Industrial Dust Collector

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Filson industrial dust collector is sometimes known as an industrial dust extractor. It is a system used to improve the quality of air produced from industrial and commercial processes by collecting dust and other impurities from air or gas.

Since its founding in 2001, Filson has been dedicated itself to manufacturing the best performance and highest grade quality dust collector for all industries. We fully guarantee our filtration efficiency and specifications to provide our customers with a safe, practical, and healthy working environment.

Filson is available to provide the most innovative and useful dust control solutions for your system. No matter how unusual your requirements are, our professional engineering sales will always patiently and responsibly help you solve them.

From industrial dust collector design to final installation, Filson is with you every step of the way.

Industrial Dust Collector

Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector
Filson industrial cyclone dust collector is a type of inertial separator. It accomplishes filtration goal by separating dust from a gas stream through centrifugal force. By creating a cyclonic action in the cyclone collection chamber, the air is purified.
Pulse Jet Dust Collector
Filson pulse jet dust collector is a kind of baghouse dust collector system. We provide a variety of designs to fit industrial applications. The system operates a rapid and high-pressure air jet to clean. With a blast or shock of air through the bag, dust agglomeration is shattered and discharged.
Reverse Pulse Jet Dust Collector
Filson reverse pulse jet dust collector uses a unique reversal flow to realize its function. It blast filter bags with compressed air which effectively reverse the flow and remove the dust from the filter bags.
Mechanical Dust Collector
Filson mechanical dust collector is often called cyclone or multiclone. It is extensively applied to separate large particles from a gas stream. Filson mechanical dust collector is a particulate control device relying on centrifugal force, gravity settling and inertia.
Dry Type Dust Collector
Filson dry type dust collector is designed to reduce the emission of particles from the air and environment in order to increase the safety of the industrial process and improve the environmental conditions.
Electrostatic Dust Collector
Filson electrostatic dust collector, also called electrostatic precipitator, is used to separate soot, ash and dust particles from exhaust gases using static electricity. It’s usually used in industrial power plants which burn fuel and coal for electricity.
Shaker Dust Collector
Filson shaker dust collector, same as shaker baghouse or shaker fabric filter, is a kind of dust collector adopting a shaker cleaning system to remove the particles from the surface of the filter media. It’s a convenient filtration product applied in various industries.
Cartridge Dust Collectors
Filson cartridge dust collectors use cartridge filter to remove dust from the air. Generally, the filter cartridge is designed pleated. This kind of special surface increases the contact area with air which greatly improves filtration efficiency.
Baghouse Dust Collector
With various materials of filter bags, Filson baghouse dust collector can handle a wide range of dust from different industries. It has the features of high temperature, acids and alkalis resistance that can be applied to harsh environment.
Ceramic Dust Collector
Filson ceramic dust collector, developed by our advanced ceramic technology, has high dust collection efficiency. It can be customized into various size and shape to meet your specific application requirements.
5 Micron Dust Collector
Filson designs and builds industrial dust collector in both standard and custom type to satisfy customer specifications. A 5 micron dust collector can be found from Filson to capture dust and particles that larger than 5 micron.
2000 CFM Dust Collector
Filson is proud to offer the best 2000 CFM dust collector for you. Our perfect dust collector line is the answer to all of your filtration issues. And Filson industrial dust collector has capability from 300 CFM to 100,000 CFM and up.
3000 CFM Dust Collector
Using the lastest technology and advanced equipment, Filson has the ability to manufacture high grade quality 3000 CFM dust collector for you to solve your industrial air issues. Don’t hesitate to contact us now!
4000 CFM Dust Collector
A Filson 4000 CFM dust collector can handle your air pollutants with a high filtration efficiency. With careful design and fine elements, Filson 4000 CFM dust collector has become a popular product in industrial filtration field.
5000 CFM Dust Collector
