Filson Johnson Water Well Screens

  • Non-clogging slot design with minimum maintenance
  • Optimized flow rates with high filtration efficiency
  • Advanced manufacture technologies with excellent quality
  • Available in rod-base, pre-packed and pipe-base constructions
  • Custom specifications to suit for each exclusive application

Filson Johnson water well screen is an effective and reliable solution for a range of water well development projects. It is capable of delivering high flow rates three times higher than that of bridge-slot screens and nine times higher than that of slotted casings, in the equal dimensions.

  • Material: SS 304/316L/904L, 2205, Monel, nickel alloys or as required
  • Slot Size: 0.1-3 mm
  • Outer Diameter (OD.): 2-40 inch (50.8-1016 mm)
  • Length/Height: up to 6000 mm
  • Depth: 1000 ft.
  • Collapse: up to 142 bar
  • Shape: cylinder

Note: listed above just for reference, actual values depending on specific screen design.

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Filson Johnson Water Well Screens

Your Proven Johnson Water Well Screen Manufacturer in China

Filson Johnson water well screens are mainly manufactured from stainless steel (commonly used SS304/316/904L), Monel, duplex SS or other required materials, feature optimal corrosion resistance and wide temperature adaptability ranges. Thus they are suitable for various underground operations in complex environments.

In addition, Filson provides rod-base Johnson water well screens, pipe-base Johnson water well screens and pre-packed Johnson water well screens to meet your various applications need. Among you are recommended to choose the pipe-base construction for higher collapse strength, while pre-packed construction is an optimal selection when you focus on less time to drill.

If there any doubt of Filson Johnson well screen slot size, Johnson well screen custom designs, please feel free to contact our engineers. Click here for more information or a quick quote!

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