Filson: Professional Designer and Manufacturer of Full Range Ink Filters

Top team, advanced equipment, and rich experience, Filson has enough ability to provide you with a stop turnkey ink filtration solution.

  • Many sizes meet the requirements of various ink filtration systems
  • Advanced Thermal bonding technology and without any adhesive
  • High-quality materials purchased from reliable foreign suppliers
  • Wide micron rating range for pre-filtration or fine filtration
  • Excellent compatibility with various types of inks

What is Ink Filter?

Filson provides filter housing and cartridges for ink filtration system, designing to capture particles, gels, insoluble pigments, and other impurities in ink. By removing almost all of the useless substances in ink, the cleanliness and utilization rate of ink will be greatly improved.

Mainly composed of PP, stainless steel, PVC housing and nylon, PP, glass fiber, and PE filter cartridge, Filson ink filter has good corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and long service life. It also has superior performance, with a high filtration efficiency of up to 99.99%.

Filson ink filter is compatible with the vast majority of inks, such as pigmented ink, UV ink, inkjet ink, etc. A wide range of micron grades provides you with the most suitable product to achieve maximum impurity removal rate while avoiding removing functional pigments.

Filter Housing for Ink Filtration:

Bag Filter Housing

Mainly fabricated by superior PP, stainless steel, UPVC, etc., Filson bag filter housing is very stable and well sealed. It is suitable for filtering large quantities of high-viscosity liquids, which are widely used in ink, paint, resin filtration, or other fields.

Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Filson filter housing for ink filtration has high-strength stainless steel types, including 304 or 316L, with good resistance to heat and corrosion. It has excellent compatibility with filter cartridges of wide range diameters from 64 mm to 160 mm.

Cartridge Filter Housing

All vertical, and horizontal multi-cartridge filtration equipment or plastic single-cartridge filter housing are provided in Filson. Strict surface polishing treatment and O-ring seal provide reliable protection and support to various ink filter cartridges.

Cuno Filter Housing

Compliance with the ISO9001 certificate requirements, Filson Cuno filter housing has very reliable quality. The connection methods are flange or NPT thread, which are extremely close to avoid ink leakage or air entry to affect the filtration effect.

Ink Capsule Filter

Unlike other filter housings, Filson ink capsule filter specializes in small and medium-sized ink filtration systems. Its micron rating range is 0.1” to 10”, which can remove 99.99% of colloid, insoluble dyes, particles and other pollutants from ink.

Cartridges for Ink Filtration (6)

  • Filter Bag
    The raw materials of Filson filter bag including nylon, PP, glass fiber, etc. Its PH tolerated over a wide range and can filter various types of inks. The maximum flow rate can reach 40m³/h, improving working efficiency of ink filtration system.
  • Membrane Filter Cartridge
    With uniform and dense pleated design, Filson membrane filter cartridge has large effective filtration area and long service life. It adapts advanced thermal bonding technology without any adhesive, 100% sealed and avoid contaminating ink.
  • Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge
    There are basket, candle, wedge or other types to choice, Filson stainless steel filter cartridge is suitable for many ink filtration systems. In order to ensure high performance, it passes rigorous tests such as bubble point test, flow rate test, etc.
  • Melt Blown Filter Cartridge
    Made of polymer fibers by melt-blown, pressing and sintering, Filson melt-blown filter can filter impurities from 1μm to 50μm or bigger in the ink. We also pre-wash the products to remove the residues, such as surfactants, foaming agents, etc.
  • String Wound Filter Cartridge
    Filson string wound filter cartridge is consisted by PP or stainless steel filter element and evenly wrapped cotton on the outside, PP, PE and other materials. It has large contamination holding capacity, being resistant to slightly corrosive liquids and chemicals.
  • Lenticular Filter
    Owing to the filter cartridge is formed by stacking filter media centered on the polypropylene column skeleton, Filson lenticular filter has large filtration area and dirt holding capacity. It can effectively remove more than 99.9% of particles in the ink.

Ink Filter Benefits

Excellent Performance

Filson ink filter is produced in strict accordance with drawings, has premium materials, standard specifications and long service life while achieving high working efficiency.

Complete Variety

As an OEM factory specializing in filtration for more than 20 years, Filson offers a variety of specifications of filter housing and cartridge suitable for ink filtration system.

Advanced Technology

Filson has a large production scale, advanced equipment, and rich experience, using automated production methods to achieve consistency between batches and no blemish.


Strict Detection

To ensure that the product is of high quality, Filson rigorously tests every finished production ink filter, such as integrity test, flow rates test, performance test, and so on.

