Fluid Power Filter Element: The Ultimate Guide

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What is Fluid Power Filter Element?

A fluid power filter element refers to that part of your filter where actual filtration of the fluid takes place.

This part consists of pleats which trap contaminants available on your fluid and helps in cleaning the fluid.

Fluid power filter element

Fluid power filter element

As we go through this guide, you will learn how it works.

Why You Need Fluid Power Filter Element

Before we proceed, you might be wondering why you need a fluid power filter element.

Well, there are various reasons as to why you need this device.

Fluid power system

Fluid power system – Photo courtesy: Design News

Among the main reasons include:

· Proper filtration

For proper filtration to take place on your fluid, you need to have a fluid power filter element.

It is this part of the filtration system that holds unwanted particles from the fluid thereby ensuring your fluid is clean.

The advantage here is that you can have different sizes of fluid filter elements that you can choose to filter your fluid.

· Continuous fluid flow

Imagine how your application would work if there will be a lack of a fluid power filter element.

Probably you would have to stop your application to remove the contaminants.

However, you can ensure that your fluid flows continuously by installing a fluid power filter element.

The filter element will hold the contaminants from the fluid ensuring that your application continues to function.

· Reduces maintenance cost

Contaminants can have a varying degree of harm to your application which leads to inflated repair costs.

In some instances, damage on the application may be extensive which necessitates you to buy another one.

However, by installing a fluid power filter element on your application, you can save yourself some cash.

The fluid power filter element will trap the unwanted particles which in turn prevents damages from occurring on the application.

· Ease of operation

Since most fluid power filter element come with a contaminant holding area, you can quickly work on your application without having to worry on the handling of the contaminants.

Also, some filter elements have a clogging indicator which indicates the level of clogging of your filter element.

You are therefore in a position to know when to clean the filter element.

· Maximum productivity

The ultimate aim of a fluid power filtration element is to ensure maximum production for your application.

It does this by removing contaminants from the fluid that you are using.

Also, the fact that it can hold the contaminants for a while ensures that you continue with your production.

Structure of Fluid Power Filter Element

A fluid power filter element is a primary device consisting of a few components.

These components work together to ensure maximum filtration of your device.

Here is a look at the structure of the fluid power filter element.

Basically, a fluid filter element consists of four main parts which together functions to provide ultimate filtration for your fluid.

They include:

Construction of filter element - Photo courtesy HYDAC

Construction of filter element – Photo courtesy: HYDAC

i. End caps

At both ends of the filter element are circular caps which are of plastic material.

These caps play an essential role in squeezing the other parts of the fluid power element into position.

In the long run, it offers support to these parts which ensure that they can withstand the fluid pressure.

ii. Perforated support body

On the innermost part of the filter element, you will find a perforated body which is usually either of a metallic or plastic material.

The function of this body is to offer support and strength to the filter element.

It is particularly important as it helps the filter material in maintaining its shape during the filtration process.

iii. Filter material

The filter material is mainly a pleated material which can either be:

  • Plastic
  • Fiberglass
  • Paper or,
  • Fleece

It is here where filtration takes places by holding the contaminants as it allows the fluid to pass through.

The perforations are of different sizes which ensures that you get to pick the size that is best for your filtration process.

For instance, the filter material can filter particles in the range of 3 to 50 microns.

So, when selecting your fluid power filter element, ensure that you pick the one with the correct filter material size.

This will enable you to get the perfect filtration for your fluid.

iv. Perforated protective cage

On the outside, you have a protective cage usually perforated.

This component of the filter element offers two main functions.

First, it allows for continuous flow of the fluid which enables filtration to take place; it also offers mechanical support the entire filter element against external damages.

Most fluid power filtration elements are circular in appearance which allows for maximum filtration of your fluid.

How Fluid Power Filter Element Works

If you want to understand a fluid power filter element, you need to know how it works.

That is what we are going to learn here.

Let’s get straight to it.

Filtration process

Filtration process – Photo courtesy: Machinery and Lubrication

But before we start, you need to know that there are different types of fluid power filter element.

First, you have the cellulose fluid power filter element.

This kind of a filter element constitutes wood pulp, and cotton and its use are universal since it is cheap.

However, it has uneven pore sizes which result in poor filtration.

You also have the glass filter element which offers a better filtration than if you compare with the cellulose filter element.

The advantage of this filter is that it ensures the contaminants remain where it should be.

Also, the other kind of filter element is the wire mesh filter element that you can easily find in power generation filters.

You can also find them in fire-resistant applications.

There is also the Coalesce filter element which works by separating the emulsified and free fluid which later it condenses it.

Under normal circumstances, condensation happens to a certain weight after which the filter element removes it using pleated synthetic configuration.

Lastly, you have the resin filter element which is unique due to how it filtrates the fluid.

