  • Multiple endcap configurations and O-ring materials are available
  • All-thermal bonded construction with no adhesives
  • A larger service area reduces change-out times
  • Membrane mediums are hydrophilic for easy wet-out
  • 100% integrity tested to assure reliable filtration performance

Pleated membrane filter cartridge end cap configuration

Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridge End Cap Configuration

Application of Filson Membrane Filter Cartridge

  • Chemicals
  • Process water
  • Biological Solutions
  • Electronics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pre-filter for RO Systems

PTFE 222 226 membrane filter cartridge


PTFE 222 226 Membrane Filter Cartridge

People Also Ask

What is a Membrane Filter Cartridge?

Below is an example of a membrane filter cartridge:

Membrane filter cartridge

Membrane Filter Cartridge

As you can see, these are simple and modular filters, with a large surface area of filter media that can fit in different housings.

They are popular for their low-pressure losses and high flow rates when removing particles from fluids.

Ordinarily, this component is designed to suit a specific need in various industries.

They are used in numerous filtration processes especially for dissolving aggressive solvents.

Due to the nature of the role that this device plays, it has to have a rugged construction which apparently, enhances its lifespan.

And as you’ll find later on in this guide, this component is nowadays used in many applications.

These applications also range from simple domestic to large-scale industrial processes.

What are The Main Applications of a Membrane Filter Cartridge?

What often happens is that this component is involved in various applications some including engineering processes.

The help of permeable membranes to transport materials between two fractions is what this instrument covers.


Filtration Process

As you’ll find out in this section, the membrane filter cartridge is also common in various chemical, pharmaceutical, and water processing applications.

And without taking much of your time, let’s head straightaway to the point and learn some of these applications;

Sterile Filtration Applications

Now, this is one of the most significant and widespread applications of a membrane filter cartridge.

Sterile filtration

Sterile Filtration

It is about the process of removing microorganisms from a fluid stream without fundamentally causing an adverse effect on the product.

What happens in this type of filtration is that you’ll be able to accomplish it successfully without influencing the ingredients.

The essence of this mode of filtration is vital to prevent degradation of the ingredients or substances.

And in most cases, this is the type of filtration process which often occurs in the biopharmaceutical field.

It is quite obvious that pharmaceutical products are a combination of various compounds.

And therefore, filtration of the same requires more or less a method that would never compromise or degrade the quality of ingredients.

It is also applicable in chemical processing industries which require filtration of the final product without affecting its quality standards.

Of course, the main benefit of the membrane filter cartridges in sterile filtration application is the prevention of degradation of the product.

It thus implies that you can simply obtain the final product from a combination of compounds without reducing its quality whatsoever.

Pre-filtration Applications

It is also the other major area where the application of membrane filter cartridges tends to be relatively common.

The pre-filtration process simply prevents a wide range of treatment processes from possible contaminants that would enter from out of the system.

Structure of filter

Structure of a Filter – Photo courtesy: STEVIA TECHNOLOGY

This process is also essential in preventing the particles released by the treatment devices from contaminating downstream processes.

But from a broader perspective, you’ll realize that most chemical processing, water treatment, and pharmaceutical processes use this application.

This is a way that enables you to find a purified substance that you would, later on, use in carrying on various processes.

So, it becomes a common application mostly in the cycles of chemical processing such as fertilizer and other laboratory compounds.

Also, the membrane filter cartridge is common in various aspects of clean water pre-filtration and sewerage processing.

The essence in such cases is that it enables you to attain the best results using the modern methods conveniently within a short period.

Moreover, you can as well use it in pharmaceutical processing especially when separating particular compounds from one another.

And it’s for such reasons that you would typically find it in most of the water cleaning, sewerage, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical plants.

Purification Applications

The membrane filter cartridge is also common in a wide range of purification applications.

Purification in this case merely implies the elimination of undesirable chemicals organic impurities and suspended solids and gases from a particular compound.

Set of Membrane filter cartridge

Set of the membrane filter cartridge

This is apparently one of the widely used applications for membrane filter cartridges due to the obvious need for filtering and purifying substances.

The essence of using membrane cartridges in purification applications is mainly to enable you to obtain a final product that is fit for a specific purpose.

And in many instances, this application is common in water and sewerage processing plants.

It is also common in a wide range of pharmaceutical industries for purifying a wide range of medicinal products.

