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Filson: Your Leading Fuel Gas Filter Manufacturer

Filson is one of the professional fuel gas filter manufacturers in China, we can provide a wide range of fuel gas filter such as fuel gas coalescer, fuel gas separator, replacement fuel gas filter, fuel gas filter element and so on.

Filosn fuel gas filter is an indispensable device on the transmission medium pipeline of fuel gas, it is usually installed in the front of the turbines and engines, pressure relief valve, safety valve, positioning valve or other equipment inlet end.

With features of high strength structure, good sealing and easy cleanable, Filson fuel gas filter is used to eliminate impurities in the conveying medium to protect the normal use of valve and equipment and reduce the equipment maintenance costs.

Due to its significant function and super filtration performance, Filson fuel gas filters are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, paper making, medicine, food, mining, electric power, urban, household and other gas fields.

Filson Fuel Gas Filter

Fuel Gas Coalescer
Filson gas coalescer mainly uses surface-treated glass fiber or polyester fiber as the coalescence medium. It has perfect coalescence performance and its filtration precision can reach 0.1 micron.
Fuel Gas Separator
Filson fuel gas separator is designed to remove the liquids that comes into being in the combined stream of fuel and process gas before it is used as fuel gas.
Replacement Fuel Gas Filter
Filson has over 15 years experience on fuel gas filter fabrication in China and we can also provide replacement fuel gas filter of some leading brands such as Boll fuel gas filter.
Fuel Gas Filter Elements
Filson fuel gas filter elements made of stainless steel are the core units of the gas filter, these fuel gas filter elements offer exceptional filtration efficiency at very low pressure drop loss.

Why Choose Filson Fuel Gas Filter

As a leading fuel gas filter fabricator in China, Filson fuel gas filter are available in different size, materials, and connection type to meet your varying needs of different applications. Generally, horizontal and vertical version design of fuel gas filter can be chosen.

Filson adopts advanced technology and equipment to construct fuel gas filter, we strictly control the production process of the fuel gas filter to provide high quality products. As an ISO9001 certified fuel gas filter supplier, our products comply with ASME code and EU certification.

Filson is dedicated to offer one stop solutions on fuel gas filter fabrication for OEM customers. Since we have full capacity and rich experience on fuel gas filter fabrication, Filson can tell you how to combine suitable features into them.

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Your Optimal Fuel Gas Filter Supplier in China

Filson knows all your specified needs in terms of high quality fuel gas filter. We are one huge fabrication corporation that offers unbeatable performance of fuel gas filter. Send us your drawing and specifications, you will get an awesome one.

Fuel Gas Coalescer and Separator Various Flow Direction

Filson fuel gas filter is specially designed to remove oil aerosol, rust, scale, water and maximize reliable operation of the turbine. When the fuel gas enters Filson fuel gas filter, impurities in fuel gas are blocked by the filter element, and the clean fuel gas is discharged from the filter outlet.

Liquids from upstream of the compressor, which may include aerosol particles, water or a combination of hydrocarbon liquids should be eliminated by Filson fuel gas filter vessel located upstream of the compressor.

The use of highly refined fuel gas presents various new challenges to the process requirements of the gas turbine. To achieve and maintain the purity and safety grade of fuel gas requirements, high quality gas filters are required. Fortunately, all the fuel gas filters produced by Filson are excellent in accuracy, reliability, and safety.

Owing to a shortage in the supply with fuel gas which is at an acceptable quality could quickly lead to a decrease in efficiency or, even worse, a complete failure of the turbine or engine, Filson fuel gas filters secure a smooth operation of your turbines and engines.

Filson fuel gas filters exhibit an effective filtration and guarantee to supply your turbine with a dry and clean fuel gas. Our high performance fuel gas filters play role in eliminating the unwanted particles or separating the moisture in the fuel gas, or the combination of both function.

These types of Filson fuel gas filter ensure fuel gas quality and protect downstream equipment such as compressors, gas engine, metering station, gas-fired heaters, and others. It is applied to natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and other non-corrosion gases.

Fuel Gas Filter Application

In the natural gas industry, Filson fuel gas coalescers are used for the recovery of lube oil in downstream compressor. Of course, oil and gas, petrochemical and oil refining industries are also applicable.

