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Filson high pressure filter element, also named high pressure filter cartridge, is used for the protection of filtration system against fluid containment, which is able to operate well under high pressure environment, with the maximum operating pressure up to 700bar.

A high pressure filter cartridge is designed for a high flow rates and system. Filson is looking forward to have an deep contacts with you. We will do our utmost to offer you a good service to meet your expectation. And filson also manufactures high pressure filter element in customized specifications as per customer needs.

Carefully read the following words to select the correct high pressure filter element to fit your needs. We are waiting for help.

Filson High Pressure Filter Element

High Pressure Hydraulic Filter Elements
Filson high pressure hydraulic filter element is an good choice for your selection, ensuring a good performance for the protection of your hydraulic system.
High Pressure Water Filter Cartridge
With specific engineering and varying grades, high pressure water filter cartridge provides high removal efficiency, with a stainless steel support and all-welding structure.
High Pressure Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge
Filson high pressure stainless steel filter cartridge has a wide rage of chemical compatibility. Besides, it is high corruption and temperature resistant.
High Pressure Cartridge Valves
Filson pressure cartridge valves boast the optimum finish and high quality. In addition, our cartridge valves are easy to mount.
High Pressure Gas Filter Cartridge 
Filson pressure gas filter cartridge is a kind of elements used for the removal of water, oil and particles in the gas. It is commonly used in the high pressure compressed natural gas system.
High Pressure Oil Filter
Filson high pressure oil filter is used for the removal of solids of oil system, with operating pressure up to 400bar and filtrating rating from1 to 80μm.
High Pressure Flow Restrictor
Filson pressure flow restrictor is capable of controlling the pressure of systems and the flow rate of the fluid with a large surface area and a good performance. Besides, its raw material is durable and robust.

Why Choose Filson high pressure Filter Element

Filson high pressure filter element is featuring with robust build quality. We can ensure a high filtration performance as you want, with the micron rates can be1μm-80μm. And our cartridge can withstand high temperature (-4℉-248℉)and corruption.

Besides, our high pressure filter element are designed with a pleated configuration, which has a larger filtration surface area, low pressure drop and a high dirt holding capacity.

Filson, as an leading brand in the industry of filter, have gained much good review from different place. No matter cooperative partners or counterparts are all introduce us as an trustworthy brand.

If you are looking for high pressure filter element, please contact us now. And we promise that we will not let you down.

Filson high pressure filter element catalog

Filson: Your Reliable High Pressure Filter Element Supplier in China

Filson has been standing in the filter industry for over 20 years. We are well equipped with high management and well trained qualified stuff. Being an china based company, we are committed to deliver world-class high pressure filter elements.

Custom high pressure oil filter element manufacturer

Filson high pressure filter element is a filtration part which can protect the components of your equipment and extend the working life of them. Filtration along the high pressure line is the most cost-effective, which can not be ignored.

There is how the high pressure filter works: the fluids flows into the inlet of filter, and the inlet can be designed at any side of filter element. Then the filter media will block the contaminants.

And during the operation, you should know two notices. Firstly, due to the high pressure, this working process is commonly very fast. And please keep aware of the differential pressure indicator, if the number increases which means that the dirt has clogged the filter element.

High pressure indutrial high pressure wedge wire filter cartridge

Secondly, a bypass valve and a non-return valve are set to prevent any incidents of backflow in the cartridge. So if the dirt clogged the filter cartridge, you can turn on the bypass valve to let the fluids flowing by. Then you need to clean the cartridge. And our cartridge is reusable which can brings your overall costs.

Furthermore, the flow direction of a high pressure filters can also be set from outside to center, or from center to outside. That means where the containment you want to be blocked, internal place or external place.

Compared with other kinds of filter, a high pressure filter is much more suitable for the filtration of solids under a rather high pressure, with the maximum operating pressure up to 400bar.

High pressure replacement stainless steel filter cartridge

Also, high pressure filter cartridge has a low differential pressure, which means that there is no need to clean your filter frequently. The lower the differential pressure is, the lower replacement frequency is. So it can help you reduce the maintenance costs.