Filson 5000 CFM dust collector is used to capture contaminants in the air and release purified air to workplace and environment. By doing this, the employees have a better working condition and the environment is improved.
6000 CFM Dust Collector
After over 20 years development, Filson has established a complete line of designing and manufacturing filter and filter elements for customers. Now we are able to provide a improved industrial dust collection system with airflow capacity at about 6000 CFM.
10000 CFM Dust Collector
Filson 10000 CFM dust collector is one of the industrial dust collector we can provide. Expect for 10000 CFM, we also have 300 CFM dust collector, 5000 CFM dust collector and 45000 CFM dust collector for sale.
12000 CFM Dust Collector
Filson provides 12000 CFM dust collector to handle a large airflow. In the industrial dust collection system, Filson offers multiple options for dust collector type such as baghouse dust collector and cartridge dust collector.
15000 CFM Dust Collector
Filson 15000 CFM dust collector will always be your premier choice for an industrial dust collection system. With the support of our experienced engineers and trained workers, Filson carries the best quality 15000 CFM dust collector.
20000 CFM Dust Collector
Filson 20000 CFM dust collector, produced through strict production process, serves a broadest range of industrial applications including but not limited to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, mining, coal handling and woodworking.
45000 CFM Dust Collector
Filson offers a wide range of options for 45000 CFM dust collector. No matter for size, shape or filter media, Filson provides a custom service for our customers all over the world to choose the most suitable dust collector.
Stainless Steel Dust Collector
Filson provides stainless steel dust collector for customers worldwide including America, Australia and European countries. The product is made of stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316 with the shape customizable.
Carbon Dust Collector
Filson carbon dust collector is designed to handle carbon fiber dust which may short out computers and cause other digital device havoc. Also, it is applied to reduce harm to employees’ health.
Self Cleaning Dust Collector
Filson self cleaning dust collector is a specialized air cleaner for capturing welding fume, grinding dust and other particles in the air. It is an ideal product for industrial filtration process and plants at various situations.
Industrial Dust Collectors for Woodworking
By using Filson industrial dust collectors for woodworking, wood dust will no longer be a threat to workers and facilities. We provide different selections to meet any of your requirements for your industry filtration.
Paint Booth Dust Collector
Filson paint booth dust collector provides a clean working atmosphere by efficiently removing the dust and particles from the workplace. It clears out the dust from the workers breathing zone and provides a healthier working condition.
Sandblasting Dust Collection System
Filson sandblasting dust collection system, as well as shot blasting dust collector, is designed to remove dust and contaminants created while blasting. You can choose a filter bag or a filter cartridge installed in your dust collector.
Dust Collector in Power Plant
Filson designs and builds specialized dust collector for power plant which generates electricity such as coal fired, gas fired and fuel oil. Filson also offers customized type of industrial dust collector to fit your request.
Dust Collector in Cement Plant
Correct option of a dust collector is critical to minimize costs and maximize filtration efficiency. There are many sizes and shapes to choose. Our highest quality dust collector gurantees you a longer service time.
Pharmaceutical Dust Collector
Filson provides high efficiency dust collector for pharmaceutical processes including tablet presses, spray drying, general room ventilation, blending, etc. By using Filson dust collector, the air condition will be greatly improved to standard request.
Replacement Industrial Dust Collector System
In addition to standard and custom type of industrial dust collector, Filson carries a series of replacement of other brands including Nederman dust collector, Act dust collectors, Donaldson dust collector and so on.

Why Choose Filson Industrial Dust Collector

Filson has committed to designing, manufacturing, and even customizing industrial dust collectors of the highest quality. After 20 years of development, we have broadened our product line to provide a wider range of industrial dust collectors and expanded our business to the worldwide market including over 30 countries.

If fortunately chosen to be your industrial dust collector supplier, Filson will treasure your trust and provide the best product. In the meantime, our experienced workers will choose the greatest material and follow the production process strictly.

