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Filson high pressure oil filter also names high pressure filter element, is used to efficiently remove solid particulates from oil systems, with a maximum pressure of 400bar. Filson high pressure oil filters are available in a wide range of sizes and structures to keep your system contamination-free.

Filson high pressure oil filter is a compact and cost-effective filter element with a high stability, a high dirt-retaining capacity and a long service life. These high pressure filters are suitable for all petroleum based liquids, HW-emulsions, most synthetic hydraulic and lubrication oils…

Filson high pressure oil filter is fully customizable to meet any system needs, even for highly corrosive or highly viscous applications. Its high temperature, high pressure resistance and excellent filtration capability, will make Filson high pressure filter a perfect choice for extreme environments.


Your High Pressure Oil Filter Element Manufacturer

As a leading hydraulic high pressure oil filter manufacturer, Filson can supply high pressure oil filters that are dimensionally interchangeable with other brand oil filter elements, such as Parker high-pressure oil filters, Donaldson high pressure filters… Filson high pressure filter element is ideal replacements to be used with brand high pressure filter housings.

HDX high pressure oil filter

Compared to other high pressure oil filter manufacturers, Filson high pressure filters adopt higher quality filter materials include microfiber, wire mesh, metal felt and wedge wire, glass fiber… that enable to achieve high efficiencies through surface filtration and also offer high dirt holding capacity for depth particles capture.

stainless steel oil filter element

Filson is a perfect high pressure oil filter partner for you as we only serve for business market with competitive price and sustainable quality. At the same time, Filson welcomes you to develop and custom high pressure oil filters with any special requirement.

Features of Filson High Pressure Oil Filters

  • Working pressure up to 400bar
  • Filtration ratings: from 1 to 80 µm
  • Excellent efficiency for surface or depth filtration
  • Longer service time and lower operating costs.
  • High particle removal efficiency with low flow resistance
  • High-strength to withstand thermal shock and high Δp
  • Ideal for hostile environments with heat and corrosion resistance
  • Widely used in offshore, mobile, and process applications
  • Special filter design for high pressure applications available

Available Filter Materials

hydraulic filter

1.Glass Fiber

▪ Suitable for high temperatures and high pressures

▪ Excellent separation efficiency of the finest particles

▪ Minimal resistance to flow (low pressure drop)

2.Stainless Fiber

▪ Sintered Metal Fiber structure for depth filtration

▪ Low flow resistance with high dirt-hold capacity

▪ Excellent chemical and thermal resistance

3.Stainless Mesh

▪ Pleated structure made of stainless steel wire mesh

▪ Low flow resistance due to large-pored screening surface

▪ Compatible with heavily contaminated oils

4.Metal Felt Filter Elements

▪ Long service life with high strength

▪ Cleanable and reusable

▪ Heat and corrosion resistance

5.Wedge Wire Filter Elements

▪ Optimum structural strength for heavy loads

▪ Corrosive application suitability

▪ Cleanable and reusable

▪ Sterile application/food industry suitability

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