Filson Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

  • Larger filtration area for a higher filtration rate
  • Easy access to the filter leaves
  • Ensured safety during operation
  • Simple to clean for low maintenance costs
  • Proven technology to meet your expectation

Filson horizontal pressure leaf filter are more suitable for the heavy industry and the condition when the filter cake is sticky and difficult to remove. Filson horizon pressure leaf filter has a larger filtration area up to 200㎡ than vertical version.

  • Material of construction: stainless steel, carbon steel with rubber, PP, PVDF lining, Monel, Inconel
  • O-ring sealing material: Viton,EPDM, Nitrile, Silicon
  • Tank diameter: 900-2000mm
  • Cake volume: 165-6000dm³
  • Empty wight: up to 8500kg
  • Height: up to 3000mm
  • filtration area: 2㎡-200㎡
  • Maximum working pressure: 19bar
  • Maximum working temperature: 225℃

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, more details to be known by consulting Filson.

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Filson Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

A Reputable Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter Supplier in China

Filson horizontal pressure leaf filter is fitted with horizontal stainless steel vessel and sintered metal wire mesh with a large holding capacity. It also requires a small floor space.

A horizontal pressure leaf filter with a bundle retraction design allows you to move the filter body in or out allowing the entire leaf pack to be exposed for inspection, cleaning, maintenance, and replacement.

While a system with a shell retraction design with a bayonet ring allows it to be opened hydraulically and a wider variety of piping connections and work better in some abrasive and corrosive conditions.

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