The benefit of using this equipment in various purification applications is that it enables you to ultimately get the purified product.

What are the Parts of Membrane Filter Cartridge?

When it comes to understanding how this product works, which we’ll discuss later on, it’s first necessary to know its key parts and components.

Filter element

Filter Element

The truth of the matter nevertheless is that most of these parts tend to vary from one product to another depending on various factors.

But that notwithstanding, the fact that they all play more or less similar functions, they have somewhat similar components.

So let me take you through some of the main parts of this item at least to give you an idea of what to expect especially when it functions.

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Filter

1. Filters

This equipment comes with a wide range of filters.

All the filters play different roles at specific stages of the entire membrane filtration.

Some of the filters include, a high-capacity polypropylene sediment filter, extruded activated carbon block filter, and refining carbon filter.

All these filters and many more others help the infiltration process of different substances before you obtain the final product.

2. Pressure sense

It refers to a gadget that the equipment uses in detecting the ideal pressure during the filtration process.

Remember the working pressure plays a significant role in determining the efficiency, performance, and quality of the final product.

And that’s why this machine needs to have one to enhance easy and convenient monitoring of the pressure.

3. Auto-shutoff valve

It is one of the most fundamental components that you’ll find in the membrane filter cartridge.

So the essence of this part is to turn on and off the equipment’s system depending on the level of the tank.

This part works together with the pre-pressurized tanks to turn the system on and off when the tank is empty and full respectively.

The auto-shutoff valve engages the tanks when they surpass approximately 65% of the incoming line pressure.

And when the tank is full, this gadget halts the flow of water to the equipment’s system.

This happens until the tank level becomes low enough to enable pressure to fall below the level and allow the feedwater supply to restart.

4. Feed water valve

This refers to a type of controller which helps with its tolerances set high so helps in restricting liquid flow.

A significant element regarding the feed water valve is that it stays in position in any likely event that there’s a power failure.

This component is as well vital in this equipment in as much as it’s not necessarily a full shut-off.

Basically, the membrane filter cartridge contains quite a number of components and parts.

Undoubtedly, we cannot discuss all of them in this guide, but I can assure you that you’ll get to know them in detail as you continue using the equipment.

The most important aspect, in this case, is to know the necessary components which play more or less critical roles in this machine.

What are the Membrane Filter Cartridge Materials?

Now, whenever you’re buying a membrane filter cartridge, there is one element that must always cross your mind.

And this element is the type of material used for making the equipment.

What I’m trying to say here is that you must always look into the type of material that the cartridge is made of before purchasing.

membrane filter cartridge

Membrane Filter Cartridge

Ideally, there are quite several materials that have been used for manufacturing this type of equipment.

And luckily, I want to describe them in this particular guide albeit briefly and they include the following;

Polypropylene Membrane Filter Cartridge

It refers to a membrane filter cartridge that is made of thermoplastic polymer.

Production of this material occurs through chain-growth polymerization from the monomer propylene.



And for that reason, you find that the membrane filter cartridge is made of the ordinary PP membrane and PP support layer.

This material is hydrophobic, which makes it suitable for making membrane cartridges for a wide range of applications.

Polypropylene Membrane Filter Cartridge

Polypropylene Membrane Filter Cartridge

Another ideal advantage of this material is that it is a pure hydrocarbon.

And therefore, you won’t experience any challenges arising from disposal arising from halogen content with PP membrane.

Polyethersulfone Membrane Filter Cartridge

This is also another common material for making membrane filter cartridges.

It’s from the family of thermoplastic polymers and is renowned for its toughness as well as stability at high temperatures.



And since the material itself is strong and stable, it is quite obvious why it’s one of the ideal choices for this device.

The other reason why this material is ideal for this material is that of its exceptionally high flow rates.

Polyethersulfone Membrane Filter Cartridge

Polyethersulfone Membrane Filter Cartridge

Moreover, it also provides a suitable on-stream lifetime while offering consistent removal of both organic and inorganic particulates.

And the best part of this material is that they provide broad compatibility for various applications.

Polytetrafluoroethylene Membrane Filter Cartridge

This refers to a membrane filter made from a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene material.



In most instances, you’ll find many people referring to it as Teflon.
It is a somewhat versatile ivory-white and opaque plastic fluoropolymer made from the free-radical polymerization of numerous tetrafluoroethylene molecules.

