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Filson: Your Premier High Pressure Gas Filter Supplier

Filson high pressure gas filter is specially designed and built to remove solid particles, oil, water vapor, odor and other impurities from high pressure gas system. It can provide clean and dry gas to downstream process to protect critical component from contaminants damage.

As a professional high pressure gas filter manufacturer in China, Filson can offer a series of these products including high pressure compressed air filter, CNG high pressure filter, high pressure gas filter housing, high pressure gas filter cartridge and so on.

With such numerous advantages, Filson high pressure gas filter perform various functions in industrial gas applications. They are widely applied to food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, vehicles and other industries.

Filson High Pressure Gas Filter

High Pressure Compressed Air Filters
Filson high pressure compressed air filters are ideal for high pressure applications of compressed air with optimized filter housing. They are featured with low pressure differential, safe operation, and a reliable assembly for replacing the filter element.
Filson CNG High Pressure Filter
Filson CNG high pressure filter is a premium choice for onboard alternative fuel vehicles. It can protect critical engines components from contaminants damage.
High Pressure Natural Gas Filter
Filson high pressure natural gas filter is designed to remove suspended liquids and dirt particles from pipeline natural gas. Equipped with Filson natural gas filter cartridges, the filter is rated at 93% retention of 1 micron impurities.
High Pressure Nitrogen Filter
Filson high pressure nitrogen filter is engineered of high quality aluminum housing with a corrosion-resistant powder coating. It can remove water, oil fume, odor, and other unwanted particulates from nitrogen gas.
Filson High Pressure Gas Filter Housing
Filson high pressure gas filter housing is made of high quality 304/316L stainless steel with polished surface finish, fully considering the requirement in the field of high pressure gas.
High Pressure Gas Filter Cartridge
Filson high pressure gas filter cartridge can provide maximum effective filtration surface area with pleated and fixed pores. Its absolute media micron rating is between 0.01 to 50 micron.

Why Choose Filson High Pressure Gas Filter

Filson can provide a wide range of high pressure gas filter in different filtering grades such as 25 micron, 5 micron, 1 micron, 0.01 micron to meet your specific applications. Our products comply with ISO quality certification, the price is competitive.

Compared with the ordinary high pressure gas filter in the market, Filson high pressure gas filters are featured with better filtration performance, more robust construction structure, less pressure differential and longer service life.

Filson is committed to offer one-stop solution on high pressure gas filter for OEM customers. Furthermore, we can customize your high pressure gas filter based on your requirements. Send us your drawing and specifications, our professional engineers will provide you an awesome one.


Your Optimal High Pressure Gas Filter Supplier in China

High pressure applications presents a unique challenge for air and gas micro-filtration solutions. This is partly because gas above normal working pressure contaminant concentration is many times higher than that in a normal system. However, you don’t have to worry too much, Filson high pressure gas filter can help you out.

Filson is a leading high pressure gas filter manufacturer in China. We specialize in sterile air and gas filter, coalescing filters, high pressure gas filters, and any other sanitary gas filters. We serve all industries that require clean and dry compressed air and gas for their manufacturing process.

ASME High Pressure Coalesce and Particle Filter

Filson high pressure gas filter can eliminate oil aerosol, moisture, water vapor, rust, dirt particles from gas. It has a high filtration efficiency up to 99.99% at 0.01 micron, and its maximum oil content residual is 0.001ppm w/w.

Filson is able to customize the metallurgical structure shell of high pressure gas filter to suit your specific application. For example, for ordinary industrial-grade filtration, carbon steel can be used. For sterile applications, the housing shall be made of 304/316L stainless steel.

Higg Pressure CNG LPG Gas Filter Design and supply

Due to the adoption of high quality material to construct Filson high pressure gas filter, especially coated with chrome/nickel plating, they have good corrosion resistance, or with polished surface finish, they are suitable for sanitary conditions. Even in harsh environment, Filson high pressure gas filter still remain its rigid structure.

Filson high pressure gas filters are featured with robust construction structure, small volume, light weight, so they are easy to maintain. Besides, our high quality filter have a longer service life than ordinary filter on the market, so you can save a big expense.

High Pressure Gas Backwash Filtration Diagram

Filson high pressure gas filter is designed based on aerodynamics principle to ensure that the filter medium pressure drop to a minimum value. It fully satisfies your industrial purpose, and it is  durable at large gas flow rate.

