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Owing to advanced fritted technology, Filson provides a wide range of different frit filters with high quality to meet your personalized requirements.

  • Various porosity options available
  • High-performance raw materials
  • Outstanding chemical compatibility
  • Perfect integrity without shedding

What is Frit Filter?

Frit filter is mainly made of high-performance materials through fritted or sintered process., like stainless steel, titanium, glass, PP and so on.

At high temperature, these particles fuse together sufficiently, forming solid and porous body in disc or other shapes. Thus, it has high porosity to achieve quick flow rates. In addition, it is especially suitable in harsh environments such as high temperature and corrosion.

To fit specific applications, frit filters can be made into different shapes and dimensions according to your requirements. It can be widely applied in chemical engineering, drug analysis, biotechnology and other fields, always providing ultra-high levels filtration for you.

Frit Filter by Materials

Stainless Steel Frit Filter

Filson stainless steel frit filters are made of porous stainless steel frit. Coming in commonly used pore sizes, they are very convenience to be used in HPLC systems. They are able to provide you uniform porosity and prolonged filtration life.

Glass Frit Filter 

Filson glass frit filters consist of porous fritted glass. Resistant to abrasion and wear, they can be used for a long time. They are suitable for analytical and general bacteria filtration, providing clean filtration due to perfect integrity.

Titanium Frit

Filson titanium frit utilizes durable titanium particles with strong mechanical strength and high purity up to 99.6%. Therefore it is extremely ideal for high pressure applications such as high pressure vacuum filtration or gas flow.

Polypropylene (PP) Frits

Filson polypropylene frits or PP frits are made of ultra high molecular PP fibers. They are resistant to many chemicals like acid, alkali and other organic solvents. Showing low absorption and high retention, they are popular in biological applications.

Polyethylene Frit

Using polyethylene frit, Filson polyethylene frits or PE frits are light weight due to metal-free design. With uniformly porous structure, they are commonly used as a part of HPLC system and depth filters for removal of small molecules.

PTFE Frits

Generally coming in disc shape, Filson PTFE frits are also known as PTFE discs. They are normally placed at the inlet and outlet of a column. Owing to good chemical resistance of PTFE, the frits are able to hold up well in many organic solvents.

Other Popular Types of Frit Filter (6)

  • Fritted Disc Filter
    Filson fritted disc filter is made of various high performance materials. After a fritted process, these grains or fibers are fused into a robust disc with high porosity. To meet your requirements, we provide custom thickness, dimension and pore size.
  • Column Frit
    Filson column frit consists of a mass of fine particles combined together at high temperature. Placed on a column body, it works to provide maximum purity and optimal flow, protecting critical instruments in the column system.
  • Frit Sparger 
    Filson frit sparger is made of a porous stainless steel frit in combination with a thin tube of the same material. The most frequently used material to fabricate frit sparger is 316L stainless steel, and customization of other materials are also available.
  • Porous Frit
    Filson porous frit is also called sintered frit due to its sintered porous media. It is commonly used for precise chromatography results in the column systems. Aside from this, it can also be involved in specific filtration, venting, diffusion and other applications.
  • HPLC Frit Filter
    Filson HPLC frit filter has high porosity and uniform distribution of pore size. They are widely used in HPLC system and provides great protection. By reducing contamination of column inlet cartridge, it helps to decrease back pressure and improve efficiency.
  • SPE Column Frits
    Filson SPE column frits are designed to protect the pump and expensive equipment in a SPE system. They can be used for many industrial applications such as the pretreatment of food and beverage, animal products, biological samples, etc.

Frit Filter Benefits

High Efficiency
High Efficiency

Due to frit with porous structure, Filson frit filters show are able to provide high filtration efficiency and hold a lot of impurities at the same time.

Durable Material
Durable Material

All Filson frit filters are made oh durable and high performance materials like stainless steel, glass, titanium, PP and more, prolonging filtration life largely.

Clean Filtration
Clean Filtration

After fritted process at a high temperature, Filson frit filters bear excellent integrity and no particle shedding, avoiding outer and inner contamination.

Tailored Service
Tailored Service

To fit your unique requirements, we provide tailored services in Filson. We offer frit filter available in different pore sizes, diameters, thickness, and so on.

Frit Filter Advantages

  • Uniform distribution of pores and high porosity
  • High-performance materials for long lifespan
  • Minimized chances of sample contamination
  • Suitable for low and high-pressure applications
  • Customized materials, shapes, and dimensions
  • High filtration efficiency while low sample retention
  • Great sealing, good integrity, and without any leakage
Frit Filter Advantages

Frit Filter Specifications

  • Frit material: stainless steel, glass, titanium, PP, PE, PTFE, PEEK, borosilicate, etc
  • Sealing ring material: PEEK, PCTFE, PTFE, ETFE, metal
  • Operating pressure: > 5000 psi or 345bar
  • Micron rating range: 0.2 – 50μm
  • Shape: disc, cylinder, screen, plate, sheet
  • Disc diameter: 0.062” – 1.3”
  • Disc thickness: 0.028” – 0.125”
  • Ring OD: 0.062”- 1.5”

Note: Specifications above are for reference only, please contact us for more details.

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