Filson Lenticular Filter Cartridge

  • Unique stacked surface design for large filtration area
  • Washable under certain condition resulting high throughout
  • Various material choices to fit different application needs
  • One-stop solution according to your final application
  • Less pressure differential at high flow rates
  • Double separator design for deformities after heat treatment

Filson lenticular filter cartridge is a new type of cartridge for depth filtration with its eminent feature of an accordion-like structure. It can maximize the retention of solid containment. Double separators design is utilized which can increase the whole stability of the cartridge and decrease the risk of filter sheet deformities after heat treatment.

  • Material of sheet: carbon, new diadomaceous earths, cellulose fiber, resins, perlite
  • Material of separator: polypropylene, polyamide
  • Micron rating: 0.25 -15 micron
  • Construction formats: flat basket, double o-ring bayonet

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, more details to be known by consulting Filson.

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Filson Lenticular Filter Cartridge

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Filson lenticular filter cartridge has a stacked structure which contains pieces of discs, central core as an separator. Thus, it is easy to understand the working principle of the cartridge:

Fluids passing through Filson lenticular filter cartridge, the particles and color are collected and blocked on the cell surface or permeate into the cell. And due to the special design, it is able to seize more impurities than flat or frame filter. So the resulting fluids will be more clean.

The micron rating of Filson lenticular filter cartridge ranges widely from 0.25 micron to 15 micron. Featured with high dirt holding capacity, high flow rate and large product throughout, Filson lenticular filter cartridge is popular in food and beverage industry, such as beer, fruit wine, cider.

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