One of the reasons why it is somehow suitable for membrane filter cartridges is because it contains ideal properties which increase wear resistance.

Polytetrafluoroethylene Membrane Filter Cartridge

Polytetrafluoroethylene Membrane Filter Cartridge

Also, it has high resistance to chemicals, is electrical resistant, thermal, and is non-stick resistant.

The versatility of this material is also another reason which makes it an ideal one for manufacturing membrane filter cartridges.

And for that reason, you can be confident you’ll have equipment that is strong and durable.

Polyvinylidene fluoride Membrane Filter Cartridge

It is also a common material for making this device which is a highly non-reactive thermoplastic fluoropolymer.

Polyvinylidene Flouride

Polyvinylidene Flouride

The production of this material is produced by the polymerization of vinylidene fluoride.

And since the membrane filter cartridge is an instrument that requires the highest purity and resistance to solvents, this material becomes suitable.

This material also possesses some of the best properties which enhance the suitability for making this component.

Polyvinylidene fluoride Membrane Filter Cartridge

Polyvinylidene Fluoride Membrane Filter Cartridge

Furthermore, it is resistant to chemical and thermal reactions which enables you to consider it for this device.

Nylon Membrane Filter Cartridge

This refers to a membrane filter cartridge made of synthetic polymers based on aliphatic or semi-aromatic polyamides.

Ordinarily, nylon refers to a thermoplastic silky material that you can easily melt and process into fibers.



This type of material is naturally hydrophilic which enables it to retain its superior strength and even wet out evenly during the filtration process.

And this is imperative because the material helps to eliminate the necessity for wetting agents which could extract when filtering aqueous solutions.

Nylon Membrane Filter Cartridge

Nylon Membrane Filter Cartridge

Most of the nylon membrane filters are tear-resistant, flexible, durable, and thus ideal for filtering organic solvents and aqueous solutions.

This material also offers excellent resistance to heat, and chemicals are hence assuring you of effective filtering of chemicals and solvents.

Ceramic Membrane Filter Cartridge

This refers to a material that is an inorganic non-metallic solid processed either from metal or non-metal compounds.

If happens that they are shaped and later on hardened by heating to relatively high temperatures.

Spectacular features of ceramic membrane filters include hardiness, brittleness, and resistance to corrosion and heat.

Ceramic Membrane Filter Cartridge

Ceramic Membrane Filter Cartridge

Ceramic membrane filter cartridges provide better results in various filtration applications.

Some of these applications include industrial liquid filtration, sewage, and biotechnology filtration.

In most instances, ceramic membranes are made of pure alumina and do not contain chemical bonding agents or glues.

And for that reason, they provide high filtration stability and at the same time offer stiff resistance to acidic or basic compounds.

So these are the key material for making membrane filter cartridges.

I understand the choices can be many and at the same time confusing.

But the most important thing nonetheless is making sure that you obtain the best results from whichever decision you make.

What is the Working Principle of Membrane Filter Cartridge?

Now, the most likely question running through your mind would likely be the manner in which this device works.

Don’t worry; I’ll take you through the entire process in this section.

And by the time you finish reading it, you’ll certainly have an understanding of how it works.

Something that you ought to know is that this technology has been in use for quite a long time.

And what makes it a considerable alternative is the fact that it doesn’t require the use of additional chemicals.

Furthermore, it is a process that requires somewhat low energy use as well as well-arranged process conduction.

But all that is a discussion for another day.

For now, let’s focus on the working principle of this instrument.

So let’s get started straight away!

Well, the membrane filter cartridge uses membrane technology which is a term for various characteristic separation processes.

And therefore, for the separation process to take place, the presence of semi-permeable membranes becomes a necessity.

Membrane filter cartridge

Membrane Filter Cartridge

Incidentally, the principle of this instrument is somehow simple:

What happens is that the membrane cartridge acts as a filter that allows water to flow through.

And as the water flows through, the membrane tends to catch the suspended materials as well as other substances.

The membrane filter cartridge uses various ways to make it possible for the substances to penetrate through it.

It can apply high pressure or maintain a particular concentration gradient on both sides of the membrane.

Furthermore, it can as well use electric potential.

All these are ways of making sure that the various materials penetrate easily.