Featuring with high performance, Filson high pressure filter elements are able to be used in wide areas, such as automatic industry, power generation, steel industry, ship building, mining, oil and gas.

High pressure wedge wire johnson filter basket

Besides, the raw material of Filson high pressure filter element has different types, such as stainless steel wire mesh or sintered wire mesh, and they all have the performance in withstanding high flow rate and high operating pressure. And the material are strong enough to reduce the risk of explosions causing by high pressure.

Hydraulic oil high pressure filter element in metal end cap

Different types of high pressure filter element are provided, such as high pressure hydraulic filter element, stainless steel filter element. Besides, the mounting methods, dimensions, micron ratings and flow direction will be based on your requirements, and we will do whatever we can do to offer you a perfect high pressure filter element to fit your application.

We utilize the know-how, can do, flexible approach of the Filson team to meet with the demands of our customers, no matter how small or large the requirement. In addition, Filson can offer a good replacement of Parker and Hydac high pressure hydraulic filter elements with the same quality.

Porous stainless steel high pressure filter cartridge

As for our company itself, Filson have always given focus on customer satisfaction by constantly upgrading the technology and providing high quality products. Our products is extensively tested across the industries and proved its efficient performance in respective areas.

So trust us and contact us today for a customized high pressure filtration solution. No matter how big or small your project might be, Filson engineers are going to assist you from start to finish. And quick response, best price, fast service, suitable transportation and minimum delivery time are provided.

Filson High Pressure Filter Element Function:

  • Increase dirt holding capacity
  • Remove the containment in fluids
  • Save overall costs and energy
  • Maintain machine up-time
  • Reduce maintenance&replacement frequency
  • Extend the working life of system components
  • Withstand the maximum pressure

Filson High Pressure Filter Element Feature:

  • High flow rate even under high pressure environment
  • Easy for maintenance for low overall costs
  • High dirt holding capacity for a long service life
  • Graded pore structure for high performance containment control
  • Low cost of purchasing, replacement and disposal
  • Greater safety of the operation

Filson High Pressure Filter Element specification:

  • Material: stainless steel mesh, cast iron, glassfiber, sintered metal mesh
  • Material of O-ring: nitrile rubber, fluorocarbon elastomer, ethylene propylene rubber
  • Maximum working pressure: 700bar
  • Maximum working temperature: -4℉-248℉
  • Micron rating: 1μm-80μm
  • Flow capacity: 555gpm(2100LPM)

Filson High Pressure Filter Element Application:

  • Automatic industry
  • Power generation
  • Steel industry
  • Pulp and paper
  • Ship building
  • Oil and gas
  • Agriculture
  • mining

High Pressure Filter Element: The Ultimate Guide

Do you find it challenging to get reliable suppliers for the high pressure filter element?

Maybe it is because you don’t have enough information on the product.

We commit to improving your knowledge of filter elements.

Well, in this guide, you will learn more about high pressure filter element.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

What is a High Pressure Filter Element?

High pressure filters are processed filter devices that protect the entire hydraulic circuit and valves from contaminants.

Pressure filters are small in size in comparison to the return line filters under the same rate of flow.

High pressure hydraulic filter element

High pressure hydraulic filter element

High pressure filters also protect the components of the hydraulic circuit from the particles emanating from pump wear.

You can use it in applications where fluids flow at very high pressure.

Filtration along the high pressure line is a factor that many design engineers ignore.

In a hydraulic circuit, filtration along the high pressure line is the most cost-effective.

Simple hydraulic circuit

Simple hydraulic circuit

There are different types of high pressure filters depending on the application such as:

  • Top ported pressure filters for mobile applications where space is small.
  • Base ported pressure filters for industrial applications and large mobile equipment.

Some of the filter design will depend on the requirements of the customer.

Most of them are tolerant of tough conditions and perform well under high pressure.

Technical Specifications of the High Pressure Filter Element

Why is it important to know about the technical specifications of the high pressure filter element?

As a buyer, it is important to have a complete quote with the technical specifications.

The supplier will use this information to get the right device for you.

Apart from that, manufacturers use the technical specifications to understand the design that you need.

Let’s have a look at the technical specifications that you need to know.

