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Filson filter press is a special mechanical device used in separation processes, specifically to separate solids and liquids. Unlike other filter media, filter press applies a certain pressure to the object being filtered, making the liquid percolate out of the mixture, thus realizing the filtration purpose.

Filson filter press is a heavy-duty equipment which allows a batch operation. Even under harsh conditions, it will deliver the desired properties, such as excellent temperature & pressure resistance, long durability, high efficiency and safe operation.

Filson has more than 20 years of experience in the supply of filtration equipments, we are dedicated to providing high quality, fast turnaround time and intimate service to our customers. And our flexible filter press production line enable us to meet both small orders and large orders.

Keep reading and you will have a further understanding of Filson filter press. We’ll also give you some advice on choosing your equipment. Meanwhile, our sales team is looking forward to answering any other questions you may have, just contact us NOW!

Filson Filter Press

Plate and Frame Filter Press
Filson plate and frame filter press is the most common type of filter press used among the industries. It is suitable for almost all applications to separate liquids and solids. Multiple options are provided by Filson, come and pick your correct one.
Recessed Plate Filter Press
Compared to plate and frame filter press, Filson recessed plate filter press is a frame-free designed filter press. Manufactured with various materials, the device is quite suitable for all sorts of applications.
Belt Filter Press
Filson belt filter press is suitable for various industrial applications, such as food and beverage, wastewater treatment, chemical industry, mining and wine making. With high filtration efficiency and low maintenance cost, it is popular in the market.
Membrane Filter Press
Filson adopts the lastest membrane technology to manufacture the membrane filter press which is also called membrane plate filter press or membrane squeeze filter press to provide the better efficiency in filtration.
Chamber Filter Press
Filson chamber filter press has the similar structure with plate and frame filter press. This type of filter is more suitable for suspensions that need to be filtered under high pressure without washing the residue.
Automatic Filter Press
With the development of filter press technology, Filson has achieved great progress from improving the filtration capabilities to reducing maintenance times. For now, Filson automatic filter press is more and more acceptable by our customers around the world.
Vertical Filter Press
In Filson vertical filter press, the filter plate is stacked horizontally up and down to form a group of filter chambers, which covers a small area. It adopts a continuous filter belt, and after finishing filtration, the filter belt can be moved to unload and clean the filter belt.
Manual Filter Press
Filson manual filter press, also known as manual pressure filter, is an industrial tool intended for use on waste sludge drying problem solutions and other applications where need to separate liquids and solids.
Hydraulic Filter Press
Generally, filter press is composed of three parts: rack, pressing mechanism and filtering mechanism. And Filson hydraulic filter press is a common filter press equipped with a hydraulic compression system.
Portable Filter Press
Filson portable filter press, also called mobile filter press, is a filtration equipment upgraded based on a regular filter press. It’s a self-contained, fully automated, portable solution to on-site slurry disposal challenges.
Mini Filter Press
Filson mini filter press is suitable for experimental and small-scale processing, with filtration area ranging from 2 to 30 square. You can directly contact us and we provide a custom service to your specifications.
Medium Filter Press
Filson provides quality equipment for your medium filter press system. The most vital part in the system is the filter plate, filter frame and the filter cloth. All these components are available to be customized at Filson.
Large Filter Press
Filson large filter press, as its name implies, is a large-scale filter press comparing to small filter press and medium filter press. With the same structure and function, Filson large filter press can handle similar application filtration but in a large scale.
Cast Iron Filter Press
Filson cast iron filter press is made of high quality cast iron which can withstand high temperature. It is much suitable for those applications where have a high demand for heat resistance, such as concentrate processing, industrial minerals and metallurgical processing.
Stainless Steel Filter Press
Filson stainless steel filter press has the advantages of stable performance and firm construction. The filter plate is hard and not easy damage. Engineered with quality stainless steel raw material, it can resistant high temperature and corrosion.
PP Filter Press
Filson given press plate of PP filter press is designed with the high quality raw material in compliance with the set standards. Also, we offer this kind of device in various specifications in order to meet the needs of our customers.
Laboratory Filter Press
Filson laboratory filter press is also called lab filter press which is especially designed and manufactured for laboratory use or small scale slurry filtration. Comparing to other kinds of filter presses, it is much small and convenient.
