Filson Foam Filter Pads

  • Excellent water, moisture, and thermal resistance
  • Acids and alkali, saltwater, organic chemicals, soaps, and detergents resistance.
  • Outstanding toughness and porosity
  • Manufactured in strict process
  • Little airflow resistance
  • Long life-span foam
  • Low operating costs
  • Precise pore sizes with uniform gas diffusion

Filson foam filter pad is drawn from fully reticulated cellular polyester polyurethane foam, which allows optimum reagent transfer around tissue samples during securing it. Filson foam filter pad is soft and flexible with fine pores.

  • Material: polyurethane
  • Thickness range: 4-500mm
  • Thermal resistance: -40/+140℃
  • Pore size:10 pores per inch
  • Color: black, red, gray, blue, and more
  • Filtrate accuracy: coarse
  • Shape: as your request
  • Minimum order: 50 sheets

Note: Listed above are for reference purposes, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Foam Filter Pads

Your Dependable Foam Filter Pads Manufacturer in China

Filson foam filter pads are the ideal thickness to filter large waste particles and prevent coarse debris and solid waste material from entering the chemical and biological filtration chambers of the filter.

Filson foam pads are available in multiple thicknesses and sizes. Filson foam pads are available in both rectangular and circular forms. With low resistance to airflow and high particle collection capabilities, Filson foam filter foam media is very versatile.

Designed to be used alone and in a pad holding frame application. This non-allergenic, nontoxic material is resistant to most solvents and safe to handle. Filson foam filter pad is also flexible, which makes it easy to adjust the pad to various sizes.

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