Because fuel gases like natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas and other non-corrosive gases usually have very low ignition points, they are prone to combustion. It is worth mentioned that Filson fuel gas filter has the explosion-proof function, which can help you solve this problem.

A complete fuel gas filtration unit of Filson fuel gas filter is composed of filter housing, filter element, skid base and incorporate associated instrumentation such as safety valves, pressure and temperature gauge.

Filson fuel gas filter element made of stainless steel mesh is the core units of the gas filter. It is normally installed in the inlet side of pressure reducing valve, relief valve, positioning valve or other equipment.

Filson fuel gas filters are featured with rigid structure, good sealing, effective filtering, close structure, easy maintenance and more. Filson fuel gas filters are equipped with pressure measuring points at both the inlet and at the outlet to avoid damage.

Filson fuel gas filter has a great excellent filtration performance. The filtration accuracy of them are typically 0.5 micron liquid particles, with efficiencies to 99.9 %. Liquid-free fuel gas is ensured at the outlet of Filson fuel gas filter.

Fuel Gas Filter Simulate

When it needs to be cleaned, as long as the filter cartridge is disassembled, then remove the  filter element , and put it again after cleaning. Therefore, the use and maintenance of Filson fuel gas filter is very convenient and simple.

Furthermore, to meet your specific applications, Filson can customize your fuel gas filter based on your requirements. We can also offer replacement fuel gas filter of some leading brands which is compatible with your fuel gas filtration system. For example: Boll fuel gas filter, Pall gas filter.

If you are interested in Filson fuel gas filter or if you have any doubts about it, please feel free to contact with us. Leave your name, phone number, specifications, we will instantly get in touch with you and our professional engineering will provide you excellent one.

More details to be known in following ways:

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Filson Fuel Gas Filter Function:

  • Remove solid particles and separate the moisture
  • Provide clean, dry and high grade fuel gas to the process
  • Decrease the engine and critical equipment abrasion
  • Protect turbine and other equipment from contaminants damage
  • Reduce equipment downtime and decrease maintenance costs
  • Eliminate excess liquid by integrated pre separation

Filson Fuel Gas Filter Feature:

  • Large flow rate and low differential pressure loss
  • High filtration efficiency and coalescing performance
  • High temperature and pressure resistance, good wear resistance
  • Washable and reusable to prolong the gas filter service life
  • Perform various functions including filtering and protection
  • Available in standard type or tailor-made type at your request
  • Optional filter element material and custom shape, size available
  • Easy to assemble and remove for fast cleaning
  • Products in stock, ready to ship
  • Perfect after-sale service and a one-year warranty

Filson Fuel Gas Filter Specification:

  • Construction material: 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum with metal plated, filter paper, fiber glass
  • Filter type: stainless steel mesh, stainless steel pleated element
  • Cartridge length: 10-625 mm or at your request
  • Micron rating: (usually 0.01-100 micron, more selections available based on needs)
  • Operating temperature range: from -15℃ to 80℃
  • Working pressure: up to 6.4MPa(for reference only, usually 0.2 – 2MPa)
  • Connection: NPT threads and flange connections
  • Connection size: 5,700 l/min (1,505.78 us gal/min)
  • Connection caliber: DN15-DN600
  • Accessories: safety valve, pressure and temperature measurement, vent and drain valves, level gauge,

Filson Fuel Gas Filter Application:

  • Steam and gas turbine, engine and other equipment
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Petrochemical and oil refining industries.
  • Natural gas industry
  • Metallurgy industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Paper making industry
  • Medicine and food industry
  • Household
  • Mining industry
  • Electric power industry
  • Urban and other gas fields

Fuel Gas Filter: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will help you import high quality fuel gas filter from China.

Whether you want a brand new or replacement fuel gas filters, all information you need is right here.

Take a look:

What is a Fuel Gas Filter?

Note that the fuel gas supplied to the gas turbines should conform to the particulate requirements specific to the latest version of GEI-41040.

At your facility, in case you have fuel gas utilizing equipment such as steam turbines, gas turbines, engines, etc. then you certainly require a filtration system.

Under such circumstances, a fuel gas filter is critical for your systems.

The filter guarantees that your downline equipment receives and only works with a purified fuel gas free from contaminants.

Fuel gas filter element

What is the use of the Fuel Gas Filter?

The fuel gas often in use for industrial or commercial purposes does pass through a pipeline or some piping structure.