With high quality material and advanced technology, Filson high pressure gas filters have great temperature, shock and chemicals resistance, so they have a long service life. Even in harsh environment, Filson high pressure gas filter still remain its high performance.

High Pressure Gas Filter Application

Filson high pressure gas filter is essential in effectively maintaining equipment that use industrial gas, they can eliminate contaminants such as liquid aerosols and water from gas applications including compressed air, CNG, nitrogen and alternative fuel gas.

The excess pressure conditions will put a strain on the filter element and significantly reduce its service life. Therefore, a staged approach to high pressure filtration becomes a more critical consideration for Filson high pressure gas filter.

High Pressure particulate water oil removal filter cartridge

To maximize the efficiency of the more efficient coalescing filter (those with greater micron retention) or sterile filters, you should install pre-filters to capture larger particles and their service life. Filson high pressure gas filter is a perfect solution for your industrial gas processing.

Filson high pressure gas filter is specially designed for high pressure gas coalescing filtration. These housings are rated for 5700 PSIG and manufactured to ASME code which comply with ISO quality certification. So you can totally feel ease to use our filters.

Filson high pressure gas filter cartridge is compatible with our high pressure gas filter housing. The filter cartridge material could be stainless steel, fiberglass, borosilicate, and more abased on your requirement.

Filson high pressure gas coalescing filter is a common use in high pressure gas system, its working principle is when gas comes into contact with the filtering medium, small droplet will aggregate into large droplets and drained by gravity.

After a long term use of Filson high pressure gas filter, some high pressure gas filter cartridges should be replaced owing to clogging. With convenient design, Filson high pressure gas filters are easy to install and remove.

If you are interested in Filson high pressure gas filter or have any doubts about them, please feel free to contact with us. Leave your name, e-mail, specific requirements, we will instantly get in touch with you and our professional engineering will provide you excellent one.

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Filson High Pressure Gas Filter Function:

  • Remove moisture, oil aerosol, and other impurities from gases
  • Provide clean and dry gases to downstream process
  • Protect critical component, valve and other equipment
  • Decrease unscheduled downtime and save maintenance costs
  • Resist high pressure and other harsh environment
  • Prolong service life, and improve the whole process efficiency
  • Reduce pressure drop loss and optimize entire process design

Filson High Pressure Gas Filter Feature:

  • High pressure resistance and good chemical resistance
  • Robust mechanical structure even in harsh environment
  • Small volume, light weight for easy installation and removal
  • Minimum pressure differential at large gas/air flow rate
  • Good long-term use performance and low maintenance costs
  • Available in different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum
  • High filtration efficiency and less oil content residual
  • Broad range of filtering precision like 5 micron, 1 micron, 0.01 micron
  • Precise surface polishing finish to meet sanitary applications

Filson High Pressure Gas Filter Specification:

  • Construction material: carbon steel, SS304/316L, aluminum with chrome plated…
  • Medium material: stainless steel, borosilicate, fiberglass, etc
  • Filtering type: mainline coalescing filter, particulate filtration, activated carbon adsorption
  • Cartridge length: 5 inch – 50 inch or custom
  • Filtration grade: 50 micron, 25 micron, 5 micron, 1 micron, 0.01 micron
  • Operating temperature range: from -20℃ to 130℃
  • Maximum working pressure: up to 5700 psig
  • Connection: NPT/BSP threaded, tri-clamp and flange connection
  • Finish type: mechanical polishing, or eletrolytical polishing
  • Maximum residual oil content: 1ppm, 0.01ppm, 0.003ppm, 0.001ppm
  • Accessories: pressure differential gauge, automatic drain port

Filson High Pressure Gas Filter Application:

  • Sterilization for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Sterilizing for the food and beverage, filtering steam for the heating food.
  • Filtering dampness in laboratory such as electronics industry, biotechnology

Filtering contaminants in metal, chemical, metallurgy industry

High-pressure Gas Filter – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers the basic and advanced concepts of high pressure gas filter systems.

Therefore, if you want to be an expert in high pressure gas filtration systems, read this guide.

Let’s dive right in.

What is a High-pressure Gas Filter?

These are filters that are normally used in high pressure compressed natural gas systems.

Gas filters are used to store and dispense the gas into CNG powered automobiles.

In addition to this, they are also used as a mid-stage in many stages of compressed gas.

High pressure gas filters

 High pressure gas filters

What are the Features of a High-pressure Gas Filter?

