Filson Food Grade Filter Press

  • 100% stainless steel construction for maximum cleanness and safety
  • Reasonable structure and quality hardwares for long time use
  • Removable filter plates leading to flexible operation
  • Wide range of dimensions for customer to choose
  • Robust and compact construction to bear high pressure

Filson food grade filter press typically refers to a filter press made of stainless steel. It consists of filter plate, filter cloth, press rack and other parts, mainly used to filter slurry in a specific industrial application.

  • Construction material: stainless steel ( other materials available based on requirements )
  • Operating pressure: 0.3 – 0.6 MPa
  • Frame length of side: 200 – 2000mm
  • Frame thickness: 16 – 80 mm
  • Filtration surface: 0.5 m2 – 1200 m2
  • Plate size: 250 x 250mm to 1500 x 2000mm
  • Plate shape: square, rectangular

Note: other materials are available to manufacture filter press used in different fields, contact Filson for more details.

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Filson Food Grade Filter Press

Your Trusted Food Grade Filter Press Supplier in China

When it comes to food grade, we will first remind of the material — stainless steel. Filson provides food grade filter press designed and manufactured with different grades stainless steel to meet the special requirements of your applications.

Filson food grade filter press is commonly found in applications requiring high corrosion resistance and contaminants resistance, such as food stuffs and drinks, chemistry, pharmaceutical or in the environmental sector.

Filson food grade filter press allows to use filter aids during filtration. Before the start of actual filtration, the filter cloth is coated with a layer of the filter aid. By doing this, the filter cloth is pretected and prevented from blockage.

Contact Filson today, tailor the right food grade filter press for your application and improve the overall profits of your business.

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