Hand Held Filter Cart

Compact, lightweight and easy-to-operate, FilSon Hand Held Filter Cart (HHFC) is designed to filter new fluids and clean up the existing fluids in systems to reduce contamination levels. This offline oil filtration system with a simple pump/motor/filter construction is convenient for end-users to carry and operate almost anywhere. Weighs only 18 kg! FilSon Hand Held Filtration cart allows the hydraulic systems to continue operating without costly downtime. A water removal element can also be utilized on this oil filtration unit, which radically reduces the water contamination in the whole system.

  • Lightweight and easy  to carry
  • Filter, transfer in one-step operation
  • Minimized equipment downtime
  • Wide variety of filter elements options
  • Low noise, one person operation
Flow Rate L/min61016
Temperature Range°C5-80 (+40°F ~ +175°F)
Viscosity Range cSt10-160
Rated Pressure Mpa0.34
Pressure Loss Mpa=0.02
Primary Filtration µm40
Fine Filtration µm3, 5, 10, 20, 40
Alarm?P Mpa0.2
Supply Power 2 Phase, 220 VAC; 3 Phase, 380 VAC, 50 Hz
Motor Power kw0.180.250.35
Weight Kg131618
Dimensions (mm)650x680x980650x680x980720x680x1020

Handheld oil filter  cart Application

  1. Filtering new oil before using
  2. Transferring fluid from drums or tanks to reservoirs
  3. Offline filtration for critical equipment
  4. Removing free water from the system

So if you are looking handheld filter cart or any other portable filter carts, send your inquiry anytime.

Hand Held Filter Cart drawing

Explore the Product Alone

  • +

    Ergonomic style handle

    Lightweight and easy to carry

  • +

    Differential pressure Gauges

    Indicating when to change filter elements

  • +

    Gear pump

    Industrial quality, Quiet operation, long life

  • +

    Drip tray

    Helps keep the work area safe and control oil spillage

  • +

    Clear hoses

    Length of hoses customized to meet your specific needs

  • +


    Washdown, heavy duty

  • +

    Electrical Box

    To protect the motor, Rugged and durable

  • +


    Variety customized colors, Industrial powder-coated paint

  • +

    Suction filter 

    Enhances life of pump and main filter

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