Advantages of Ink Filter

  • A stable structure depends on superior and high-density materials
  • A dense and uniform fold design increases the filtration area
  • Multiple specifications to meet a variety of requirements
  • Standard size to be well compatible with ink filtration system
  • Advanced thermal bonding way does not contain any adhesive
  • Large filtration area to achieve a high flow rate of up to 40m³ /h
  • Customized services are provided to meet personalized needs
  • A high impurity capture rate of up to 99.99% improves work efficiency
  • Competitive price improves cost performance and satisfaction
Advantages of Ink Filter
Specifications of Ink Filter

Specifications of Ink Filter

  • Housing Materials: stainless steel 304/316L, PP, PVC, UPVC, etc.
  • Cartridge Materials: stainless steel 304/316L, PP, PES, PVDF, PTFE, glass fiber, etc.
  • Micron Rating Range: 0.1 micron to 150 microns
  • Filtration Efficiency: up to 99.99%
  • Diameter: 64 mm to 160 mm
  • Working Temperature: 260℃
  • PH Tolerance Range: 1 – 14
  • Flow Rate: 40m³/h
  • Length: 5 inches to 70 inches
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 30pcs

Why Choose Filson Ink Filter

Ink Filters Factory
Ink Filters Production

The raw materials of Filson ink filter including stainless steel, PP, PVC, etc are purchased from reliable foreign suppliers, hence our filter cartridge and housing have durable quality and excellent performance. It can be used for a long time and always maintains efficient filtration.

With professional engineers, sufficient production scale, a complete production line, advanced equipment, and experienced workers, Filson can quickly design drawings and put them into production. After that, we will deliver by long-term cooperative logistics like FedEx, TNT, DHL, etc.

Filson has always been popular with superior quality, and favorable prices and is highly recognized by customers. If you choose Filson as your ink filter supplier, we will do our best to make you satisfied. Contact us by phone at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at

Applications of Ink Filter

Pigmented Ink

Pigment ink generally consists of carrier fluid, colorant, and pigments. Filson ink filter removes oversized contaminants such as insoluble pigments, gels, agglomerate, etc. and it can keep the pigments not to be removed in the solution.

Solvent-Based Ink

In general, microglass fiber filters and PES cartridge filters are the most commonly used in filter solvent-based ink. Filson ink filter has a micron rating range from 0.1 microns to 150 microns, effectively capturing contaminants in ink.

Dye-Based Ink

To achieve a better filtration effect, dye-based ink should be filtered twice. Filson PP pleated filter cartridge is a primary filter and PES pleated filter cartridge is a secondary filter, which can prevent ink from clogging the device when in use.

UV Curable Ink

Due to the UV ink has high viscosity, Filson glass fiber filter cartridge is specially ideal for filtering it. Our filters has excellent performance to preserve appropriate gel content in ink, which can greatly improving the quality of ink.

Pigmented Solvent-Based Ink

The best filter micron grade of pigmented solvent-based ink is 0.5 micron. Filson ink filter has precise and uniform pore size that enables accurate filtration of ink, it can also maintains the optimal concentration and component of ink.

Inkjet Ink

The main purpose is to remove resin, gel, particles and other big size pollutants in ink, Filson stainless steel filter housing and PP filter bag can effectively purify inkjet ink and extend the service life of printing equipment


Ink Filters Manufacturer
Filson Ink Filter

Trustworthy One-Stop Ink Filtration Solution for You

Filson is a senior OEM manufacturer with professional team, advanced equipment and rich inventory, giving you full range of service from design, production to delivery.

Ink Filtration FAQ Guide

What are The Main Components of Ink Filtration System?

What are The Main Components of Ink Filtration System

The ink filtration system is a complete and complex system, mainly including batch feeding reactor, agitated reactor, stirring reactors, stirring motor, filter housing, filter cartridge, platform, and pump system.

Among them, the filtration part is the core of the whole filtration system, which is composed of filter housing and filter cartridge.

What are The Common Ink Types?


 What are The Common Ink Types

  • pigmented ink
  • solvent based ink
  • dye based ink
  • UV curable ink
  • pigmented solvent based ink

The above five are the common ink types. Chemical compatibility is the first factor to consider when choosing an ink filter. Filson ink filter uses high quality raw materials and come in many types, so we are able to provide filters compatible with your ink.

What are The Materials of Ink Filter Housing?

What are The Materials of Ink Filter Housing

Filson ink filter housing is mainly composed of stainless steel 304 or 316L, PP, PVC, UPVC and other materials, with stable construction and good mechanical strength. We adopt the thermal bonding technique, therefore the filter housing is well sealed and without any adhesive.

What are The Materials of Ink Filter Cartridge?

What are The Materials of Ink Filter Cartridge

The filter element that can be used to filter ink includes filter bag, normal filter cartridge, membrane filter cartridge, melt blown filter cartridge, string wound filter cartridge and so on.

Filson offers stainless steel 304 or 316L, PP, PES, PVDF, PTFE, glass fiber and other material filters. We can also customize materials and sizes according to your needs to meet your various ink filtration requirements.

What is The Micron Rating Range of Ink Filter?

What is The Micron Rating Range of Ink Filter

Filson ink filter has wide range of micron ratings, from 0.1 micron to 150 microns, allowing for either fine filtration and pre-filtration. A variety of apertures for choice, can achieve superfine filtration, in the capture of most impurities, perfectly retain the necessary substances in ink.

What is The Purpose of Ink Filter?

What is The Purpose of Ink Filter

The production process of ink is complex, so it contains a variety of impurities such as gel, insoluble pigments, and fibers, etc.

The ink filter is designed to capture and remove impurities from ink, while retaining the ink particles to maintain standard concentration of color. Clean ink can not only present even better printing results, but also avoiding damage to printing equipment.


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