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Backed by more than two decades year experience, Filson gathers advanced technology and leading-edge equipment to provide trusted industrial air filter.

  • Ingenious design due to professional design team
  • Reliable quality according to various certificarions
  • High particles removal efficiency more than 99.9%
  • Multiple types ensure a variety of applications
  • Customized solution available for unique data

What is Industrial Air Filter?

Indoor pollutant level is two to five higher than outdoor level, hence air filtration is an important part in industrial field. Filson industrial air filter is capable to keep your facility safe from harmful particles, such as hazardous fume, dust and airborne contaminants.

For familiar pollutants in industrial, Filson industrial air filter is fabricated with diverse materials as media like cellulose, nanofiber, metal, polyester and others to meet the different conditions of industries.

What’s more, Filson industrial air filter provides various shapes to maximize its performance in applications, from panel to v bank. Combines high efficiency with capturing large amounts of airborne dust, it is an ideal solution to prolong machinery life and product quality.

Industrial Air Filter Types

Panel Air Filters

Available in diverse types like flat panel filter, pleated panel filter, carbon panel filter, etc, Filson panel air filters can fulfill various needs of purify air and remove dust. Being highly efficient dust removal equipment, they exhibit great capacity in protecting sensitive devices.

Pocket Air Filter

Formed by self-supported and non-shedding fibers, Filson pocket air filter is able to withstand strong air stream and high humidity while reducing the risk of secondary pollution. It not only possesses excellent dust removing ability, but also longer service life and lower operating costs.

Dust Collector Filter Bags

Support resistance to abrasion and acids materials including polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, fiber, etc, Filson dust collector filter bags is premier solution for industrial system, especially for metals and mining, powder coating, pulp and paper, sandblasting, etc.

Industrial Air Filter Cartridges

As an important part of industrial air filter elements, Filson products performance well in processing fibrous and agglomerative dusts to improve air quality. With MERV 14 filtration efficiency, they are able to treat any specific industrial requirements.

V-Cell Filters

Filson V-Cell filters, also called as V bank filters, just as its name implies, they are featured with V pleat geometry, which eliminates obstruction air flow. By increasing surface area, they possess lower pressure drop and save the consumption of costs and energy.

Link Filters

Combine multi-layer media with heat seal treatment, Filson link filters have highly efficient performance to remove dust and unparalleled service life. And the simple and lightweight construction can save almost 50% cost of shipping and storge.

Industrial Air Filter Types by Materials (5)

  • Cellulose Air Filter
    By using high-grade cellulose as filter media, Filson cellulose air filter delivers better dust collect capacityand wider filtration area compared to conventional filter bags. Thanks to its reusable and cleanable features, it saves maintain costs.
  • Nanofiber Air Filter
    Compared to other types air filter, Filson nanofiber air filter can trap almost 40% more dust particles, such as soot, pollen as well as ultrafine substance. More important, with special treatment, it can also inhabit the reproduction of the bacteria.
  • Metal Air Filter
    With multiple layers of pleated structure, Filson metal air filter is endowed larger filtration area to block more dust particles. Equipped with metal frame, it has rigid construction to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperature and moisture.
  • Polyester Air Filter
    Featured in interlocking pattern of tiny and dust strap, Filson polyester air filter is a reliable shield to product your sensitive equipment. Compared to fiberglass media, polyester media is cost-effective due to its better performance in filtration and difficult conditions.
  • Industrial Carbon Air Filter
    By using activated carbon as filter media, Filson industrial carbon air filter has exceptional porosity and outstanding adsorbent capacity for odour control and remove gasses, fume, vapor, smoke and other dangerous chemical pollutants.

Car Air Filter Types by Functionality (4)

  • Flame Retardant Air Filter
    Filson flame retardant air filter, also known as fire resistant air filter, adds flame-retardant layer and media to prevent harmful and easy-to-fire particles drawing into equipment system, which not only optimal your applications but also reduce the risks of burn pore.
  • Industrial HEPA Air Filter
    With high efficiency particulate trapping and accuracy micron ranges, Filson industrial HEPA air filter is able to remove 99.97% of airborne pollutants like bacteria, viruses, mold spores, etc. It can keep the lowest noise levels at different speeds.
  • By using static electricity to trap fine particles in airborne, Filson industrial electrostatic air filter is able to block tiny particles that traditional disposable filter may miss. Made by stainless steel as frame, it can greatly prolong the lifetime of filtration system and save maintenance costs.
  • Industrial VOC Air Filter
    Mainly using highly porous activated carbon as base filter media, Filson industrial VOC air filter can reduce the level of VOC concentrations and completely remove a wide variety of offensive odors. With metal frame, it can also lessen replacing times to save maintain costs.

Filson Industrial Air Filter Benefits

Excellent Performance
Excellent Performance

In order to maximum its performance, Filson industrial air filter is designed in line with the requirement of ISO and UL standards in every forming process.

Flexible Choice
Flexible Choice

Filson industrial air filter manufacturing with matching specifications for different application needs, we provide customized materials, ratings, shapes, sizes, etc.

Large Throughput
Large Throughput

With multiple layers and dense folds design, Filson industrial air filter has wider filtration area to allow more air passing through. Hence it has almost 50% more area than other filters.

Reasonable Price

Comparing to other filters, Filson industrial air filter has high filtration efficiency to protect your sensitive equipment with affordable and competitive price.