High Pressure Filter Press
In the past several years, Filson has developed and upgraded filter presses to bear high pressure to satisfy the different application requirements. The available types includes but not limited to plate and frame filter press, chamber filter press and vertical filter press.
Overhead Filter Press
Filson overhead filter press is one style of recessed filter press and membrane filter presses. It is mainly used to dewater and separate liquids and solids in a wide range of applications, such as cement plant and chemical industry.
Sidebar Filter Press
Filson sidebar filter press is a uniquely designed filter press with filter plates suspended by handles that rest on the sidebar. It is frequently used in a large variety of industrial applications to separate liquids and solids from a mixed slurry.
Food Grade Filter Press
Filson provides food grade filter press for applications where have strict requirements on hygiene and cleanness, such as food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry. Mostly, it is fabricated with stainless steel.
Horizontal Filter Press
Filson horizontal filter press, also known as sparkler filter press or shell and leaf filter, is widely used for various solid and liquid separation application in all sorts of industries. By using the device, you can achieve a complete recovery of filtrate for maximum energy saving.
Maple Syrup Filter Press
Filson maple syrup filter press, as its name shows, is especially designed and engineered for maple sugaring industry to produce pure maple syrup. It is made of food grade material to ensure the overall health and safety of the final production.
Oil Filter Press
Filson provides oil filter presses covering a really broad range, our relative equipments include but not limited to palm oil filter press, coconut oil filter press, edible oil filter press, CBD oil filter and mustard oil filter press.
Dewaxing Filter Press
Filson is an unparalleled supplier and manufacturer for outstanding quality dewaxing filters to our customers based across the globe. These dewaxing filter presses are all designed by our highly skilled professionals to ensure the smooth and effective operation.
Mining Filter Press
Filson is a proven expert in the industry for filtration. We tailor high efficiency and excellent performance mining filter presses for the applications and till now we have gained good reputation all over the world.
Clay Filter Press
Filson is known as the manufacturer and exporter of the finest quality of filter press and filter plate. We attain the total customer satisfaction through quality-focused approaches coupled with transparent deals.
Coal Filter Press
Filson coal filter press is a core equipment for coal dewatering, so it is also called coal washing filter press. With robust construction and excellent filtration efficiency, the device is widely used in large coal mines and coal washing plants.
Wine Filter Press
Filson wine filter press is fully made of food grade stainless steel material for sanitary requirements. And during the wine production process, our quality filter press will help you achieve the desired clarity while retaining all the good properties of your wines.
Filter Press For Sewage Treatment Plant
As an experienced manufacturer in filtration, Filson builds quality filter press for sewage treatment plant. Under the support of lastest technology and profound expertise, the equipment can meet the highest application requirements.
Pharmaceutical Filter Press
Filson provides high-efficiency pharmaceutical filter press with a competitive price. It has a flexible design with alternative filter plates which can be added and reduced according to your practical application needs.
Wastewater Treatment Filter Press
Filson wastewater treatment filter press is a separated system which is also known as an industrial equipment for environment protection. It is an outstanding dewatering device benefitting the industry.
Juice Filter Press
Filson filter press is suitable for filtering fruit juices, like apple juice or orange juice, and has always been a simple and effective solution for all processes related to the separation of a liquid from solids in suspension.
Filter Press For Sludge Dewatering
As one of the professional manufacturers of filter press in China, we mainly focus on industrial filter presses. For over 20 years, Filson is devoted into providing quality product and superior services for our customers all over the world.
Filter Press Plate
Filson filter plates, as the important part of a filter press, come into various types, including recessed filter plate, chamber filter plate, plate and frame plates, membrane filter press and polypropylene filter plates.
Filter Press Cloth
Filson pays great attention to customer’s requirements and specifications. During the manufacturing process, the filter press cloth is made of quality materials under optimal conditions to achieve the excellent performance in filtration.
Mash Filter Press
Filson mash filter press is a efficient and effective solution to separate the sweet wort from mash. By using such a mash filter press, not only the cost is saved, but also the consumption is reduced to some extent.
Replacement Filter Press
With rich experience in filtration, Filson has the expertise and technologies to explore in a broad range of industrial fields. To better serve your application, we provide quality filter presses to replace your old one.

