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Filson filter socks are available in a wide range of materials and sizes, and are capable of handling any fluid type from alkalies to strong acids. Additionally, Filson replacement filter socks can be selected from the broadest possible range of media, such as polypropylene felt, nylon monofilament mesh, polypropylene monofilament mesh.

Filson supplies a series of water filter socks with widely micron rating range from 1 µm to 800 µm to meet your comprehensive filtration grade needs. The 1-micron filter sock often serves s the critical filtration process, 50-micron filter socks allow an efficient medium filtration, meanwhile, the 400 micron filter sock can deliver coarse filtration for almost any industry

In inclusion to the filter socks for water filtration, filter socks for wet and dry applications and gas deducting are also offered by Filson. Regardless of the type of filter bag, it features a remarkably simple configuration design and enables easy installation and replacement.

Filter Socks

Aquarium Filter Sock
Filson aquarium filter sock is an important component for aquariums that protect pumps from large debris, sediment, and ultimately reduces clogging.
Sump Filter Socks
The most common Filson sump filter sock adopt precision of 150 or 200 micron, is designed to install with filter sock holders, easily to connect with sumps with standard sizes 4” and 7”.
Nylon Filter Sock
Filson nylon filter sock takes the advantage of nylon monofilament mesh, shows excellent flexibility and permeability, thus capable of high water flow filtration.
Felt Filter Sock
Filson felt filter sock, also called felt filter bag, mainly made of polypropylene or polyester needled felt, owns close-knit pore distribution and higher accuracy compare to mesh filter socks.
Drawstring Filter Sock
Filson drawstring filter sock are construct of filter sock main body which sewed into drawstring as connection part, which can only tied water faucets.
1 Micron Filter Sock
Pollen, silica sand, like other biological contaminants like yeast or most bacteria will be intercepted by Filson 1 micron filter socks.
5 Micron Filter Sock
Filsom 5 micron filter socks are broadly popular in industial filtration, and also applies to sumps or aquriums.
10 Micron Filter Sock
Filson 10 micron filter sock is an reusable item especially recommended to use in sumps, ideal for phosphate Rx dosing and trapping the flocculant in the system.
25 Micron Filter Sock
Filson 25 micron filter sock, one of the more widely used rating of industrial filter socks, come in multiple size options such as size#1, #2.
50 Micron Filter Sock
Filson 50 micron filter sock traps excess food, detritus, organic wastes and other micron particles that reduces ammonia level, is an desirable filter sock for aquarium sumps.
100 Micron Filter Sock
Filson 100 micron filter sock is washable and reusable, mostly help to maintain aquariums a clear environment through removing undesirable substances.
200 Micron Filter Sock
Filson 200 micron filter socks contains mesh or felt type and generally with a plastic ring or drawstring, fit most common sump holders or easily attached to plumbing.
300 Micron Filter Sock
Filson 300 micron filter sock allows reject large and visible debris and maintains the clear appearance of your raw water.
400 Micron Filter Sock
Filson 400 micron filter sock are mostly made of nylon monofilament mesh, takes the advantage of smooth fiber surface and uniform pore distribution, ensure you a consistent filtration.
4 Inch Filter Sock
Filson 4 inch filter sock is a popular form of mechanical filtration and can be utilized in comprehensive applications like aquariums, filtration of hydraulic oils and lubricants.
7 Inch Filter Sock
Filson 7 inch filter sock typically consisting of a 7" diameter ring and a felt or mesh bag body with a wide range of precision from 1 µm to 800 µm, and applied to almost all industries.
Replacement Filter Sock
Filson manufactures our own brand of filter socks as well as replacement filter bags for various brands such as brs filter socks and red sea filter socks.

Why Choose Filter Socks From Filson?

With all ISO 9001 certificated quality filter socks, Filson is capable of supplying your ideal filter socks with top quality. For bulk orders, free samples are available for your quality inspection convenience.

Filson will send your filter socks by DHL, UPS, or FedEx which allows door-to-door service, and is also capable to deliver them to your appointed warehouse or factory in Foshan or Guangzhou, help you to save overall shipping costs.

