Filson Industrial Dust Collectors for Woodworking

  • Low energy consumption
  • Wide range of discharge and waste handling options
  • Wide range of industrial usage
  • Able to handle combustible dust

Woodworking in form of sawing, planing, sanding, and other operations produces large amounts of sawdust and sanding dust which can be hazardous to human health. It’s vital to collect it before reaching the breathing zone.

  • Type: baghouse dust collector, cartridge dust collector, pulse jet dust collector
  • Filter media: polyester, cellulose, PTFE membrane
  • Airflow capacity: 300-100000 CFM
  • Filtration area: 32-1566㎡
  • Filtration rating: 0.1-1000micron
  • Filtration efficiency: 85-99.9%
  • Filtration velocity: 0.8-2.5m/min
  • Dust collector housing: stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel
  • Finish: Powder coated

Note: the above specifications are for reference only, customization is available suiting your needs

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Filson Industrial Dust Collectors for Woodworking

Specialized Industrial Dust Collectors for Woodworking

To handle these large flows of wood dust safely and effectively, Filson has developed a wide range of products and systems based on dust collectors. Except for achieving a better working environment, Filson industrial dust collector for woodworking makes it possible for customers to recycle the wood waste which is an economic value.

Besides Filson standard industrial dust collectors, we also offer a wide variety of other dust collectors. We would be happy to design customized filtration products fully in line with your requirements.

Want to know more specifications about Filson industrial dust collectors for woodworking? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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