Still, worry about our product quality? You are welcome to visit our factory and be allowed to test the material and products by yourself. Also, a sample can be provided for you so that you could check all details of the Filson industrial dust collector.

Just send us the size, application, and other specifications you need of an industrial dust collector, Filson will reply to you with professional solutions immediately.

Industrial Dust Collector Drawing

Filson Industrial Dust Collector Catalog Cover

Excellent Industrial Dust Collector for Worldwide

Filson is one of the best industrial dust collector manufacturers and suppliers with rich expertise and profound experience. As a leading brand serving the world, Filson provides industrial dust collectors with reasonable prices and excellent quality.

Dust Collector Supplier for Worldwide

Dust Collector Supplier for Worldwide

Filson aims at designing and building the best-in-class industrial dust collection system. All our dust collectors are built based on 20 years’ exploration in industrial filtration. They can handle all kinds of toxic and burnable dust and fumes including fine, fibrous, and heavy dust loads.

Designed to provide maximum airflow performance and minimum downtime for maintenance, Filson industrial dust collectors are proudly made in China by well-trained technicians using the latest equipment and technology.

Dust Collection System for your Industry

Dust Collection System for your Industry

Filson carries a complete line of industrial dust collectors to fit most customers’ requirements for various dust collection and industrial filtration. The main types of dust collectors we can provide contain industrial cyclone dust collectors, pulse jet dust collectors, dry-type dust collectors, cartridge dust collectors, etc.

Filson offers well-constructed filters designed specifically for our industrial dust collector. By using them together, you will get the most practical and cost-effective dust collection system. The system helps you maximize airflow while minimizing filter change-outs and energy costs.

Dust Collector Manufacturing Factory

Dust Collector Manufacturing Factory

Filson industrial dust collectors offer the highest combustible dust explosion protection in accordance with NFPA and ATEX standards. Every Filson product will undergo rigorous checks before leaving the factory. Therefore, in terms of quality, Filson gains a great reputation.

Except for industrial dust collectors, Filson provides a one-stop service as well. In the beginning, our specialists come up with a perfect solution for your industrial filtration and finally solve your assembly and cleaning problems with patience.

Filson Dust Collection Systems for Energy

Filson Dust Collection Systems for Energy

Filson gives entire efforts to industrial dust collector build quality, engineering transparency, and commitment to customer satisfaction, so when you choose Filson you can rest assured that you’ve made your best decision.

If you have any doubt about Filson industrial dust collector or what we can do to upgrade your present duct collection system, please feel free to contact us for an answer. We are always here and ready to help.

Filson Industrial Dust Collector Working Principle

Filson industrial dust collector is equipment for air pollution applied in factories, plants, warehouses, and other industrial or commercial conditions to realize environmental and workplace safety requirements.

Filson Cartridge Dust Collector

Filson Cartridge Dust Collector

Filson dust extraction system effectively controls and removes potentially harmful factors and dust from production and manufacturing process, which benefits a lot for employees’ health and environment.

Types of pollutants differ by industries and types of dust collectors differ by applications. Though dust collectors have different types, they are similar in working principle: absorbing particles and dust from the air using a filter that first captures and separates the matter and finally releases purified air back into the workplace or environment.

Filson Industrial Dust Collector Function

  • Filter dust and debris in the air
  • Create a healthy and clear environment for employees
  • Prevent vital and expensive equipment from damaging and degrading
  • Positively impact plant production
  • Reduce the discharge of pollutants
  • Delivers the maximum CFM of the clean factory air

Filson Industrial Dust Collector Feature:

  • Uniform airflow for a longer filter life
  • Improved air situation for workers’ health
  • Maximum airflow and efficiency
  • Easy and quick to clean and change out
  • Excellent cleaning efficiency
  • Highest air-to-cloth ratio
  • Low, stable pressure drop
  • Available in many types of media
  • Expanded capacity for plentiful dust holding
  • Maximum installation flexibility

