Filson Hastelloy Sintered Filter

  • 100% Hastelloy material construction to ensure the good corrosion resistance
  • High filtration efficiency due to good permeability
  • Available for pleated design to increase filtration area and dirt holding capacity
  • Wide micron rating range for different application needs
  • Minimum pressure drop, even at the large filtration velocities

Filson introduces a broad range of Hastelloy sintered filters to be used in diverse industrial applications. These filter elements can easily fit in many filter housings or a custom type can be designed and produced to meet your requirements.

  • Raw material: Hastelloy wire mesh, Hastelloy powder, Hastelloy fiber felt
  • Working temperature: up to 1090°C
  • Micron rating: 1 – 300µm
  • Length: up to 3000mm
  • End cap: 222/226, double open fitting, threaded end fitting

Note: send us your desired dimension to know whether it is available/customizable or not.

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Filson Hastelloy Sintered Filter

Custom Hastelloy Sintered Filter Based on Your Needs

Filson provides Hastelloy sintered filter with various forms and shapes including but not limited to filter mesh, filter disc, filter basket and filter cartridge. All these filters are sintered of high grade Hastelloy material to maintain the excellent performance.

Experiencing a strictly controlled sintering process, the raw material of Filson Hastelloy filter is bonded tightly together to form the final product. At the same time, the filter is endowed with uniform hole distribution and good strength for better filtration efficiency.

In addition, Filson Hastelloy sintered filter cartridge is able to be made pleated which will bring larger filtration area and dust holding capacity. And it is possible to add a perforated sheet made of Hastelloy out of the filter to support the thin wire mesh.

You can choose to use single layer mesh or sinter multiple layers meshes together to construct Hastelloy filter at Filson. As a professional manufacturer, Filson can satisfy any challenging task in your filtration process.

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