Technical specification of filter element

 Technical specification of filter element

· Mounting Method

High pressure filter elements have different types of mounting methods.

The mounting method will depend on the number of holes available for mounting.

Mostly, the common mounting methods for high pressure filter elements has 4 holes for mounting.

The mounting holes are of different sizes.

· Micron ratings

The micron rating varies depending on the type of fluid that flows through the filter.

It will also depend on the type of contaminants in the fluid.

The smaller the contaminants, the smaller the micron rating.

· Dimensions

The dimensions of the high pressure filter element will vary according to the size of the device.

Most of the dimensions are in inches or millimeters.

High pressure filter element dimensions

High pressure filter element dimensions

You will have to quote the dimensions of the filter element for custom designs.

Dimensions will also determine the weight of the device.

· Filter Media

There are different types of filter media available in high pressure filter element.

The most common materials for filter media is metal.

Normally, they include random metal fiber, sintered metal, wire cloth, and non-metallic filter media.

So, the choice of filter media will depend on the type of contaminants in the fluid.

· Port Connection

Depending on the size and application of the high pressure filter element, you will realize different port connections.

Connection ports will vary in size and is usually in inches. The most common port connection sizes are ¼ inches to ¾ inches.

· Flow Direction

Flow direction in high pressure filter elements will depend on the position of the inlet and outlet.

The flow direction can either be upwards or downwards.

Flow direction

Flow direction – Photo courtesy: Rexroth

The inlet and the outlet can also be on the sides of the high pressure filter element.

· Construction Materials (Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel or Cast Iron)

The most common material for constructing high pressure filter element is metal.

This metal can either be stainless steel, ductile iron or cast iron.

Manufacturers use metal for construction since it is a hard material.

It is hard enough to withstand the high pressure of the flowing fluid.

· Flow Capacity

Flow capacity is the amount of fluid flowing through a high pressure filter element at a time.

It will depend on the size of the high pressure filter element.

Besides, the bigger the filter element, the more the flow capacity.

· Housing Pressure rating

The housing of the hydraulic filter element can withstand pressure up to a certain limit.

Using the device beyond a specific pressure rating or limit might damage the device.

The damage will be as a result of too much pressure on the housing.

· Element Collapse Pressure Rating

Element has the ability to collapse if the pressure goes below a certain rate.

The operations of the hydraulic filter should never go below the collapse pressure rating.

In case the pressure goes below the pressure rating, then the element is most likely to collapse.

· Fluid Temperature Range

High pressure filters are able to work and withstand fluids of particular temperature.

Temperatures beyond a particular range will damage the filter element.

Damages on the filter element will result into malfunctions hence negative results.

· Fluid Compatibility

The fluid flowing through the filter element has to be compatible with the materials of the filter element.

Incompatibility may lead to corrosion of the material rendering it useless after a short period.

You should look at the fluid compatibility before making an order.

· Seals – O ring

The O-ring seals provide reliable and positive sealing.

The choice of material for the O-ring seal will depend on the fluid that flows through the filter.

The material can either be fluorocarbon elastomer, nitrile rubber, or ethylene propylene rubber among others.

Features of the High Pressure Filter Element

After looking at the technical specifications of the high pressure filter element, let’s look at the features.

The features are the systems of the filter element that enhances its functionality.

Filter element

Filter element

The main features include:

i. Great System Availability from Reliable Filtration

High pressure filters have great systems that improve their ability to function better.

Some of the system features include:

ii. High filtration efficiency

The ability to block contaminants from flowing through the filter media is very high.

This feature ensures that the fluid flowing through the filter element is free of contaminants.

iii. Low Differential Pressure

The lower the differential pressure, the lower the frequency of cleaning the filters.

High pressure filters have very low differential pressure.

This means you will not have to clean it all the time.

This increases the time it takes in cleaning the fluids without any interruptions on the system.

iv. High Dirt holding capacity

High pressure filter elements have a high dirt holding capacity.

It gives more allowance to the filter to accumulate as much dirt as possible.

Also, it reduces the downtime that you would spend cleaning the high pressure filter.

