Flow Restrictors for Micro Metering Valves

  • The perfect alternative to needle valves
  • Low block rate for better flow control efficiency
  • Easy to install, operate, and clean
  • Good heat stability and chemical stability
  • No pollution to the following process

Filson flow restrictors can replace micro metering valves to play the important role of controlling flow rate. Usually, they are designed for fluids. With good properties, the products are applied to various situations.

  • Body material: stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy, Monel, and others on request
  • Operating temperature: 450°C
  • Operating pressure: usually 120 PSIG
  • Shape: disc, tube, cylinder
  • Connection: pipe clamp ends, flanges, threaded, compression fittings

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Filson Flow Restrictors for Micro Metering Valves

Your Right Flow Restrictors Choice for Micro Metering Valves

Filson flow restrictor is a reliable and cost-effective replacement for mass flow controllers, orifices, capillaries, and micro metering valves. The product guarantees a constant gas flow at a specific given gas pressure.

After a strictly controlled sintering process, Filson flow restrictors for micro metering valves face less risk of clogging. And due to the stable performance brought by the device, there is no need to design for wide variations inflow.

Filson flow restrictors for micro metering valves are much suitable for peristaltic pump fluid-transfer applications, mass spectrometry, and fraction collection. Meanwhile, they can also be used to regulate gas flow in helium sparging lines and can act as flow-dependent variable back pressure regulators.

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