Consequently, the fuel gas is liable to get infiltrated with several kinds of contaminants.

As a result, the fuel gas filter comes in handy for the point-of-use filtration of the impure gas.

The fuel gas filter traps, separate, filters, coalesce, and expels both the particulate and liquid contaminants present in the fuel gas.

Besides, the solid particulate contaminants likely present in the fuel gas comprises of dust particles, rust from gas pipes, and pipeline scales.

Elsewhere, the liquid contaminants probably present in the fuel gas usually consists of moisture-related vapor and particles.

All those contaminants have varied particle sizes.

Such kinds of contaminations are liable to impairing the mechanical integrity of the downline gas-consuming systems.

Thanks to the filter, you avert potential pre-mature mechanical failure of your underlying system’s parts when you use a fuel gas filter.

The wide spread associated instrument failure as a likely cause of impure fuel gas includes but not limited to the following: excessive wear of valves, plugging of burner tips, amongst others.

The final result of using a fuel gas filter is optimal equipment health.

What are the Features of a Fuel Gas Filter?

Coalesce filter

The fuel gas filters are the top tier category of equipment.

They have got outstanding characteristics to enhance their performance and levels of usage in their applications.

It is worth noting that you can customize quite a few features of the filter system to conform to your unique application.

However, the following are the basic features of a typical fuel gas filter.

· Skid Mounted

Nowadays, most manufacturers prefer installing the filtration system on the skid platforms.

Skid-mounted filtration units will readily fit in whatever kind of site you have for your gas processing facility.

Coalesce skid

Besides, the unit system is stand-alone.

However, you should note that the skid mounted units only come under the discretion of the buyer.

And in such cases, the manufacturer will guarantee the initial adherence of the skid unit to your application requirements.

· Rate of Flow Equipment

The fuel gas filter comes complete with different flow control gadgets, the common ones, including the functional valves.

These sets of valves are adjustable to control the extent of the gas inflows into the filtration chamber.

Precisely, the combination of valves being the inlet and outlet valves.

· Long-lasting Internals

The materials of the filter elements of the fuel gas filter systems are renowned durable materials such as fiberglass or stainless steel material.

Besides, the material type directly translates into the durability of the system.

· Associated Performance Devices

The fuel gas filter system also features several kinds of already installed operational gadgets that effectively enhance the general performance of the system.

They include pressure indicators, switch buttons, power switches, pressure transmitters, etc.

All these complementary devices, apart from being critical in the workability, also creates a user-friendly operation.

· Effective Filter Elements

Since the actual filtration occurs in the Filter elements, they are therefore highly efficient and essential components of the fuel gas filters.

· A Wide Variety of Flanges

Such as the blind flange that provides more convenient and automatic access to the filter chambers and interiors, especially during the replacements of the elements.

· Quick to Open Closure

That hugely reduces the period for cleaning and maintenance.

· Wide Range of Internal Diameter

Every filtration system has got a corresponding inlet and outlet dimension.

The sizes are purely customizable.

What are the Benefits of a Fuel Gas Filter?

Without any level of hesitation, you should consider installing a proven quality fuel gas filter.

The most immediate reason being directly related to the integrity of your processing machines.

Remember that contaminated fuel gas is prone to causing a large extent of wear and mechanical breakdown of the viable systems.

The ultimate benefit of therefore having a fuel gas filter at the point of use is for eliminating such underlying problems.

Moreover, the screen will subsequently improve the combustion rate of your systems while instantly minimizing the requirements for general maintenance.

Apart from the need benefit, have a look at the following associated equipment benefits.

Fuel gas filter unit

  • The filters are also available in different configurations, usually duplex and simplex types.
  • The filter has a high rate of filtration efficiency and performance.
  • The fuel gas filter has a compact and bolted design unit, which therefore consumes little floor space as opposed to other filters.
  • They have got a commendable expulsion and removal of liquid contamination.
  • The filters are available in an integrated version of the fuel gas filter.
  • It is highly accessible for maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.
  • It is capable of withstanding the extreme flow rate of fuel gas.
  • Besides, the equipment attracts minimum maintenance operations.

In the long run, the fuel gas filters will give you everlasting benefits.

It eliminates the need for frequent maintenance; instead, it increases your production time and eventually saves you lots of money.

How Efficient are the Fuel Gas Filters?