It can, therefore, clean a large amount of fluid with minimal interruptions.

v. Graded Pore Structure

Graded pore structure in high pressure filter elements varies according to the fluid contaminants.

Manufacturers will grade the structure of the pore in relation to the type of fluid.

The smaller the fluid contaminants, the smaller the pore structure of the high pressure filter element.

vi. Long Element Service Life

The element guarantees you a longer period of service without interruptions.

In case the element reaches maximum dirt holding capacity.

You can remove it, the clean it before replacing it.

You will have to replace the element when the filtering efficacy goes below the normal range.

vii. High Operational Dependability

You can depend on the high pressure filter element for excellent operations.

It will clean the fluid perfectly under very short periods with minimal downtime.

Apart from that, you can depend on the filter element to serve you for a very long time.

viii. Minimal Cost of Maintenance

Since the main materials of the filter elements are strong and durable.

You will spend very little on doing maintenance.

The high dirt holding capacity will also extend the operation time.

In general, the rate of maintenance will reduce and so will the cost.

ix. Low Cost of acquiring, replacement and disposal

Acquisition of the high pressure filter element is cheap in comparison to the service you will receive.

You will have to replace the elements at some point at a very low cost.

In case of any damages, the mode of disposal will not cost you much.

x. Great Safety

The material on the high pressure filter element is very strong.

It reduces the chances of explosions that may result from the high pressure flows within the system.

Therefore, it is safe to use the device in different high pressure applications.

Remember to adhere to the pressure and temperature limits.

How the High Pressure Filter Works

High pressure filters consist of different parts that enable it to filter fluids.

The process of cleaning begins from the inlet.

High pressure filter element

High pressure filter element

This is the point where the fluid enters the filter element and flows at very high pressure.

The inlet can be on any side of the filter element depending on the design.

As the fluid flows through the filter element, the filter media blocks the contaminants.

It also allows the clean fluid to flow through the pores and proceed to the next chamber.

The bypass valve, and a non-return valve that will prevent any incidents of backflow in the apparatus.

The process is usually very fast as the pressure in the system is very high.

It also has a differential pressure indicator that will signal an increase or fall in differential pressure.

Remember, the differential pressure will increase when the dirt begins to clog the filter element.

Besides, the differential pressure indicator will signal you to clean the filter element.

It also has a thermal lockout that will prevent faulty indications.

It also has a shutoff valve that will disconnect the element from the fluid line.

It will allow you to clean or replace the element without spilling the fluid.

In case everything is normal, the pressure will push the clean fluid through the outlet.

It will flow straight into the hydraulic system without any contaminants.

Applications of the High Pressure Filter Element

High pressure filter element has various applications in different sectors.

In this section, you will learn about a few of the applications in different sectors.

Application of high pressure filters

Application of high pressure filter

· Automotive

Automotive industry depends heavily on the hydraulic system for most of its applications.

The high pressure filter element cleans the contaminants from different hydraulic fluids.

It is an important device in the braking or power steering system among others.

· Power Generation

Power generation involves the use of fluids flowing at high pressure in the transmission of mechanical power.

High pressure elements assist in cleaning the fluid to avoid any issues in the process of mechanical power transmission.

In the long run, it enables the power generation system to produce sufficient energy.

· Pulp and Paper

Pulp and paper industry depends on a hydraulic system that controls the hydraulic drives.

This system requires a clean hydraulic fluid.

High pressure filters help in cleaning the hydraulic fluids that usually flow under high pressure.

· Steel/Heavy Industry

In the steel industry, most of the systems are hydraulic as it generates enough force to push the systems.

High pressure filter elements clean the fluids in these systems.

Clean fluids will eliminate any errors that may occur in such a sensitive industry.

· Ship Building

Ship building also requires the hydraulic system to move the heavy parts from one place to another.

To generate such a force, the fluid has to flow under high pressure.

The high pressure filter element helps in cleaning the fluid in the hydraulic system.

· Gear Boxes

The fluid that flows in the gearboxes has to pass through a high pressure filter element.

The element will clean the fluid and allow it into the hydraulic system.

Also, the fluid flowing under high pressure will produce substantial force for changing the gears.

