Filson Hastelloy Basket Strainer

  • Suitable for filtration of all kinds of liquids and gases
  • Easy to install, operate and clean for overall cost savings
  • Wide range of sizes and filtration ratings to customer specifications
  • Single or multiple baskets design to meet your application needs
  • High filtration efficiency and excellent particle removal ability

Filson Hastelloy basket strainer contains two main parts: one is the inner basket, and the other is the external basket strainer housing. Both of them are fabricated with high grade Hastelloy and can be applied to a plenty of industrial applications.

  • Raw material: Hastelloy C-276, Hastelloy C-22, Hastelloy C-4
  • Strainer type: simplex basket strainer, duplex basket strainer
  • Connection Size: 1’’ to 24’’
  • Operating Temperature: up to 1090°C
  • Flow capacity: up to 15000L/min
  • Flitration rating: 1 – 10000 micron
  • Pressure capacity: up to 100 bar
  • Applicable fluid: oil, stream, water, gas

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, please contact Filson for more details.

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Filson Hastelloy Basket Strainer

High-efficiency Hastelloy Basket Strainer for Your Application

During the operation of Filson Hastelloy basket strainer, the fluid flows from the inlet of the strainer and then passes through the inner Hastelloy basket. As clean fluid is discharged from the outlet of the strainer, the particles larger than the filtration accuracy are collected and blocked inside the basket.

Filson Hastelloy basket strainer is popular for its high corrosion resistance to hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide solutions and other highly corrosive media, thus it is much suitable for chemical industry. With good properties, the strainer is powerful and durable for long time use.

According to customer requirements, Filson customizes Hastelloy basket strainer into different sizes, basket numbers, filtration ratings and connection types. No matter for a single-basket strainer or a multi-basket strainer, our seasoned engineers will provide for you.

Send us your specifications and application and get the right Hastelloy basket strainer today!

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