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Filson industrial candle filter has a compact design, providing a larger effective filtration area while requiring less installation space. It is mainly used for clarification filtration of low content of liquid and solid.

Filson industrial candle filter is actually supported for a series of harsh environments, such as the filtration of flammable, toxic, and corrosive medium. Furthermore, it can remove contaminant automatically by back-flushing without interrupting the production process.

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Filson industrial candle filter, also called industrial candle filter, metal candle filter cartridge, mainly consists of quality sintered wire mesh, characterized by high mechanical intensity and good overall rigidity.

  • Raw material: SS304, SS 316L
  • Operating temperature: 80°C-260°C
  • Working pressure: 8bar as standard
  • Filtration accuracy: 0.5-200 micron
  • Filtration area: 0.34-60 m2
  • Design style: smooth plane, pleated, perforated

Note: all material/micron rating/filtration area/design style is available in customization

  • Easy to clean and maintain with fewer components
  • Particularlysuit for high differential pressure condition
  • High filtration precision to offer high clarity filtrates
  • Without downtime due to its back flushing capacity
  • Large effective filtration area to save installation space
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