· Agricultural Machines

Agricultural machines use hydraulics to operate the ploughs and other key parts, especially in a tractor.

High pressure filters are available in these hydraulic systems to filter the fluids flowing through the system.

It makes it easier for machines to perform heavy tasks.

· Construction Machines

A hydraulic system in the construction machines generates enough power to lift construction materials to higher grounds.

To avoid interruptions, high pressure filters clean the hydraulic fluids and removes all the contaminants.

It enables a swift and smooth operation of the construction machines.

· Commercial Municipal Trucks

Commercial municipal trucks use hydraulic systems to compress the garbage they collect.

High pressure filters in the hydraulic systems help in cleaning the hydraulic fluids.

The trucks can operate and collect more garbage with very minimal interruptions in the system.

· Railways

In this sector, the high pressure element cleans the hydraulic fluid for railway hydraulic system.

The hydraulic system helps in moving the heavyweights.

It eliminates the use of wheels which would require a lot more energy.

· Offshore Operations E.g. Cranes

Cranes help in loading and offloading containers on the offshore ports.

The machines depend on hydraulic systems which has to have clean fluids.

High pressure elements will eliminate any contaminants in the hydraulic fluids for better operations.

Step by Step Cleaning Method of the High Pressure Filter Element

There are different types of cleaning methods for cleaning the high pressure filter element.

The two main methods are self-cleaning and manual cleaning.

1. Manual cleaning

Cleaning a high pressure filter element requires the use of certain material.

First, you will have to collect all the material you need to clean the hydraulic filter element.

Remember to turn the system off completely before you begin the cleaning process.

High pressure filter element

High pressure filter element

Turning off the system will also allow it to cool down.

Make sure that you protect yourself by putting on protective clothing.

Use the shut-off valve to stop the flow of the hydraulic fluids in the system.

Remove the filter element and use a brush and clean water to scrub off the dirt from the filter element.

Rinse the element in clean water and allow it to dry.

Remember that there are different types of fluids that you can use in cleaning the device.

Make sure that the fluid is compatible with the filter media.

At this point, you can now place the filter element back in its place.

Make sure that you fasten the connections and tie loose ends.

Operations can resume normally after cleaning the element.

2. Self-Cleaning

Self-cleaning of the high pressure filter element is an automatic process.

It begins by looking at the type of construction of the high pressure filter.

There are different types of self-clean high pressure filters.

As the fluid flows through the filter element, the filter media blocks the contaminants from passing through.

Self cleaning filter

Self-cleaning filter – Photo courtesy: Rotor Flush

As the element rotates, it rubs itself against a scrapper that dislodges the dirt particles from the element.

The dirt particles collect in a collector at the bottom.

You can remove the collector as frequent as you can to get rid of the dirt.

In this system, you don’t have to stop the machines from operating.

It is a continuous process that cleans the elements as the machine operates.

Replacement of the High Pressure Filter Element

The replacement of the high pressure filter element occurs when you cannot clean it any further.

You can also replace it when the filter element has undergone extensive damage.

Obviously, you will high quality and cost-effective high pressure filter element replacement.

Well, the original filter element tends to be very expensive.

At times, they may not be economical.

That’s why you need to consider an alternative.

You need a manufacturer who will provide you with the best replacement for the original filter brands such as Hydac, Stauff, Pall, Eaton, Bosch, etc.

This is where FilSon Filters comes in.

FilSon offers the best high pressure filter element replacement.

You can use FilSon Filter element to replace the original high pressure filter elements.

All you need is the information about:

  • Part number of the high pressure filter element
  • Original brand name of the filter element
  • Dimensions of the filter element

Depending on the high pressure filter element replacement needs, FilSon uses an accurate cross-reference chart giving you the exact filter.

Obviously, FilSon will avail a hydraulic filter cross-reference for you.

For more information, you can contact FilSon Filter technical team now.

Again, here is a complete guide on this subject: Replacement Filter Element: The Ultimate Guide.


At this point, you have all the information you need for the high pressure filter element.

What are you waiting for?

Call your manufacturer and order the high pressure filter element that will fit your specifications.

Make sure you include all the technical specifications you need.

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