The high-pressure gas filter has characteristics that enable it to perform its functions correctly.

Failure to have some of them may compromise its functionality.

These features are many and some of them are outlined below:

  • The filter has a carbon steel case that is coated with nickel. This helps in protecting it from rusting.
  • It possesses 5700 PSIG which is its highest pressure of 130 degrees Celsius.
  • The filter has a standard seal attached to a spring. This acts as a protector from adverse environmental effects.
  • In addition to this, it has a reservoir with a large capacity.
  • Lastly, this type of filter has an SAE port.
What are the Benefits of High-pressure Gas Filters?

The advantages of this filter are the reasons for its wide application in the current world.

Industries have adopted its use because it has proved to be useful in many areas.

There are many advantages to a high-pressure filter.

For instance, it helps in improving the quality of producing metal oxide powder, catalysts, pigments, and other metals.

Apart from this, it aids in preventing bad condensation reactions that might occur during the filtration process.

This filter can purify to almost 100% since it is highly effective.

They are durable because they take longer to develop pressure drops.

Also, they last long because they are made from materials that are strong like stainless steel.

High-pressure gas filters are highly resistant to high thermal, shock, and chemicals.

Which are the differences between a High-pressure Gas and Low-pressure Gas?

There are several differences between high-pressure gas and low-pressure gas.

These variations dictate the applications that use each one of them.

For example, there are those appliances that specifically use low-pressure gas and those that use high-pressure gas.

The high-pressure gas filters can control gas intake to a range of between 1-60 pounds in a square inch.

On the other hand, low-pressure gas filters control the intake to 6 ounces/square inch.

Low-pressure gas is mainly used at home whereas the high-pressure one is used in industries and laboratories.

High-pressure gas can cause overheating of appliances while low-pressure gas cause blackout and all these make the appliances unreliable.

What are the Uses of a High-pressure Gas Filter?

High pressure gas filter element

High pressure gas filter element

High-pressure gas filters have two main uses which include the following.

  • They are being used in compressed natural gas systems as inter-stage filters in various compression stages of gas.
  • Secondly, they store and deliver the gas for compressed natural gas automotive.
What Advantages does a High-pressure Gas have over a Low-pressure Gas?

The high-pressure gas filters can filter gases with high temperature and pressure resistivity.

On the other hand, the low-pressure gas filter can only filter gases with low pressure and temperature resistance.

High-pressure gas can filter chemicals since they are innate to the chemicals while low-pressure gas cannot.

Low pressure is mainly used at home whereas the high-pressure one is used in industries and laboratories and homes.

High-pressure gas is more efficient in filtering gas impurities while low-pressure gas is less efficient.

The filtration process through a high-pressure gas filter is faster in comparison to that in the low-pressure gas filter.

Which Information do you need when Selecting High Pressure Filter Assembly?

High pressure gas filter seembly

High pressure gas filter assembly

There is important information that you should have before choosing a filter assembly.

These include:

The expertise of the manufacturing company.

This is relevant because you have to work with a manufacturer that has approved parts that have certification marks.

The manufacturer must also be in the apposition to access all the good components that can form a high-quality filter.

Secondly, you have to consider the materials you want to filter.

Some may need a highly porous filter while others may not.

Others may trap only particles while others may trap both particles and aerosols.

You can also consider the cost of buying and assembling the filter components.

If you don’t have enough money, purchasing an expensive one may be challenging.

Therefore, you need to go for a cheaper one that you can easily afford.

The period it should take before it can be replaced.

This is important to consider because some high-pressure gas filters can be used for a long time.

They may need a replacement after two years, and therefore, if you need this type, you can go for it.

The type of housing is also another factor to consider before choosing an assembly.

If you want a filter that you can see the clogging, you can construct clear housing.

This will enable you to see and monitor the impurities clogging and backwash in time.

How is a High-pressure Gas Filter Applied?

The high-pressure gas filter has been applied in many ways which include the following:

  • They are being used as CNG dispensers for fuel servicing filters particularly in countries where automobiles use CNG.
  • It is also being used as an option in fuel station filter
  • Booster compression service filters also use this technology to boost the services they offer to their clients.
  • Filters that store gas also makes use of this gas filter. This provides them with an opportunity to easily dispense the gas later on.
  • Lastly, wellhead control panels also use a high-pressure gas filter.
What is the Advantage of using High-pressure Filters made of Steel?