Construction and Principle of Baghouse Dust Collector

Construction and Principle of Baghouse Dust Collector

Filson Industrial Dust Collector Specification:

  • Type: baghouse dust collector, cartridge dust collector, pulse jet dust collector
  • Filter media: polyester, cellulose, PTFE membrane
  • Airflow capacity: 300-100,000CFM
  • Filtration area: 32-1566㎡
  • Filtration rating: 0.1-1000micron
  • Filtration efficiency: 85-99.9%
  • Filtration velocity: 0.8-2.5m/min
  • Dust collector housing: stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel
  • Finish: Powder coated  
  • Accessories: centrifugal blower, spiral ducts, flexible duct, suction hoods…

Note: the above specifications are for reference only, customization is available suiting your needs

Filson Industrial Dust Collector Application:

  • Chemical processing
  • Coal handling
  • Cement fabrication
  • Metal fabrication
  • Woodworking
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Mining
  • Food and flavors
  • Grinding and deburring
  • Powder coating
  • Weld smoke and fumes
  • Sanding and finishing

People Also Ask

What Is Industrial Dust Collector?

An industrial dust collector is also known as an industrial dust extractor.

Commonly, an industrial dust collector is used for industrial purposes to collect and absorb waste media particles, dust fumes, oil, and water generated and produced during the manufacturing processing, operation, and transportation of industrial products.

These impurities are mostly from air or gas.

Filson Industrial Dust Collector

Filson Industrial Dust Collector

What Is Industrial Dust?

Industrial dust mainly comes from:

  • Mechanical crushing and grinding of solid materials
  • Mixing, sieving, packaging, and transportation of powdery materials
  • Combustion of substances, such as soot from burning coal
  • Oxidation and condensation of vapors in the air when substances are heated

Industrial dust is seriously harmful to human health. Toxic metal dust and non-metal dust include but are not limited to chromium, manganese, cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.

When this dust gets into the human body, it may cause poisoning and even death.

Industrial Slicing Dust

Industrial Slicing Dust

What Kind Of Dust Can Be Collected With Your Collectors?
  • Classification by material composition: organic dust, inorganic dust, mixed dust
  • Classification by particle size: coarse dust(larger than 40μm), fine dust(10 – 40μm), microscopic dust(0.25 – 10μm), sub-microscopic dust(less than 0.25μm)
  • Classification by shape: three-way equal length particles, sheet-shaped particles, fiber-shaped particles, spherical particles
  • Classification by physicochemical properties: distinguished by its wettability, viscosity, combustibility and explosivity, electrical conductivity, and fluidity
  • Other classification: productive dust and atmospheric dust, fibrous dust and granular dust, primary dust, secondary dust, etc.
What Does CFM Mean?

CFM is the abbreviation of cubic feet per minute. It’s a commonly used English unit of flow.

CFM is one of the important factors when choosing an industrial dust collector. For example, a Filson 2000CFM dust collector means that there are 2000 cubic feet of air flowing per minute.

How Does An Industrial Dust Collector Work?

A filter in a dust collector is a crucial part and it plays an important role in dust removal.

The industrial dust collector collects impurities and dust from the polluted air, then the air passes through the special-designed filter to proceed to capture and separating of the contaminated matter. Finally, it releases purified air back into the workplace or environment.

How Industrial Dust Collector Works

How Industrial Dust Collector Works

Is a Dust Collector Necessary?

Sure it is!

The functions of a dust collector can not be replaced. Though it won’t eliminate every bit of the dust generated from the manufacturing process, it still provides a cleaner environment and safer workplace.

There are many places where dust collectors are needed. Mostly, they are applied to woodworking, painting workshop, grinding workshop, battery production, chemical industry, cement, coal mine, power industry, and other dusty places.

How Big Should My Dust Collector Be?

The idea that the bigger the dust collector, the better the dust removal effect is wrong. You are supposed to select a dust collector based on the overall airflow and emission requirements. Different industry or factory has their own standard.

