Filson Gas Flame Arrestor Filter

  • Available to be reset and reused after flashback has occurred
  • Capable to meet safety requirements of BS, EN and ISO
  • Applicable to almost all sorts of gases and serious conditions
  • High flame arresting efficiency due to careful calculation and design
  • High porosity with controlled pore size for better performance

Filson pays much attention to products’ quality and effectiveness. As one of the best manufacturers of flame arrestor elements and all kinds of filters in China, Filson carries full capability to build innovative types of gas flame arrestor filters.

  • Manufacturing material: stainless steel ( 304L, 316L ), brass, titanium, inconel 600, hastelloy C-276, hastelloy X, monel 400, nickel 200, PP, PE
  • Working temperature: up to 760°C ( upon materials )
  • Pore size: 0.2 – 100 μm ( custom options available )
  • Connection: standard tubing, end-fittings like compression, NPT
  • Shape: discs, sheets, tubes, screens, cylinders

Note: Filson provides custom service, please consult factory for more details.

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Filson Gas Flame Arrestor Filter

Your Trustworthy Gas Flame Arrestor Filter Supplier in China

Filson gas flame arrestor filter is mainly used to quench or cool flame to prevent flammable gases from burning back to supply source. When flame goes through the device, during this process, the flame/heat is absorbed by the sintered metal element, thus realize the purpose of extinguishing the flame.

By using Filson gas flame arrestor filter, the operation is more safe and the overall profits is guaranteed due to the good properties of the product, such as high temperature and corrosion resistance, excellent thermal conductivity and outstanding mechanical strength.

Besides, Filson provides hydrogen flame arrestor as well. Hydrogen is extremely difficult to arrest in any application. Before the invention of hydrogen flame arrestor, liquid seal type arrestors were the only choices which had their own issues.

You may need a gas flame arrestor filter from Filson to solve the leftover problem generated by your old type flame arrestor. Contact us today and get the ideal device.

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