Filson filter socks catalog

Filson: Your Direct Filter Socks Factory in China-MOQ50PCs

Filson offers both the traditional sewn filter sock and the thermobonded filter sock. Filson sewn filter sock is more economical, whereas the thermobonded filter sock is widely preferred by customers due to its more robust construction and endurance. Further, Filson thermobonded filter socks eliminate the bypass caused by liquid flowing through pinholes, as there is no sewn-in hole.

7 Inch PP PE Nylon Filter Sock Production Details

7 Inch PP PE Nylon Filter Sock Production Details

Both Filson sewn filter socks and thermobonded filter socks are available from needle felt and monofilament mesh. With a higher porosity and filtration area, Filson needle felt filter socks achieve a greater particle capture rate and improved structural strength. Filson monofilament mesh filter socks, on the other hand, permit more liquid passage due to their higher permeability.

FDA Filter Sock for Stainless Steel Filter Housing

FDA Filter Sock for Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Filson filter socks can be obtained in numerous end cap configurations to accommodate varying installation requirements. No matter threaded, flanged, or drawstring connections, Filson can provide all of them. Among them, Filson drawstring filter sock shall only be tied to water hoses and can be sealed tighter if with a thinner monofilament mesh.

Flange Drawingstring Ring Installation Types for Mesh Filter Socks

Flange Drawingstring Ring Installation Types for Mesh Filter Socks

Before starting the filtration process, it’s necessary to soak hydrophobic or oleophobic Filson filter sock with liquids which highly compatible with target application fluids before using, thus preventing damages from a sudden high-pressure fluid impact.

Filson filter socks are optional, with a conventional diameter of 4” and 7”, can fit the vast majority of filter housings on the market. Further, unique dimensions like 7.5” and 8.4” are fully customizable to meet your application specifications.

Mesh VS Felt Water Filter Socks

Mesh VS Felt Water Filter Socks

Filson also carries standard replacement filter socks for virtually all popular brands such as Red Sea filter sock, aqua one filter sock, and brs filter sock, providing you with a complete solution. Also, Filson replacement filter socks are more economically efficient, lowering your total investment.

Filson is always here to help you from filter selection to installation. Please do not hesitate to contact us NOW!

Replacement Drawstring Filter Sock for Oil Water Separator

Replacement Drawstring Filter Sock for Oil Water Separator

What’s the Difference Between Mesh VS Felt Filter Socks? 

Mesh filter socks are fabricated from monofilament mesh, available in a wide micron rating range 5-1000, while felt filter socks have a thicker needled felt filter layer that achieves higher precision up to 0.5 microns.

100 vs 200-micron filter sock  

Filson 100 micron filter sock can perform better in capturing small impurities, while the 200-micron filter features less clogging when filtering fluids at the same impurity rate. If using them in the same fluids, the 100-micron filter sock requires replacements more frequently.

Therefore, you can just pick Filson 100 or 200-micron filter socks according to your filtration precision needs or maintenance frequency requirements.

Size 1 Size 2 Liquid Filter Sock in 1Micron

Size 1 Size 2 Liquid Filter Sock in 1Micron


  • No-sizing and zero-adhesive and resin for FDA compliance
  • Scoured finish for high purity without oils and lubricants
  • Smooth surface for ease of cake release and low adhesion
  • Uniform mesh openings and distribution for precise filtration
  • Minimal mesh filaments deformation or shifting under pressure


Bag Size1234
Surface Area per Sock2 ft24.4 ft20.5 ft21.0 ft2




Anti-Corrosion Capability-poor(*) to excellent(*****)Max Operating Temperature


Strong AcidsWeak AcidsStrong AlkaliesWeak AlkaliesSolvents

Polypropylene Monofilament Mesh/

Polypropylene Microfiber



















Nylon Monofilament Mesh****************160
Polyester Felt/Polyester Multifilament Mesh 













  • Filtration accuracy: 1-800 micron
  • Connection styles: conventional rings, flanges, drawstrings

Note: other materials, not mentioned, are also available as your requirements


  • Paints
  • Vinegar
  • Aquariums
  • Beer, wine, and beverage
  • Parts cleaning: fine particle removal
  • Critical filtration of hydraulic oils and lubricants
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