Again, the membrane filter cartridge occupies through a selective separation wall.

It’s thus an indication that some materials or substances can pass through whereas others fail to do so.

And that’s the reason why this technology can be a substitute for adsorption, flocculation, distillation as well as extraction.

What’s more is that in many instances, there are two factors that determine the effectiveness of the membrane filtration technology.

These factors include; selectivity and productivity.

Selectivity is basically the parameter that describes the retention or separation aspect.

On the other hand, productivity refers to a parameter that describes flux.

The bottom line, however, is to understand that both selectivity and productivity are all membrane-dependent.

So as we move ahead still in the working principle of this device, you need to know that it’s a process divided into two pairs.

One is micro and ultra-filtration whereas the other one is Nano-filtration and hyper-filtration.

So this is how these processes pun out when using membrane filter cartridges to remove substances.

It removes larger particles by applying micro-filtration and ultra-filtration.

Well, it happens this way as a result of the open character of membranes which make the productivity to be the high and low-pressure difference.

On the other hand, it uses Nano-filtration or hyper-filtration when removing salts from the water.

What happens is that in many instances, the Nano and reverse osmosis filtration do not work in accordance with the principle of pores.

And in that case, separation tends to happen through a membrane.

Fundamentally, the energy the membrane requires to perform Nano-filtration and hyper-filtration is quite higher, but productivity is much lower.

You also need to take note of the fact that membrane fouling is an inevitable occurrence during the membrane filtration process.

And fouling can happen severally in various types which are dependent on various elements like membrane type, material, and feed water quality.

There are three key types of fouling of a membrane; particles, biofouling, and scaling.

All these contaminants call for the need for a higher workload to guarantee the constant capacity of the membranes.

And at some instances, the pressure rises so high that it’s no longer technically or economically accountable.

Water filtration system

Water Filtration System

So that’s primarily the working principle of the membrane filter cartridge.

It is quite a process which by the way can differ slightly depending on the particular type of application.

Now, let’s go ahead and describe some of the elements you should look into as specifications when buying this device.

How to Specify Membrane Filter Cartridge?

Well, one of the most important elements which you always need to have in mind is the specification of the membrane filter cartridge.

Do you know why I’m saying it’s imperative?

Let me tell you the reasons.

One is because currently in the market, you’re probably going to find various models of this product from different manufacturers.

What that means is that it shall become quite difficult for you to make an informed choice when purchasing one.

Technical data of membrane filter cartridge

Technical Data of Membrane Filter Cartridge

And by the way, this is often common especially when you’re a first-timer.

Second, knowing the specifications of this item before or when buying is the surest way of finding the best quality.

I know the least you’d wish to get in any instance while purchasing this item is anything below your expected standards.

So these are the major reasons why you need to know some vital specifications of this product.

And for that matter, let’s now discuss a few of these specifications albeit briefly;

Filter fineness

The role that this product plays requires that you get one with the finest filter.

It is what determines the level and quality of the end product that you’ll attain.

In most instances, the fineness of the filter tends to reduce with time especially when you subject it to excessive usage.

Of course, that is normal since it will be sieving materials of different textures from time to time.

But that notwithstanding, it should be relatively durable, which is an indication of longer service in a convenient manner.


It is also a critical aspect that you have to look into when purchasing a membrane filter cartridge.

In fact, dimension cuts in this particular item revolve around different elements including, length, inner and outer diameter.

What you must have in mind is that all these dimensions have an impact on the functionality and efficiency of this product.

Such that you must always find a way of determining the right dimensions as a way of finding the best which suit your needs.

Working temperature

The truth of the matter is that many users of this device rarely understand the impact which working temperature has on it.

Well, it’s understandable perhaps if you’re using it for the first time but you ought to know it’s a vital specification to consider.

Working temperature, in this case, is the ideal or reasonable temperature that allows this machine to perform effectively.

I know that at times it would be challenging to determine the working temperature of this device.

The bottom line nonetheless is that you got to find and maintain it if at all you need to obtain the best results.

Working pressure

Just like temperature, working pressure is also another fundamental specification of a membrane filter cartridge.

You’ll find out that in most cases, the working pressure for an ordinary membrane filter cartridge would vary from one to the other.

So, what happens is that perhaps a particular working pressure would not necessarily be suitable for your needs.