There are advantages of using high-pressure filters made of steel.

For example, they are corrosion-free even in unfavorable environments.

They are also good because they tend to last longer.

Apart from these, they are resistant to shock and chemicals and this makes them more durable.

In addition to these, steel is strong and this makes the filter durable.

When a high-pressure gas filter I made from steel, it becomes easy to clean and maintain.

High pressure filter element

High pressure filter element

How does the High-pressure Gas Filtration Process Work?

This is the process of purifying by separating impurities from gas or liquid using a high-pressure filter.

The particles are trapped between the porous materials while the fine content passes through to the opposite end.

Also, the pure gas can now be stored for use in research and other development purposes.

How do you Manufacture High-pressure Gas Filters?

Manufacturing high-pressure gas filter involves six processes.

These include making pleats, thermal welding of side seams, controlling pleated lengths, and Assembly.

They also include thermal welding of both ends and connecting end caps.

Let me shed more light on each of these processes below.

The making of pleats: You should choose a good membrane that has been lab-tested.

The membrane should be pleated to 3 or 5 layers before you move to the next process.

Thermal welding of side seam: The pleated membrane is sealed by thermal welding mechanism.

This is done without adding glue and it forms a perfect seal that is 100% tight.

The seal is incompatible with chemicals that are encountered during the filtration process.

Control of the pleated length: Limiting the pleated length is very crucial and therefore, the extra-long ends must be cut off.

This will enable it to fit into the cage and end caps of the pleated cartridge.

Furthermore, this should be done carefully to avoid any side leakages that might compromise the quality of the gas filter.

Assembly: The trimmed pleated membrane is fitted between the inner core and the outer cage of the original shape.

When this fits well, it produces good quality, clean, and neatly placed components ready for the next process.

Thermal welding of both ends: The ends are welded to fuse the membrane, inner core, and outer cage. When this is done perfectly, it yields 100% integrity that has no bi-pass.

Connecting end caps: The main components of a pleated cartridge are placed at the center of the thermal welding machine.

Also, the two end caps are shifted to the center and then welded with the pleated filter cartridge ends.

This forms the thermal welding of all components that are called a filter.

What are the Components of a High-pressure Gas Filter?

Components of gas filter

 Components of gas filter

A high-pressure gas filter has four main parts.

These include a high-pressure pump, accumulator, fuel injector, and gas injector nozzle.  Below are more details about them.

High-pressure pump: This is a pump used to feed the gas that is to be filtered into the pressurized environment.

Besides, this pump facilitates the flow and purification.

Fuel injector: This component sprays gas into the engine through valves that are electronically controlled.

Injector nozzle: This part also helps in spraying gas fuel into the engine at high-pressure to mix fuel and gas.

Accumulator: This is the container that holds both liquid and gas that is used to regulate thermal expansion and contraction.

This is useful when there is a variation in the temperature.

Are there Disadvantages of High-pressure Gas Filter?

A high-pressure gas filter like other equipment has demerits that may make you shy away from using it.

These shortcomings are many and they include the following:

They need high-labor because the contaminants must be removed and disposed of from the pure gas that is stored.

The capital cost is expensive.

This is because buying and installing it is not easy if you are financially challenged.

Furthermore, they are also costly to replace.

Buying replacement filters are not easy and you have to prepare for it financially.

The filters are also causing environmental challenges when it comes to disposing of them especially when the pollutants are chemicals.

Therefore, to safely dispose of, you have to incur an additional cost of treating them before disposal can be done.

Another shortcoming is that some of the filters have low efficiency because they reach pressure drop quickly.

This will call for frequent cleaning and even replacement and all these are expensive in the long run.

How do you Choose High-pressure Gas Filter Housing?

Gas filter housing

Gas filter housing

The high-pressure gas filter housing is a case where purification of the gas takes place.

It covers the filter and it provides a differential pressure at flow rates.

They are available in different sizes and shapes and can act as bag filters, cartridge filters, or basket filter housing.

The housing can be opened and closed without the need for special tools.

Its replacement and cleaning are very easy.

Since there are different housing styles and sizes, choosing a good one is very critical.

Below are some of the factors that you can consider when you want to select the best high-pressure filter housing:

  • Go for a mechanically strong one. This should be made from stainless steel material.

It is ductile, has high shock resistance, and indicates that its ideal for the task for that it’s intended for.