Why Choose Filson Filter Press

  • Fast & high efficient on every process

Generally, the finishing of Filson filter press will go through several fixed steps including design process, production process, packing process and shipping process. Filson, as one of the professional filter press machine manufacturers, promises to fulfill them with an expected level of efficiency.

  • Best pre-sale & after-sale service

Filson has the experienced core engineering team with profound knowledge and expertise. The team is able to provide full assistance to your filter press project. From design to transportation, even to maintenance, Filson is with you every step of the way.

  • Trustable & high quality manufacturing

Filson is a quality-oriented filter press manufacturer who pays more attention to the performance of the final filter press machine. When you choose Filson, you are choosing the security and assurance for your business.

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Filson: A Dependable Filter Press Advisor for Your Specific Application

Filson filter press ( slurry filter press ) is a versatile industrial tool which brings you a lot of benefits. During the working process, the slurry is dewatered by using the high pressure filtration to separate the solids and liquids.

filter cake and filtrate

Filson filter press is proven effective on hundreds of applications across the markets and industries, available to dewater particle size down to 1 micron. Comparing to other dewatering equipments, Filson filter press leads to the driest cake and the cleanest filtrate for the better end products.

Typically, Filson filter press consists of four main parts to support the normal operation. They are frame, filter plates, manifold and filter cloth. View the following filter press parts and learn the function of the respective components:

  • Filter Press Frame

Filson filter press frame is also called the skeleton. It is a clamping device made of steel supporting and fastening the filter plates.

  • Filter Plates

Filter plates play the vital role in the filter press. It’s the main place that the pressure filtration occurs. Usually, Filson provides multiple options for filter plates, it’s available to produce these plates with stainless steel, cast iron, nickel, aluminium, monel, hard rubber or plastics ( PP, PE ).

  • Manifold

Filson standard manifold is composed of piping and valves. The basic function of this manifold is to control the slurry inlet and connect the four corner filtrate discharge ports into a common discharge pipe.

  • Filter Cloth

By attaching filter cloth to the filter plates, the solid particles are accumulated on the cloth to form the so-called filter press cake and the liquids are successfully separated from solids. It is worth mentioning that the cloth is available in several alternatives of materials, choosing from monofilament, multifilament or mono-multifilament.

filter press lab test --- filtrate and solids

Except for the four parts mentioned above, Filson filter press is also equipped with head leg, tail leg, hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, etc. Proper selection of these ancillary equipments is also critical to optimize operation of the dewatering system, Filson can help whenever you have trouble in choice making.

Filson filter press is a powful device with great adaptability to the filtered medium and due to the low demands on energy during operation, it is much popular in an extensive range of industries, including but not limited to cannabis extraction, wastewater treatment, metallurgic industry, food processing and pharmaceutical industry.

final product experiencing a filter press

When it comes to size your filter press, there’s one thing you should know that Filson filter press dimension is determined by the number of filter plates and the length of their sides setting the press format. We provide different plate sizes to satisfy your application ranging from 400 x 400mm to 2000 x 2000mm.

Filson carries broad types of filter press, so no matter how unique your requirements are, Filson can come up with a satisfactory filter press design and drawing. In addition, as a seasoned filter press supplier, a filter press operation and maintenance manual will be delivered along with your order.

the structure of filter press

Check Filson filter press diagram and parameters before it putting into production. This manufacturing process may take two weeks or about 20 working days and then the equipment will be directly delivered from our factory to save your overall costs.