With a top-notch filter, you are guaranteed an excellent filtration efficiency.

Regardless of presumably high efficiency, the degree of efficiency varies with two significant aspects.

These include the particle size of the contaminants and the technical specifications of the machine.

Fuel gas filter system

For most filtration units, the efficiency level varies according to the contaminant sizes.

It means that when you are dealing with an outrageously impure gas majorly comprising of fine particles, expect the efficiency of the machine to decrease.

Conversely, the effectiveness of the filter tends to increase when filtering large-sized particles.

Most importantly, to verify the efficiency of the machine always seek reference to the technical specifications of the equipment.

Despite all that, some filters will still have varying practical efficiencies even under constant application and possession of similar technical specifications.

That is why you should as well take note of the manufacturer’s brand – the level of expertise vary among manufacturers.

With that information, you will undoubtedly encounter maximum fuel gas filtration efficiency of 99.9% to about 80%.

What are the Parts of the Fuel Gas Filter?

All the segments of the fuel gas filters are essential in the general performance and functioning of the filtration process.

Therefore, before kicking off your operation, you must confirm the operational basis of every section.

Above all, remember that the details about your machine parts will be available in the technical manual of the equipment- so you have to acquire it.

Nevertheless, the following are the conventional parts of any fuel gas filter.

Filter elements–available for materials of fiberglass or stainless steel throw away cartridges suitable for normal to high or low-temperature designs.

Connecting appliances– as a means of attaching several different components of the machine, the connecting elements will be diverse.

They should conform to the underlying needs of your application.

More often, the connections link the elements by transferring and linking intercommunications amongst themselves.

The filters do also have flexible connections.

Perhaps you will note the following connecting appliances depending on your filter:

  • Flanges
  • Transfer valves
  • Weld-on ends
  • Ball valves
  • Needle valves
  • National pipe thread seals
  • Optical connections
  • Inlet-outlet-drain
  • Vent connections, etc.

Auxiliary Instruments– which include the differential pressure measurement devices and systems such as pressure indicator gauges, level gauges,

Filter Housing–the exterior cover of the filtration system usually comprises of either carbon steel material (varying grades) or stainless steel material(different categories).

Non-welded option for housing is also acceptable.

Optional Preliminary separation devices – Such as cyclone, demister, or cyclone demister.

Optional equipment: You can consider cover lifting, pivoting mechanism, cover safety devices.

Select accessories – the fuel filters may come pre-installed with a wide range of unique fixtures.

Some of them include pre-separator for liquid minimization, liquid intensity switches, magnetic level indicators, Bull’s eyes, adjustable fluid reservoir.

What are the Design Considerations of the Fuel Gas Filter?

The designs of the fuel gas filters entirely rely on your needs and specific application demands.

Consequently, you may incorporate additional designs or perhaps modify the already manufactured fuel gas filter to suit your facility needs.

Nevertheless, take a look at the following designs considerations:

  • Non-welded fuel gas filter systems.
  • Wide variety of capacity sizes ranging between 2ʺ to 8ʺ for small ratings, the bigger ones have larger diameters.

A standard design for the fuel gas filter consists of the primary inlet chamber with filter elements.

However, the secondary exits are the outlet nozzles, which provides passage for pure quality fuel gas.

At the extreme end of the filters are the end closures, either quick opening closures or blind flange.

In regards to the support, the filters may have the skids, integral saddles, support legs or skirts.

What are the Available Types of Fuel Gas Filters?

We can widely classify fuel gas filters according to the configurations of the fuel gas filters.

In regards to the design configurations, the fuel gas filters are available in Duplex and Simplex configurations.

· Duplex Fuel Gas Filters

Duplex gas filter system

The duplex is the types of filters that comprise of dual single filter chambers interconnected with switching valves and plug system.

Also, the double design structure of the filter offers a large surface area for filtration, which thus exhibiting a massive filtration scope.

Besides, the dual chambers function independently during filtration.

It, therefore, means that even if one compartment breaks down, you simply switch operation to the other standby chamber for continued service.

Normally, the duplex filter thus guarantees continuous filtration operations no matter the situation without any lapse.

Ultimately, the filter configurations do not allow any slight downtime during maintenance or basket screen cleaning.

Above all, the changeover between the chambers is a straightforward process.