Filson Industrial Air Filter Advantages

  • Durability: Filson industrial air filter is featured with stainless steel or galvanized metal frame; hence it is rigid and has high strength to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperature and moisture. Besides, its feature reduces replaced times.
  • Accuracy: By utilizing multi-layer and pleated filtration design, Filson industrial air filter has larger surface area to capturing tiny and fine contaminant successfully. It can capture particles as low as 0.1 micron with up to efficiency 99.9%.
  • Safety: Equipped with flame-retardant materials, Filson industrial air filter greatly reduces the risks of fire and prevent substance go into equipment. What’s more, it can also adsorb VOCs and other harmful particles.

Filson Industrial Air Filter Features

  • Diverse dimensions and shapes to achieve different applications
  • Broad filtration accuracy rang ratings to suit various levels needs
  • Reasonable and compatible price improves cost performance
  • Greatly increases almost 40% to 300% bigger surface area
  • Outstanding quality and stable structure prolong service life
  • Uniform and dense folds provide huge dirt holding capacity
  • Simple structure to be install and replace conveniently
  • Multiple layers filter media achieves excellent filter performance
  • Reusable and cleanable to save maintain costs
  • Fast delivery ways based on your requirements

Why Choose Filson Industrial Air Filter

Industrial Air Filter Production

All Filson industrial air filters are compliant to certification standard, hence our products only use top-grade materials as media, which provides low pressure drop and blocks large amounts of dust while withstanding harsh conditions.

With multi-layer and pleated filter media, Filson industrial air filter provides larger dust holding capacity, which can filter dust up to 90%. Besides, our product can also eliminate the unpleasant smell, the reproduction of bacteria from surroundings.

Filson is committed to offer one-stop solution for your air filtration requirements. As an OEM company, our strength lies in customized all types of air filters, from MERV to dimensions, and a variety of replacement filters.

Are you interested in our high-performance and cost-effective industrial air filter? Please contact us by phone + 86-157 3695 8886, email or WhatsApp. We are looking forward to having a pleasant collaboration with you!

Industrial Air Filter Specifications
  • Filter Media Materials: cellulose, nanofiber, stainless steel, polyester, carbon, etc
  • Filtration Accuracy: from 0.1μm to 100μm
  • Air Flow: 600 cfm – 1200 cfm
  • Operating temperature: more than 80°C
  • Product Styles: cartridge, panel, V-cell, etc
  • Standards: ISO, UL900
  • Filter Class: MERV 7-16
  • Size: 10x10x1, 10x20x1, 12x12x1, 14x25x1, 20x20x1, etc.
Replacement Industrial Air Filter Brands

Filson produces many prominent brands of alternative industrial air filters. The following are included but not limited:

  • Grizzly industrial air filter
  • Columbus industries air filter
  • Merlin industrial air filter regulator
  • Wheelabrator industrial air filter
  • Camfil Farr industrial air filter
  • Donaldson Torit industrial air filter
  • Oval Cartridges industrial air filter
  • Nordson industrial air filter
  • Plymovent industrial air filter
  • Piovan industrial air filter
  • Diversltech industrial air filter
  • Trumpf industrial air filter

Applications of Industrial Air Filter

Petrochemical Industry

The odor of kerosine and fuel often appears in petrochemical industry, which can cause healthy problems like headache, fatigue and even worsen infections. Filson industrial air filter has larger surface area to reliably remove these pollutants.

Wastewater Treatment

Filson industrial air filter is formed with activated carbon media, which can adsorb odors and VOCs generating by wastewater treatment. With metal frame and pleated filter media, our product is workable in harsh conditions.

Food & Beverage

Even minimal contaminant levels in the air can lead to worse consequences, such as shorten shelf life. Filson industrial air filter reliable filters particles and microorganisms from air and protects entire process against germs and viruses.

Filson industrial air filter plays a critical role in energy and refinery industries, because its outstanding performance can improve the safety and efficiency of these process. What’s more, with rigid structure, it can also purity air under high-temperature.


With outstanding adsorbing capacity and high airflow, Filson industrial air filter is an ideal solution to eliminate odors and remove large amounts of harmful contaminants, which not only protects employee’s health but also prolong application life.

Filson - Small Details with Big Effects

From materials to fabricating, Filson industrial air filter through strict inspection to keep high performance. Choose Filson air filter to optimal your applications.

Industrial Air Filter FAQ Guide

Can Poor Air Quality Affect Product Quality?

 Can Poor Air Quality Affect Product Quality

Definitely. For some industries, such as office, food, and pharmaceuticals, the requirement of air quality is strict and important, because clean air can affect the quality of the end products.

What is the Benefits of Using Industrial Air Filtration?

There are many benefits you can get from getting a high-quality industrial air filter:

  • Low maintain cost
  • Higher productivity level
  • Better quality work
  • Good health for workers
How Choose Industrial Air Filter Media?

 How Choose Industrial Air Filter Media

Depending on the pollutant, Filson offers carious kind of filters including electrostatic, carbon, metal, etc. You can also contact us and our professional experts will help you choose which air filter works best for your applications.

What is Factors Affect the Adsorption Efficiency?

What is Factors Affect the Adsorption Efficiency

  • Relative humidity
  • Temperature
  • Active carbon surface area
  • Pollutant
  • Speed at which the flow passes through
What is You Need to Filter Out from The Air?

  • Particulate materials: pollen, dust, mites, miscellaneous fibers
  • Gases: VOC, benzene, xylenes, adhesives, solvents, etc
What is VOC Filtrations?

 What is VOC Filtrations

VOC relates to volatile organic compound, which is wide variety of chemicals. You can find them in paints, plastics, furniture, cleaners, etc.

Highly porous activated charcoal or carbon is usually used to remove VOC in industrial fields. Filson industrial air filter can greatly reduce levels of toxic chemical and completely remove offensive odors.

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