Filson has a professional engineering team that can design an appropriate dust collector for your application. If you don’t know how big a dust collector to order, just feel free to inquire about our specialists. We will come up with a suitable solution for you.

How Long Does an Industrial Dust Collector Last?

Generally, the ideal life of an industrial dust collector is 10 years. However, the average service life is 1 – 3 years.

Some can last longer if used for light-duty applications and some may last less than 1 year in difficult applications.

If you use a dust collector to deal with large amounts of dust, dirt, and debris, you are recommended to change out your filters every six months to ensure its long-lasting.

How Effective Are Dust Collectors?

With cutting-edge technologies and advanced equipment, Filson industrial dust collector has a high filtration and dust removal efficiency ranging from 85% to 99.9%.

What Are The Types Of Industrial Dust Collectors?

The commonly used types of industrial dust collector according to the different filters are baghouse dust collector and cartridge dust collector.

Besides the two types above, Filson also provides:

  • Cyclone dust collector
  • Pulse-jet dust collector
  • Reverse pulse jet dust collector
  • Mechanical dust collector
  • Dry-type dust collector
  • Electrostatic dust collector
  • Shaker dust collector
  • Stainless steel dust collector
  • Self-cleaning dust collector
  • Pharmaceutical dust collector
How To Clean The Dust Collector?
  • Take out the filter
  • Clean the filter with the right method: low-temperature water washing, chemical soaking, high-frequency vibration
  • Dry: dry the filter under proper temperature
  • Install or replace: install the filter back to the dust collector or directly replace it
  • Clean the surface and hopper of the dust collector
Can You Customize a Dust Collector To Our Needs?

Of course, we can.

Filson is an expert in the field of dust collection and removal with rich experience.

No matter for pulse jet dust collector or reverse pulse jet dust collector, baghouse dust collector or cartridge dust collector, ceramic dust collector, or stainless steel dust collector, Filson has the ability to provide for you.

All dust collectors can be manufactured based on your needs and applications.

Custom Dust Collector Based on Needs

Custom Dust Collector Based on Needs

Can My Industrial Dust Collector Be Replaced?


Filson designs and manufactures replacement dust collectors for you. The replacement will be produced to meet your specific requirements and fit the application.

We provide replacement dust collectors for OEM brands including Nederman, Act, Donaldson, Farr, AAF, Mac, Nordson, and so on.

What Are The Advantages Of Using a Dust Collector?

Dust collector has their existence value for both environment and human health. The basic advantages of using an industrial dust collector are as follows:

  • Maximize the elimination of harmful elements
  • Guarantee the safe and clean working space
  • Enhance the quality of the air and remove the additional contaminants
  • Increase productivity and remove the risk of damage
  • Help you to comply with governmental regulations
  • Prolong the life of equipment involved in your production process
Are You Able To Provide Me With Filters For The Dust Collector?

The answer is absolutely YES!

The whole dust collector equipment can be customized from Filson including the inner filters like filter cartridges and filter bags. They are able to be made with different materials and into various sizes and shapes.

Just send us your specifications and requirements, we can design a specific dust collector for your industry.

How Often Should I Change The Filters In The Dust Collector?

Filter replacement frequency mainly depends on the working condition and the nature of the dust.

The general replacement period of a filter is about 1 year. The replacement frequency of the heavy-dust working conditions is about 6 to 8 months, 3 months or even 1 month replacement period is also possible.

How Do I Know If The Dust Collector Is Right For Me?

The industrial dust collector is relatively simple equipment, but that doesn’t mean a standard type is exactly suitable for your facility.

When choosing the right dust collector, make sure to consider the following factors. They are handling air volume, operation temperature, inlet and outlet dust concentration, dust type to be treated, etc.

Filson has more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial dust collectors. Whatever your requirements are, Filson will find an ideal for the application.

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