The design of this element allows for the filtration of your fluid without necessarily affecting the additive of the fluid.

There is an inlet n your filter that allows the fluid to pass through.

Here, the direction of the fluid is always from the inside to the outside.

Directional flow allows the filter to capture the contaminants maximumly.

Once inside the filter, it passes through the filter element.

Fluid filter element constitutes creases and folds which depends on the material.

It is here that actual filtration takes place.

The creases hold the dirt as the purified fluid exits the filter.

Filtration will continue taking place until when clogging occurs on the pleats.

Once this happens, you need to clean the fluid power filter element to ensure maximum filtration of the fluid.

Fluid Power Filter Element Specification

Before purchasing a fluid power filter element, there are some considerations that you need to make.

These specifications will aid you in selecting the best filter element for your fluid filtration.

Here is a look at the specifications that you need to factor before purchasing your fluid power filter element.

Filter element

Filter element

· Temperature ratings

Different fluids have different temperature ratings.

Implication here is that you need to understand the temperature ratings of your fluid.

Similarly, there are different fluid power filter elements with different temperature ratings.

While purchasing these filters, you need to understand which filter element will fit perfectly to your application.

The importance of this is that it helps to minimize your element from spoiling if you are using on hot fluids.

· Pore size

The pore size of the filter element determines the nature of your filtration.

Tiny pores mean that you will have a higher degree of filtration if you compare to large pores.

It is, therefore, imperative that you select a filter element that has the correct pores for better filtration.

A variety of fluid power filter elements have an indicator on the pore size.

· Pressure rating

Another specification that you need to consider is the pressure rating.

You will have to use a filter element that has a higher pressure rating of the pressure of your fluid is higher.

The importance here is that it helps minimize the rapturing of your filter element.

One thing you need to note is that for proper filtration, you need to ensure that your fluid has adequate pressure.

· Dimension

Many people who purchase a filter element for their fluids find this a challenge.

They will buy any filter they think will fit in their application.

The truth is…

You need to ensure that you have taken all the measurements of your filter element before purchasing one.

Failure to do this may lead you to buy a filter element that won’t filter your fluid adequately.

· Filtration rating

You can have different degrees of filtration for your fluid depending on the choice that you want.

While selecting a fluid filter element for your application, check on the level of filtration that you want to have for your fluid.

Fluid Power Filter Element Replacement

One thing you will notice is that most filter elements are expensive.

This can be of concern especially if you are working on a budget constraint.

But that should not worry you.

You can purchase a filter element even when you have a tight budget.

Replacement fluid filter element offers the best opportunity of buying a filter element.

So, what is a replacement filter element?

Replacement filter element

Replacement filter element

A replacement filter element refers to customized filter elements which are a complete replica of the original brand.

Since your manufacturer fabricates the filter element, they can consider your budget is hence cutting cost while maintaining the filter element quality.

How to use Fluid Power Filter Element Cross Reference Chart

A Fluid Power Filter Element Cross Reference Chart Filson Fluid Power Filter Element Solution will be crucial when it comes to a replacement filter element.

Fluid Power Filter Element Cross Reference Chart is a chat that assists you in choosing a replacement filter element for your application.

Sample cross reference chart

Sample cross reference

You will obtain specific information from this chart to help you in selecting a replacement filter element.

You will get the different brands of filter elements available in the market.

Also, you will be able to get the prizes for each of these brands.

Again, there is a section on the compatibility of the brans to different filter elements.

What you do is that you carefully check on the specifications of your filter and match them with the corresponding information on the chart.

Ensure that you have matched everything to get a replacement filter element that fits your budget and your filter.

Filson Fluid Power Filter Element Solution

If you are looking for a manufacturer, who will fabricate a replacement fluid power filter element, look no further than Filson.

At Filson, we guarantee quality and efficient replacement filter elements that will offer you service for a long time.

All our replacement filter elements are compatible with major brands in the market.

Among them includes; Parker, Pall, Eaton, Vickers, Hydac, Donaldson, Stauff, Hilco, Bosch, Indufil, Boll &Kirch, Hypro, MP, Argo HytosandInternormen.

All that we will require from you are the specifications of your filter element, and we will be able to fabricate a replica for you.

Such information includes the brand of your filter element, the dimension and the part number of the fluid power filter element.

What’s more, is that we ensure that you save costs.

That is why when you get in touch with us, we assure you that you will get a customized fluid power filter element for your application.


A fluid filter element is a crucial component of your filtration system.

You need to consider all the specifications before selecting a filter element for your application.


You don’t have to spend much on a fluid filter element.

Replacement fluid filter element offers a cost-effective option of purchasing your fluid filter element.

You need to provide your manufacturer with all the specifications for them to fabricate a replacement fluid filter element.

Contact us today, and we will be glad to offer solutions to your filter elements.

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