And therefore, you have to be specific when it comes to determining this element

Material type

Different materials can be used to manufacture various types of membrane filter cartridges.

Therefore, there is a need for determining the specific one which you deem ideal for your applications.

Incidentally, the suitable material depends on the environment as well as the application for this device.

So when selecting this product, you have to ensure that you assess what you’ll use it for.

It helps you to choose the most suitable material for the work majorly for the sake of durability and efficiency.

End Caps

It’s also fundamental to look into the type of end caps for the specific membrane filter cartridge you’re buying.

It happens that they come in different materials and a broad range selection of styles.

Ideally, I’d recommend that you go for a membrane filter cartridge which has PVC end caps.

The thing with PVC end caps is that they are flexible hence making it easy for them to go on easy and stay put.

The end caps also allow this device to stay away from dust and other related materials.


This is also another imperative technical specification that you ought to look into when buying a membrane filter cartridge.

It refers to a mechanical seal component that ideally fills the space which is between the mating surfaces of this item.

Gasket, by the way, is quite essential in this case because it helps to prevent any possible leakage from or into the joined components.

And that’s why you have to check which type, size, and design of gasket that this device uses.

Also, you should ensure the gasket is easily accessible.

Quality test standards

It is quite apparent that when you’re buying a membrane filter cartridge, it has to attain a particular set of quality standards.

Of course, you’ll find that specific regulatory authorities have put in place measures to ensure that you obtain quality products.

And quality, in this case, refers to the safety of the equipment as well as the efficiency in producing the final product.

So basically, you need to ensure that you buy a membrane filter cartridge that conforms to the set quality test standards.

Additionally, this will also prevent you from unnecessary back and forth with the regulators.

Construction type

This refers to the design of the membrane filter cartridge that you’re purchasing.

Most people never know suitable ways of differentiating these items, especially when buying them for the first time.

It happens that the construction of this product differs significantly on the basis of the type of application.

And it’s for such reasons that you have to be meticulous when selecting the type you need to use.

The bottom line when looking into this aspect is that you should go for a type with durable construction.

This is what will prevent you from the frequent replacement of some of the key parts.


Well, as you look into all these technical specifications, you also need to know that they narrow down to the performance of the equipment.

You see, the upshot of all these features is whether or not the machine will be able to work as you expect and provide desirable results.

Therefore, in as much as you’ll be evaluating these key specifications, you also need to understand that they all revolve around performance.

In a way, an ideal membrane filter cartridge needs to provide a rather superior bactericidal efficiency.

Furthermore, it also has to offer absolute rated effectiveness which is what makes it rank among the best for the task.

Well, all these specifications I’ve briefly described above are among some of the key ones to consider in a membrane filter cartridge.

And if that’s enough, let’s now shift focus and look at some of the critical steps you’ll embark on when replacing this device.

Replacing Membrane Filter Cartridge – A Step-by-step Process

Well, one of the most important elements regarding this component is understanding how to replace it.

You see, most of the time, this is a process that you’ll always have or need to undertake.

The membrane filter cartridges tend to wear out after a specific duration of use, in most cases between 2-3 years.

Moreover, the lifespan of this membrane is dependent on the source and water quality.

And therefore, to enhance efficiency and attain better results you’ll always have to get new ones and replace them.

So in this section, I want to take you through a step-by-step process of replacing this component when such need arises.

So that it becomes easy for you to do it by given that you’ll grasp the basics of conducting it.

Membrane water filter cartridge

Membrane Filter Cartridge

Incidentally, this process is quite simple and it involves the following;

Step 1

Shut off the two key valves; which are water supply and tank valves.

Now open the faucet to assist in depressurizing the system.

Then place a sizeable container or a towel under the system to enable it to catch any water spills.

Step 2

Remove the tubing from the membrane housing cap which ordinarily features a quick-connect fitting.

Take the membrane housing wrench and use it to twist off the housing cap in an anticlockwise direction.

Step 3

Use a pair of scissors or pliers to pull out the membrane.

These two items are suitable for applying leverage, but if possible, you can as well twist the membrane using your bare hands.

Step 4

At this stage, pick the membrane housing and clean it using hot water or better still, a scent-free dish shop.

Thereafter, you can rinse it thoroughly again using hot or clean water.

