Filson High Pressure Cartridge Valves

  • Superior quality for longer lifespan
  • Perfect production details and finish
  • Long lasting shining
  • Reliable pressure/flow/direction control ability
  • Available for different types of material, size

Filson high pressure cartridge valves is a significant part of high pressure pipe system. And as its names indicates, it is able to control the flow rate and reduce the risk of equipment explosions to a great extent.

  • Nominal flow: 5gpm(19l/min)
  • Maximum working pressure: 700bar
  • Max flow: 20000l/min
  • Valve size: 8mm-12mm

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, more details to be known by consulting Filson.

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Filson High Pressure Cartridge Valves

A Trustworthy High Pressure Cartridge Valves Supplier in China

A high pressure cartridge valve, also known as a slip-in logic element, is used for controlling pressure, flow and direction.

Filson high pressure cartridge valve is highly appreciated among customers for its optimum finish and high quality. Furthermore, our product range is easy to use and install. The product is made up of high quality material by our experts.

With professional manufacturing, Filson is committed to satisfying every customer, thus we have received many good reviews of them. We can ensure a high quality a of raw material. So you can trust us with no worries.

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