If you have any problems about Filson filter press assembly, filter press capacity calculation or filter press cake washing, you can feel free to contact us, our engineering specialists will solve them patiently.

vertical filter press manufacturing

Filson Filter Press Function:

  • Separate liquids from a specific solids
  • Increase the final production yields
  • Dewater slurries generated from all sorts of industrial applications
  • Reduce the consumption of auxiliary chemicals like coagulants and flocculants
  • Maintain high dry solid content in dewatered slurry due to high filtration pressure
  • Propose a better dewatering solution replacing other equipments

vertical filter press structure and components

Filson Filter Press Feature:

  • Large filtration area per unit for floor space occupied
  • Food grade stainless steel available for the best quality
  • Robust filter cloth with your specified CFM rating
  • Sizeable and expandable design to fit various application needs
  • Gasketed recessed plates for a leak free operation
  • Optional plate material to deal with your specific matter
  • Optimized manufacturing process for quality construction
  • Easy installation, cleaning and maintenance for long time use

Filson Filter Press Specification:

different types of filter plate

different types of filter plate

  • Plate material: stainless steel, cast iron, nickel, aluminium, monel, rubber, PP, PE
  • Filter cloth material: polypropylene, polyester, cotton, nylon, polyester, felt
  • Plate shape: square, rectangular, round
  • Dry solid content in filter cake: usually 20 – 50%, with some suspensions up to 80 – 99%
  • Filtration pressure: up to a maximum of 30 bar, 16bar for standard
  • Filter press chamber volume: 20 dm3 – 9000 dm3
  • Filtration chamber thickness: 10 – 50 mm
  • Filtration surface: 1.8 m2 – 650 m2
  • Plate size: 250 x 250mm to 2000 x 2000mm
  • Coated material: rubber, lead, epoxy resin covered

Note: Filson supplies a custom service, send your specifications for an instant quote.

Filson Filter Press Application:

filter press applications

filter press applications

  • Cannabis extraction
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Power generation
  • Mining and ore processing
  • Textile and paper industry
  • Concrete / cement and asphalt production
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Steel mills
  • Municipal plants

Filson Filter Press FAQ:

What is a Filter Press?

Filter press is an industrial dewatering equipment. It uses a special filter medium and exerts a certain pressure on the matters being treated, making the liquid percolate out. On this account, it is regarded as a common solid-liquid separation device.

Filter press was applied to chemical production in the early 18th century, and now is still widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, dye, food, brewing, ceramic and environmental protection industries.

What is a Filter Press

How does a Filter Press Work?

Though Filson carries full types of filter press, including plate and frame filter press, chamber filter press, membrane filter press and replacement filter press. They have the similar working principle and processes:

  • Filling

During the filling process, solid loaded slurry is pumped under a setting pressure into the filter press chambers through the piping at the stationary head of the filter press. Then the slurry will fill each chamber sequentially.

  • Dewatering ( solid and liquid separation )

This process is also known as compaction or consolidation stage. Once the chambers are filled, the slurry that is being pushed by the feed pump will force the liquid out of the chambers. It is in this stage that the filter cake achieves maximum dryness.

  • Cake washing and air blow

During this process, it is possible to flush undesirable components using water or an appropriate solvent. Also, you can choose to blow the cakes with clean air to realize additional moisture reduction.

  • Discharge

It is the last step of the filtration cycle. It aims at removing the dewatered filter cake. Each filter element is opened up and separated for cleaning and solid discharge. Usually, the cakes fall off by gravity.

How does a Filter Press Work

How Long does a Filter Press Cycle Take?

The answer is that it depends…

Typically, the filter press cycle time contains two parts: the filling time and a constant. In which a constant is composed of close and open press, filtration, air blow and discharge time. And if additional operations, like cake washing and compression, are required in a particular application, the constant would be longer.

How Long does a Filter Press Cycle Take

How Long does a Fill Cycle Take?