  • The housing also helps in protecting the filter and all its components. This ensures that the filter lasts longer and is only changed after some time.
  • Another factor is maximum pressure and temperature.

Good housing should have resistance to both high temperature and pressure to indicate its durability and functionalism.

  • The contaminants that you intend to remove is also an influencing factor for choosing housing.

This is because the contaminants will affect the durability of the filter and the housing. For instance, chemicals are very corrosive and high-pressure gas filter housings made from stainless steel are resistant to it.

  • The maximum flow rate also determines the housing choice. The higher the flow rate, the need for a highly durable housing.
  • Other factors include filtration requirement level, cost of putting up the housing, response time, and service life of the housing.
What is the Best Material for High-pressure Gas Filter Housing?

Most of the housings are made from stainless steel or aluminum material, which are durable and easy to clean.

It can also be made from nylon material.

What is a High-pressure Filter Multi-stage?

These are units that can eliminate not only oil and water droplets but also solid particles.

These particles being removed are 0.3 microns and this occurs with an efficiency of more than 99.99%.

They also remove hydrocarbon and odor.

There are three units involved in a multi-stage filter and they include a pre-filter, carbon absorber, and after-filter.

Below is detailed information about each of these units.

Pre-filter unit: This is made from silicone treated ceramic grade P8X.

Unwanted solids and liquid are filtered from a gas stream by this filter.

This unit is very significant because it helps in prolonging the life of the absorbent unit.

The carbon absorber unit: This has a deep carbon bed that facilitates an even distribution and elimination of organic flavors from the gas stream.

It also removes vapor because it has great absorption characteristics.

After-filter unit: This unit is assembled with a ceramic element that has CO grade.

It is perfect in eliminating solid particles down to 0.3 microns.

This process can prevent the passing of airborne bacteria.

It can also prevent carbon dust traces that might have been carried over from the absorption unit.

The air that has gone through these three stages is pure and safe for breathing.

They can also be used in fermentation tanks and other processes that may need high standard gas.

When should you Use a High-pressure Gas Filter?

High pressure gas filter element

High pressure gas filter element

The high-pressure fuel gas filters should be used in the following situations:

  • When you intend to have a very efficient filter that will purify gas to up to 99.99%.
  • It can also be used when you want to produce compressed natural gas that is used as fuel in automobiles.
  • It can also be used when you want to filter highly contaminated gases because it facilitates a high flow rate. This does not encourage frequent pressure drop and in turn, promotes efficient purification of gases.
What is the Filtration Technology behind a high-pressure Gas Filter?

High-pressure gas filters work with a technology that allows for gasses to go through the filter in high pressure.

This pressure facilitates trapping of particles and passing of pure gas through the filter.

With time, the filter gets clogged and cleaning or replacement is done to renew the filters.

The filter has porous materials that filter the chemicals, bacterial, odor, particles, and sediments.

Is there a difference between Gas Filter and Air Filter?

They mean the same thing.

The gas or air filter eliminates particles from the air moving into the engine.

They can be used for a long time and requires a replacement after two years.

What are the Considerations in the High-pressure Filter?

When you want to source for high-pressure filters, you have to consider the following factors:

  • The credibility of the manufacturing company.

This is important because the manufacturer has to supply you with components that are fully compliant in design.

Besides, this will guarantee the functionality of the filter once assembled.

  • You should also consider the compatibility of the design and the fitter.

This will help you in getting the gas filter that will perform its functions correctly and for a long time.

  • The material from which the gas filter housing is made is also another factor.

Also, this is relevant since the materials like stainless steel and aluminum are more durable and can be cleaned easily.

The materials that have been used in manufacturing the filter is also important since long-lasting is better.

  • The desired flow rate is also another determining factor.

Moreover, this is influenced by the pressure and the inversion of the resistance.

When the pressure is high, the flow rate also becomes high.

  • The temperature at which the filtration process will be done.

High temperatures cause corrosion to both the filter and its housing and due to this reason, they have durable housing.

Therefore, high-pressure gas filters work at high temperatures and the filters are thermal and shock-resistant.

  • The capacity of the contaminants also influences the choice of a high-pressure filter.  Filter that has a large capacity of retaining contaminates works better than the one with small capacity.
  • Another consideration is the effective filtration area. This is important because a large surface area promotes effective filtration than a small surface area.

Most high-pressure gas filters last longer when their surface area is increased.

