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Backed by more than twp decades experience, Filson is specialized in manufacturing filtering flask. We are recognized by many countries over the world for top-grade quality.

  • Available for customized sizes and dimensions
  • High mechanical strength for workable in vacuum pressure
  • Reliable quality in line with ISO and ASTM standards
  • Autoclavable with premium chemical durability
  • Transparent bottle body and clear scale for easy observation

Filtering Flask Definition

Filson filtering flask, alternatively called vacuum flasks or side-arm flasks, is designed with three parts: a flat base, narrow neck, and a side-arm for vacuum filtration. It is usually used with other accessories, such as Buchner funnel.

Manufactured by high-quality borosilicate glass, Filson filtering flask featured with heavy and thick wall to maintain its superior mechanical strength, so it is able to withstand pressure under vacuum conditions.

Filson filtering flask comes in various capacities and graduations, from 25ml to 5000ml, to better fulfill any requirement of laboratory. And it is compatible with diverse hose connection based on needs. With clear and durable graduation, it is easy to handle and operate.

Filtering Flask Categories

Vacuum Filtering Erlenmeyer Flask

Filson vacuum filtering erlenmeyer flask is typically used for transport, storage or mixing liquids in laboratory due to its shape. Thanks to wide and flat base, it can swirl chemicals around without spilling.

Heavy Wall Filtering Flasks

As name suggests, Filson heavy wall filtering flasks are equipped with thicker wall than standard flasks, hence they can avoid implode under vacuum pressure. And its construction is much stronger than standard wall, so they have longer shelf life than normal wall flask.

Side Arm Filter Flask

Filson side arm filter flask features with glass side arm, which is available for various size tubings based on requirements. After fine machining and strict inspection, it has no leakage on side arm or breakage on the body.

Filtering Flask Types by Materials (2)

  • Glass Filter Flask
    Manufactured by high-quality 3.3 borosilicate glass, Filson glass filter flask enjoys superior mechanical strength to withstand pressure in vacuum and excellent resistance to chemical and high temperatures.
  • Polypropylene Filtering Flask
    Filson polypropylene filtering flask is designed with side-arm at 45° degree downward angle, which greatly reduces risk of accidents and possibility of tipping flask over. And it also lower broken of glass flask by using FDA grade polypropylene.

Filtering Flask Types by Capacity (8)

  • 5L Filtering Flask
    Because of its thick wall, heavy base and reinforced rim, Filson 5L filtering flask has low risk of breakage when washing or transportation with large volume samples. It is not only made work easier and simper, but also improves the safety.
  • 2L Filtering Flask
    Filson 2L filtering flask is designed to ASTM specification, so its capacities and graduation ranges are precise, which allows filter material with ease. The material of our product is 3.3 borosilicate glass to ensure maximum durability.
  • Filtering Flask 1000ml
    Filson filtering flask 100ml is blown in special molds with design to deliver maximum mechanical strength. It also conveys great combination of chemical resistance and thermal shock. In order to convenient operation, it has graduation to show approximate capacity.
  • 500ml Filter Flask
    Filson 500ml filter flask features with heavy-duty rims to withstand pressure under vacuum work, and it has wide range of laboratory applications, such as filtration, separation, evaporation, or as a chemical reactor occurrence vessel.
  • 250ml Filter Flask
    Filson 250ml filter flask has an integral glass side-arm for fast filtration process, as well as features with heavy wall to increase mechanical strength for better withstand differential pressures during vacuum situation.
  • 125ml Filter Flask
    Manufactured in high-cleanliness workshop, Filson 125ml filter flask is no pollution and strictly sterilize. With small capacity, it an ideal solution for micro-chemical application and microorganism test in food, pharmacy, beverage, drinking water industries.
  • Filtering Flask 100ml
    Filson filtering flask 100ml has transparent body for easy to identify sample state and cut down operation time. Thanks to uniform and heavy wall, it is able to maintain integrity even suffer uneven force.
  • 25ml Filter Flask
    Filson 25ml filter flask is the smallest flask, so it is recommended for micro-chemical use. With high-quality glass materials, it enjoys excellent strength with low risks of breakage or deformation. Also, light weight for fast and easy handle and transport.

Filtering Flask Benefits

High Performance

Filson filtering flask adopts all-glass construction, which endowed our product with broad chemical compatibility, strong mechanical strength.

Stable Structure

Filson filtering flask has wide and flat base to avoid tipping over, and its narrow mouth lowers the center of gravity, which improves safety by preventing liquid rising to the top and spilling out.

