Filson Lenticular Filter for Beer

  • Polished finish surface for beer contacts
  • Simple to load, operate and maintain
  • Accordion-like design of cartridge for a large filtration area
  • Vertical structure for taking up less space
  • High removal rate and flow rate for high working efficiency
  • Easy to wash and can be back flushed for a longer service life

Filson lenticular filter for beer is made of high-quality stainless steel 316L, which has polished finish surface externally and internally. Moreover, an enclosed system is provided, which decreases the risk of beer oxidization to a largest extent.

  • Material: stainless steel 316L, sanitary weld
  • Gasket material: EPDM, VITON, PTFE, Sililone
  • Cartridge length: 270mm, 367mm
  • Maximum working temperature: 110ºC
  • Maximum working pressure: 1.0MPA/150SPI
  • Corrosion by acid: 0mm
  • Available Standard: DIN/ANSI/ASME/3A

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, more details to be known by consulting Filson.

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Filson Lenticular Filter for Beer

A Reputable Lenticular Filter for Beer Supplier in China

Late nights, clogged filters and the threat of oxidizing beer are long-lasting troubles for brewery. To solve these headaches, Filson lenticular filter for beer takes a cartridge with a double separator design and a housing.

Besides, Filson lenticular filter for beer housing is electron or mirror polished with a fully closed system which can considerably reduce the risk of beer oxidation. To a great extent, it will also lower your overall savings.

Filson leticular filter for beer is capable of proving a high flow rate to meet your wanted working efficiency. In addition, we advise you to buy a larger one in case of a urgent mounting production. Send us your design and specifications, we will quote for you immediately.

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