Step 5

Take the new package containing the new membrane filter cartridge and cut a small end of the vacuum-sealed.

Hold the new membrane through the packaging as you insert it into the housing without essentially laying your bare hands on the membrane.

It is important because any slight contact with bare hands can lead to contamination of the membrane.

Step 6

Once you complete the step5, then it means you’re almost finishing the replacement activity.

And in step 6 you’ll only need to ensure that the O-ring is sealed appropriately at the end of the membrane housing.

Experts recommend that you should always replace the O-ring after at least three years.

However, you can as well replace it before or even after the three years depending on how constantly you use it.

This is vital because it helps to prevent leaking that would arise as a result of dried-out or expired O-ring.

Step 7

Now take the membrane housing cap back on and then tighten it using your hands.

After that, use a housing wrench to tighten the membrane housing further.

But you should also be keen not to over-tighten it since it may cause further damage.

Also, over-tightening it can make it relatively difficult for you to unscrew it the next time you want to replace it.

And that’s how simple the replacement of membrane filter cartridges can be.

You do not necessarily have to involve a third party to help you in fixing this component.

Ideally, this is a simple DIY project which you can accomplish within just a few minutes.

What are the Recent Developments in Membrane Filter Cartridge Technologies?

Like any other technological industry, membrane filter cartridge also tends to have a number of advancement in different aspects.

Of course, the aim for the same is to help in making sure that the gadget enhances efficiency and quality of the process and final product respectively.

So in this section, I want to take you through some of the main developments in relation to membrane filter technology.

And straightaway, let’s have a look at them;

Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter Cartridge

It is one of the recent technologies revolving around the manufacturing and the use of membrane filter cartridges.

In other instances, you’ll find some manufacturers referring to it as a UF membrane filter cartridge.

UF membrane filter

UF Membrane Filter

It basically refers to a purification technology cartridge mostly for producing high-quality water.

This technology is vital when it comes to the removal of colloids parasites, bacteria, colloids, and pyrogen among others.

It also helps to eliminate both organic and inorganic molecules that would contaminate the water in any way.

The life of this type of filter is between 1-3 years depending on what you filter using it.

But ideally, it undertakes a pressure-driven purification process.

In that regard, water and low molecular weight substances permeate a membrane whereas particles and molecules are retained.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter Cartridge

It is arguably one of the most widespread membrane filter technology of the recent past.

This is to means that it is used considerably both for small and large-scale processes in various industries.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis – Photo Courtesy: ORION REVERSE OSMOSIS

The technology incorporating this type of membrane filter has for a long time been a standard in water purification.

However, even in the recent times, many other applications including chemical, sewerage, and pharmaceutical processing are embracing it.

RO membrane filter vitally purifies water by pressurizing the unfiltered water and constraining molecules through the semi-permeable membrane.

So what happens is that this membrane allows water molecules to pass through while trapping all the contaminants.

This type of membrane cartridge can last for up to two years or more depending on the quality of water and the RO system.

Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridge

These are also modern forms of membrane cartridges that offer extended area and are useful for continuous filtration liquids and gases.

This type of filter functions on the principle of surface filtration.

Membrane filter cartridge

Membrane Filter Cartridge

And since they have a unique design with pleated features, it can offer up to eight times more filtration area when you compare it to other cartridges.

And in many instances, you’ll find them in various applications including pharmaceutical, water processing, sterile vents, and compressed air.

Cartridge Filter vs Membrane Filter Cartridge

There have been debates over the best technology to incorporate the infiltration process between cartridge filter and membrane filter cartridge.

Well, the truth of the matter is that each technology is efficient in its unique way.

But the most important element is to understand that the membrane filter cartridge tends to offer relatively good quality.

At the same time though, we cannot disregard the efficiency that the cartridge filter brings on board.

And it’s for that reason that you also ought to realize that you can use either of them depending on the particular application.


This guide has definitely touched on a wide range of aspects revolving around membrane filter cartridges.

I bet that it’s been significantly helpful and an eye-opener in a rather beneficial manner.

At the very least, I’m certain that you now have a relevant idea regarding this equipment.

And so it would be easier for you to purchase and even use one effectively.

The bottom line nonetheless is that this component is essential especially in modern days for the purification of different contaminated substances.

Furthermore, you can as well use it for both domestic and commercial purposes hence an ideal investment.

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