Reliable Quality

Adopting high-quality 3.3 borosilicate glass, Filson filtering flask is able to withstand pressure in vacuum conditions, and enjoys maximum durability than other types flask.

Extensive Choice

Filson filtering flask can be designed into various capacity and graduations to meet different needs and standards of laboratory.

Filtering Flask Specific Features

  • Compatible with multiple diameter hoses without leakage
  • Flat and heavy base without spilling or tipping over
  • One-piece construction or with hose barbs for easy connection
  • High-performance with competitive price
  • Autoclavable and sterile without secondary pollution
  • Low possibility of breakage or deformation under uneven force
  • Reliable performance basked by high-quality raw materials
  • Superior resistance to chemicals and thermal shocks
  • High mechanical strength to withstand high vacuum conditions
  • Able to obtain maximum economic benefits for washable
  • Convenient, simple, effective and safe operation guarantee
  • Sturdy construction with heavy and thick walls
  • Reliable quality in accordance with ISO, ASTM certifications
  • Clear and durable graduations ensures precise operation
  • Fast transportation ways including FedEx/TNT/DHL

Why Choose Filson Filtering Flask

Filtering Flask Production

Filson filtering flask is made of 3.3 borosilicate glass, which endowed our product with many salient properties, such as superior mechanical strength, superior resistance to chemicals and thermal shock, good sealing, stable construction, etc.

In order to meet various applications’ requirement, Filson filtering flask comes in various sizes and capacities. If you have no idea about how to choose the right filtering flasks, please contact us and our professional staff will help you sincerely.

All Filson filtering flasks are manufactured by advantage equipment, and we treat every product through multiple round of quality control to ensure smooth and consistent performance for our customers, such as stress tests, integrity tests, etc.

If you are interested in our filtering flask or want to learn more details, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at

Specifications of Filtering Flask

  • Materials: borosilicate glass
  • Flask Style: filtering
  • Neck Style: narrow mouth
  • Top Style: heavy duty rim
  • Color: clear
  • Max Vacuum: 0.06mpa
  • Graduation Interval: 50 ml
  • Neck I.D: up to 80mm
  • Height: up to 390mm
  • Outer Dimension: 237mm
  • Tubing Size: up to 20 mm I.D.
  • Upper Working Temp: 230°C (446°F)
  • Upper Extreme Temp: 490°C (914°F)
  • Lower Working Temp: -230°C (-382°F)
  • Thermal Shock: 160°C (320°F)
  • Capacity: 25ml, 125 ml, 250ml, 500ml, 100ml,1000ml, 2000ml, 5000ml, etc.
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 50
  • Vacuum Filtration or distillation
  • Vacuum aided evaporation or separation
  • Heating of solid or liquid chemicals
  • Evaporation of water or solvents
  • Gravimetric applications
  • Separating flask
  • Collect samples analysis
Filson - Reliable, Accuracy, Efficiency Glass Filtering Flask

In order to provide reliable information about customers’ product, we will constantly updated prices, lead time and wide range of product portfolio for your applications.

Filtering Flask FAQ Guide

What is the Use of Filtering Flask in Laboratory?

 What is the Use of Filtering Flask in Laboratory

Filtering flask is used for rapid filtration of liquids in general laboratory. Usually, a filtering flask includes a conical shape with a heavy flat base, narrow neck, and a side arm for vacuum filtration.

What is the Shortcoming of Filtering Flask?

What is the Shortcoming of Filtering Flask

The main purpose of filtering flask is to mix and contain liquid, rather than measuring. And because of its uneven shape, it is not a clear idea to use them for measure.

Also, due to its minimal thickness wall, filtering flask is not suitable for high energy chemical reaction and easy to break.

What is the Different Between Glass Filter Flask and Polypropylene Filtering Flask?

What is the Different Between Glass Filter Flask and Polypropylene Filtering Flask

For appearance, the polypropylene filtering flask is designed with side-arm at 45° degree downward angle, however, glass filter flask is 90°. And glass is clear, but polypropylene is translucent.

For their properties, glass filter flask has higher resistance to corrosion and temperature, but polypropylene filtering flask has low possibility of breakage.

What Capacities of Filtering Flask does Filson Offer?

 What Capacities of Filtering Flask does Filson Offer

Filson provides filtering flask range from 25ml to 5L, each of them has clear graduation. And if you need other capacity types, please contact Filson. As an OEM company, Filson has the ability and technology to achieve the high-performance filtering flask for you.

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