You instantly change over with a single operation or by even turning the levers.

The duplex filter configurations also have got a diverter plug that allows the flow medium to flow either through the right or left chamber.

· Simplex Fuel Gas Filters

Simplex gas filter system

Unlike the duplex configurations, the simplex configuration is a type of filter that consists of one primary unit chamber for filtration operation.

The simplex structure is simple without any kind of sophistication.

Here, the fuel gas majorly flows via the single chamber while the contaminants get trapped and eliminated; after that, the pure gas proceeds.

Due to the design consideration, the filter elements are easy to remove and replace.

Also, the simplex configurations filters are also available into two major filter types, i.e., basket type filters and the Y-type filters.

Which is the Best Material for the Fuel Gas Filter?

Gas filter element

Since the filtration process is purely technical and a fuel gas filter is a robust machine, you should definitely reconsider the material structure.

The material of the filter directly or indirectly impacts the filters’durability, operational basis, and efficiency.

Again, the best material types include carbon steel, stainless steel, and low-temperature steel.

Also, stainless steel material structure is capable of withstanding immense pressure and force.

Besides, the material is mostly resistant to corrosion and contamination.

Material grit is also suitable for effective cleaning procedures and maintenance.

Similarly, carbon steel is another suitable material which suits filters that often experience high rates of pressure and temperature conditions.

Above all, carbon steel is substantially resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks.

Low-temperature steel is likewise another suitable material that comfortably sustains filtration in elevated pressure and temperatures.

What are the other Optional Auxiliary Devices that Enhance the Efficiency of the Fuel Gas Filters?

Please note that you can request the inclusion of any additional feature or component on your fuel gas filter, depending on your unique applications.

The optional equipment includes the following:

  • The differential pressure instrumentations: Gauges and pressure indicators appliances.
  • Pressure safety valves.
  • Thermal relief valves
  • Level gauges
  • The base frame/ skid.
  • Special tag plates
Which are the Typical Transfer Valves in the Fuel Gas Filter?

The transfer valves are particular types of equipment that guarantee a continuous flow of gasses through the filter system without interruption.

They ensure consistent flow and regulation of pressure drop by assuring integral sealing.

The commonly available transfer valves range from ¾ to the 8-inch sizes with flange variations of 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, and more.

The transfer valves may also come furnished with distinct joint flanges, spring-loaded pad, and a shaft of O-ring seals.

For turning mechanisms of the transfer valves, you can select between a handle system, actuator, or worm gear.

The standard application of the transfer valves is in the duplex fuel gas filters to guarantee consistent flow rates.

What are the Technical Specifications of the Fuel Gas Filter?

The technical specification will give you a full and detailed explanation of the specs of the equipment.

The outlined sets of data in the document include the material structure, design, product details, servicing, troubleshooting, and sometimes maintenance.

The technical specification is a must-have a document to kick start your gas processing and utilization operation.

You will find the following specs in the technical specifications documents:

  • Flow rate
  • Nominal size
  • Differential pressure
  • Operational Temperature
  • Filtration rating and efficiency
  • Filter material
  • Certification
Which are the Applicable Quality Standards and Codes of the Fuel Gas Filter?

Before purchasing any equipment, you would want to guarantee their quality.

The surest way of assessing and authenticating the quality of the fuel gas filter is through an examination of the adherence to quality standards.

The following are the minimum quality standardizations of the fuel gas filter:

  • ASME VIII Div.1 – U stamp
  • European PED – CE mark
  • Chinese Manufacturing License
  • AD2000
  • EN 13445
  • NACE MRO175/ ISO 15156
  • CU TR 032/2013
  • API 14C
  • ARH
  • SELO / ML
  • ATEX/ IEC Ex
Which are the Areas of Application of Fuel Gas Filter?

Fuel gas filtration process

Generally, you will need to pre-filter the fuel gas before they gain entry into viable equipment such as steam turbines and gas turbines.

Technically, fuel gas filters are often in use together with compressors or turbines.

Besides, the fuel gas filter is applicable in the following areas:

  • Oil and gas processing facility (both onshore and offshore) – the filter is suitable in the gas turbine for the need to run a turbo compressor or generator.
  • Small power stations–here, the gas turbine is essential for operating the generator for electricity production.

Here at FilSon Filters, we design and manufacture a range of fuel gas filter systems.

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