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Standing by more than two decades years of experience, Filson hot gas filter is much applauded in the market for its high quality and competitive price.

  • Available customized materials and size
  • Outstanding high-temperature resistance
  • Reliable protection for downstream process
  • Fully compliance with the most stringent emission limits
  • Long service life for good wear resistance
  • Wide range of applications for perfect performance

What is Hot Gas Filter?

Filson hot gas filter is designed to remove contaminated particulates in industry at high temperatures, which provides consistent and reliable protection for downstream equipment, such as catalyst units, and heat exchangers, and improves these equipment’s performance and efficiency.

According to materials and process, Filson hot gas filter has different temperature resistance, ranging from 190°C to 1260°C. For lower temperature requirements, hot gas filters of bag types or pleated filters can be met, while higher needs require sintered or porous filters.

Equipped with outstanding filtration efficiency of up to 99.9%, Filson hot gas filter, as a cost-effective and environmental option, is popular in the petrochemical industry, FCCU, cement kilns, metal processing, catalyst hopper vents, etc.

Hot Gas Filter Types by Candle Filter

Porous Metal Filter Cartridge

Formed by metal powder through a high-temperature and pressure process, Filson porous metal filter cartridge enjoys a robust structure with narrow pore size and outstanding filtration properties. As stable performance in high temperatures up to 1000°C, it suits most requirements of industries.

Porous Ceramic Filter

Filson porous ceramic filter, also known as ceramic fiber hot gas filter, owns high-level temperature resistance up to 1260°C, which can resist thermal shock. Due to its materials, our product is non-combustibility and insensitive to sparks.

Sintered Candle Filter

Compared to a porous metal filter cartridge, Filson sintered candle filter is fabricated with multi-layer sintered mesh or fiber felt. Hence it can reach fine filtration accuracy at 0.2μm with 99.9% efficiency. However, the flow rate may be relatively lower than Filson porous metal filter cartridge.

Hot Gas Filter Benefits

Excellent High-temperature resistance
Excellent High-temperature resistance

With resistance to high-level temperature up to 1200°C, Filson hot gas filter can operate normally for years without any cracking or deteriorating.

Long Service Life
Long Service Life

Utilizing high-grade materials and sintering technology, Filson hot gas filter enjoys reliable quality and extended lifespan to ensure lower maintenance and downtime.

High Filtration Efficiency
High Filtration Efficiency

Thanks to its porous structure and compact design, Filson hot gas filter possesses outstanding filtration accuracy of up to 0.1 micron with an efficiency of up to 99.9%

Simple but Robust Structure
Simple but Robust Structure

Simple design ensures easy installation and operation. Filson hot gas filter elements can be inserted into existing equipment. Besides, it also has mechanical strength.

Hot Gas Filter Specific Features

Filson hot gas filter is fabricated with the following features, you can browse through this data quickly to understand our product.

  • High filtration efficiency up to 99.99%
  • Popular products suitable for wide applications
  • Compact design saves space and installation costs
  • Superior mechanical robustness to resist high-pressure drop
  • Excellent property to withstand high temperatures up to 1260°C
  • Lower power consumption when operating
  • Easy to operate for a simple design
  • Extended service life for wear resistance
  • Efficient cleaning in lower compressed air due to reverse pulse
  • Available service to appoint shapes, sizes, or materials
  • On-time delivery as Fedex/TNT/DHL based on your requirements.
  • Reliable quality by ISO and ASTM certification
Hot Gas Filter Specific Features
Specifications of Hot Gas Filter

Specifications of Hot Gas Filter

The general specifications of the hot gas filter are followed. You can choose them as references or just send us your drawings and data.

  • Base Material: stainless steel ss 304/316L, ceramic, PPS, P84, aramid, etc
  • Pressure drops: 0.8 MPa
  • Filter surface: up to 100 m²
  • Thickness: 0.65 mm – 2.5 mm
  • Length: max. 1000 mm
  • Porosity: up to 90%
  • Air permeability: 150 – 300 m²/s
  • Filtration efficiency: up to 99.99%
  • Tensile strength: more than 20 N/mm²
  • Filtration accuracy: 0.1μm – 200μm
  • operating temperatures: 1260°C
  • End configuration: DOE, SOE, etc

Why Choose Filson Hot Gas Filter

Hot Gas Fliter Factory
Hot Gas Fliter Production

Filson provides a broad range of hot gas filters, such as porous metal filter cartridges, and porous ceramic filters, to remove particulates from gasses. It possesses higher temperature resistance up to 1260°C and better efficiency at 99.9%.

