Filson Laboratory Filter Press

  • Full set of configuration to support the whole filtration process
  • Flexible in sizes and plate numbers for specific laboratory use
  • Complete adaptation to meet a wide variety of process requirements
  • Special filter cloth corresponding to the application for a desired result
  • Easy and fast operation with flexible positioning

Filson laboratory filter press is a versatile device benefitting lab applications. As many other filter presses, the laboratory filter press is composed of filter plates, filter cloth, air diaphragm pump, pneumatic controls, pressure gauges and inlet.

  • Plate material: usually polypropylene ( PP ) and other materials up on request
  • Dimension ( length x width x height ): for example: 1350 x 500 x600mm
  • Filter area: 0.6 – 2㎡
  • Quantity of filter plate: 5 – 20pcs
  • Filter chamber volume: 5 – 20L
  • Thickness of plate: 15mm
  • Filtration pressure: 0.2 – 0.6MPa
  • Frame material: stainless steel
  • Plate shape: square, rectangular

Note: laboratory filter press is customizable at Filson, consult our factory for more details.

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Filson Laboratory Filter Press

Your Dependable Laboratory Filter Press Manufacturer in China

Filson laboratory filter press, also known as lab scale filter press, is a bench top filter press specially developed for test filtration and laboratory analyses. Due to its small size and accompanying uncomplicated handling, the equipment is quite welcomed in lab applications.

Using Filson laboratory filter press, all moisture can be filtered easily and cost-effectively. And the handy design allows the filter press to be used on site at the customer’s premises. In all, it provides an ideal solution for customer’s specific production.

Filson lab filter press is designed for small batch production which is also useful for testing for upscaling to full production-size semiautomatic or manually operated presses. If you are looking for such an equipment, please do not hesitate to contact Filson professional team today.

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