A fill cycle is determined by many different specifications, you can check the factors listed below:

  • The nature of the material to be dewatered
  • The concentration of the solids in the slurry
  • The thickness of the filter cake
  • The feed pressure
  • The selection of the filter cloth


Contact Filson professional engineering team for more details.

How Long does a Fill Cycle Take

How to Choose Filter Press?

According to many times of scientific experiments and practical equipment testing, there are many matters influencing the performance of the filter press. View the points and choose right filter press for your next project.

  • Plate size, material, type, pressure rating
  • Cake thickness ( 32mm for standard )
  • Cloth type / material
  • Frame design
  • Discharge / air blow piping
  • Feed style ( center feed or corner feed )
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Slurry to be treated ( the nature, properties )

These are the main and important factors that would affect the final dewatering efficiency. Besides, the industry scale and the total filter press design also influence the performance. If you don’t know how to choose a suitable filter press, you can consult Filson at any time.

How to Choose Filter Press

How to Select the Right Filter Cloth?

The selection of filter press cloth is one of the key variables to optimize the dewatering and filtration in any industrial applications. The success of the whole process begins with selecting the right filter cloth.

Pay attention to these factors when you choose the correct filter cloth:

  • Resistance to blinding and blockage
  • Ease of filter cake discharge
  • Resistance to chemical materials
  • Thermal properties
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Particle retention

In conclusion, the material of the filter cloth matters a lot. Filson provides filter cloth made of various materials and it’s available for you to choose from polypropylene, polyester, cotton, nylon, polyester, felt and nomex.

How to Select the Right Filter Cloth

When do the Cloths Need to Be Cleaned or Replaced?

Filter press cloth is used to collect solid matters in the slurry and helps improve the filtration efficiency. So after a period of using, you are recommended to clean or replace your cloth.

When your filter press cloth becomes wet, sticky and not dry as usual, it’s the sign that the cloth needs to be cleaned. ( Some cleaning methods are listed below. ) And if you have already cleaned the cloth and the efficiency is still not increased, then it’s time to replace it with a new one.

The life of your filter press varies from installation to installation. And it is influenced by frequency of use, cleaning method and proper maintenance, as well as the type of sludge being treated. Typically, for most installations and press types, the filter cloth could last up to 6 months.

Filter Cloth Cleaning Method:

  • Acid washing
  • Acid dip washing ( soaking in 3-5% acid and water mixture )
  • Power spray washing

When do the Cloths Need to Be Cleaned or Replaced

Which Should Be Paid Attention to While Opetating?

During the operation and maintenance process, there are some details should be paid attention to:

Before operating:

  • Check whether the number of plate and frame is in accordance with the regulations.
  • Check whether the arrangement of the plate and frame meets the requirements, whether the installation is correct and whether the sealing surface is in good contact.
  • Check whether the filter cloth is damaged, the filter cloth hole is smaller than the plate and frame hole and concentric with the plate and frame hole.
  • Check whether the pipeline is smooth and make sure there is no leakage point.
  • Check whether the hydraulic system works normally and whether the pressure gauge is sensitive and useful.

While operating:

  • The installation of the filter press cloth must be flat, in order to prevent damage and leakage when pressed.
  • Control proper pressure and temperature.
  • When the plates moves on the main beam, it shall not collide or fall. And the force applied shall be even to prevent damage to the handle and sealing surface.
  • When cleaning the plate and filter cloth after unloading the cake, the channel should be ensured to be smooth. And the residue should not be allowed to be pasted in the sealing surface or feeding channel.

Daily maintenance:

  • Pay attention to the connection parts of each department, if there is looseness, it should be tightened at any time.
  • The pressure shaft or pressure screw should be kept well lubricated to prevent foreign matter.
  • The pressure gauge should be regularly calibrated to ensure its sensitivity.
  • The removed plates should be put flat when stored to prevent deflection and deformation.
  • Check whether the hydraulic system working pressure and the oil volume in the tank are within the specified range.
  • It is forbidden to add oil containing impurities or moisture to the oil tank.

Which Should Be Paid Attention to While Opetating

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