Compared to conventional types, Filson hot gas filter can remove down to 0.1 mm particles and allows heat recovery in downstream equipment. By utilizing top-grade materials, our product is safe and can be treated as non-hazardous waste.

As a leading hot gas filter manufacturer, Filson has more than 20 years of experience, a professional design team, and expert workers to fabricate your special products. Being an OEM company, we support customized service, just send us your data and requirements.

If you are interested in our hot gas filter or want to learn more detailed information, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at We are here 24/7.

Applications of Hot Gas Filter

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

In refineries and FCC field, Filson hot gas filter can be used as FCC 3rd and 4th stage separators. It is designed to withstand high temperature and pressure, and achieves catalyst fine emission reduce. With special materials, it performs well in FCC flue gas environment.

Cement Industry

Many VOCs are regarded as hazardous air pollutants, and most are related to cement and lime industries. By adding a nano-catalyst on Filson hot gas filter, our product can effectively remove PM, NOx, and other particles at the same time. And performs well when the temperature is up.

Glass Melting Furnaces

Filson hot gas filter is rigid with excellent resistance to thermal and thermal shock. When combining with sorbent injection, it can remove other pollutants in glass melting, such as mercury, SOx, acid and NOx. With high efficiency of pollutant removal, our product is popular in this field.

Waste Treatment and Incineration

Through sintering process, Filson hot gas filter has fine filtration accuracy, down to 3 mg/m3, including PM 2.5. It can work normally under high temperature between 900°C to 1260°C. Besides, it also has large filter surface, increasing reaction time.

Biomass Furnaces

Most biomass has low calorific value (CV) but burns fast, which pose a huge impact on emissions and fuel consumption. Filson hot gas filter has excellent high-temperature resistance and meet chemical requirements to achieve continuous filtration.

Catalyst recovery filtration

Filson hot gas filter can effectively block catalyst fines in any harsh conditions. With back-pulse function, our product does its best in catalyst recovery while minimizes energy. It reduces catalyst loss, which saves customer maintain costs. In FCC/CCR/S-ZORB, it is popular choice.

Filson Hot Gas Filter Manufacturer
Filson - Your Exceptional Hot Gas Filter Supplier in China

Suitable for multiple industrial applications and various gas conditions and compositions, Filson hot gas filter enjoys reliable and efficient technology in pollution control.

Hot Gas Filter FAQ Guide

This guide covers all information about hot gas filter you may interested in. Keep reading and find your answer!

How Long Does Hot Gas Filter Last?

How Long Does Hot Gas Filter Last

Most five years to 10 years of service life.

What is the Use of Hot Gas Filter?

What is the Use of Hot Gas Filter

Hot gas filter is suitable for all kinds of hot gas, it can filter out fine particles to protect equipment, which needs high degree of filtration.

It can also be used as environmental parts to block harmful contaminants in order to in line with standards, so it is widely used in cement fields, petrochemical industry, waste treatment, etc.

What is the Different Between Candle Filter and Filter Bag?

What is the Different Between Candle Filter and Filter Bag?

First, they are different with shapes. Candle filter is rigid tube, while filter bag is made as bags.

Second, the material and process are different. Candle filter is fabricated with metal powers and ceramic powders, such as titanium, stainless steel, Monel, etc. After sintering processing, they are robust and can withstand higher temperature than filter bags, which porous ceramic filter up to 1260°C.

Bag filter can withstand temperature ranges from 190°C to 200°C due to materials, such as aramid, PPS. The strength lies in high tensile strength while low tensile elongation.

You can choose the right hot gas filter according to your needs and specifications we list, or you can tell us your unique requirement for customized service.

Why Hot Gas Filter Can be Used in Catalyst Recovery Filtration?

Why Hot Gas Filter Can be Used in Catalyst Recovery Filtration

For economic and environmental perspectives, the recovery of catalyst is important and can be recycled for many times. But inevitably, catalyst can also lose its active.

For example, in crude oil refining and petrochemical fields, hot gas filter is used as catalyst hoppers in fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) and continuous catalytic reforming (CCR). Because hot gas filter can effectively remove catalyst fine from vent gas streams at high temperature while minimizes pollutions.

With lower costs of maintain and operating, and high-level filtration efficiency, hot gas filter is your best choice.

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