  • The volume porosity of the filter is an additional determinant of these filters.

Avoid volume is excellent because it filters for a relatively long time and calls for less cleaning for pressure drops.

The void porosity means high pressure that results in large filtration capacity and high returns.

At What Pressure Rating does a High-pressure Gas Filter Operate?

This gas filter operates at different pressure ratings.

There are those with low capacity that also have low-ratings while others have a larger capacity with a higher rating.

For example, some large capacity high-pressure gas filters have a rating of up to 60,000 PSI.

Such have nozzles that are relevant for water-jet cutting protection.

What are the Technical Specifications for a High-pressure Gas Filter?

The technical specifications for a high-pressure gas filter are:

  • Stainless steel housing of up to 1350 bars and 325 degrees Celsius.
  • The high temperature of up to 500 degrees Celsius.
  • It must be made in compliance with cleanliness specifications which is a demand from OEMs.
  • It should be porous enough to allow a high flow rate and efficiency of purifying to 99.99%.
Which Parameters affect the Efficiency of the High-pressure Gas Filter?

The parameters that affect the efficiency of high-pressure gas filters are many.

These include:

  • The porosity of the filter which facilitates the flow rate of the gas being filtered.
  • The pressure of the filtration. This influences the filtration process because the higher the pressure, the higher the flow-rate and this means an efficient filtration.
  • Another factor is the viscosity of the substance being filtered. Gases are not highly viscous and therefore, they can efficiently be purified.
  • A high-pressure gas filter with a large surface area for filtration performs better.

This is because it provides an opportunity for the impurities to be deposited without clogging quickly.

It promotes an efficient filtration process.

  • The temperature of the gas to be filtered is also another parameter that influences this gas filter efficiency.

The higher the temperature, the more efficient the filtration process. Low-temperature gases filter at a slow rate.

  • The particle size is another factor. The finer the particles the faster the filtration will take place.

Also, gases with particles that are large tend to filter well because the particles will be trapped easily.

  • In addition to these, the size of the filtering media pores also affects high-pressure gas filtration. When the pores are many, the filtration will be efficient.
What are the Functions of Regulators in High-pressure Gas Filtrate?

A regulator is a control mechanism that is used to limit gas pressure during the filtration process.

Some appliances do not need high-pressure and therefore, as the filtration takes place, the pressure is lowered by the regulator.

The gas appliances that are used outdoor require high–pressure regulators because they use high gas volumes.

Therefore, the regulator helps in controlling the output pressure from 1 psi to 60 psi.

What is meant by a Filtering Fitness?

Filtering fitness is the ability of a filter to perform its functions for purifying gas, liquid, or solids.

In this case, a filter that can purify contaminated gas is considered fit.

Which Types of High-pressure Gas Filters are there?

 High pressure compressed gas filter

High pressure compressed gas filter

Gas filters are available in three categories. These include:

  • Paper filter – This is a semi-permeable paper that is inserted inside a filter to create a barrier for gas impurities inside it. It separates the fine particles from the curse ones.
  • Gauze filter – This one is an anti-bacterial filter that acts as a barrier to bacteria and parasites that are in a gas. It eliminates the bacteria from the gas, leaving the gas bacteria-free.
  • Foam filter – This is made from open form polyurethane materials. It aids in collecting dust impurities from gases and is usually applicable in manifold applications.
What are the Quality Standards for the High-pressure Gas Filter?

The following are some of the quality standards:

  • A good high-pressure gas filter is made from materials that have great resistance to heat, shock, and chemicals.
  • A gas filter must have housing that shields it from the environment.
  • It should be made from materials that are approved by ISO.
  • The filter should be able to facilitate a high flow rate for a long time without having pressure drops. This helps in the effective purification of gases continuously.
  • A good quality high-pressure gas filter should be able to filter gases to almost 100% pure.
When should you Replace the High-pressure Gas Filter?

After a high-pressure gas filter has been used for some time, a replacement is needed.

Some clog easily and need to be replaced at short intervals.

Others take long to clog and can be replaced after a relatively long time like after a year or two.

The high-pressure gas filters can be used for a long period and should be replaced after two years.

In short, you should consider everything mentioned in this guide when dealing with high pressure gas filter element and housing.

At FilSon, we help you get high quality and reliable high pressure gas filters.

Even if you need replacement high pressure gas filter for reputable brands, FilSon offers a perfect solution.

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