Filson Filter Press Plate

  • Available for various quality materials fitting the specific application
  • Smooth filtration surface without any blockage
  • Excellent sealing without any leakage during feeding process
  • Accordant to international processing standards and regulations
  • Short filtering cycle leading to fast and effective filtration

As one of the best filter press plates manufacturers in China, Filson is committed to provide highest quality filter plates for our customers. They are versatile components to be used in almost all sorts of industrial applications.

  • Plate material: stainless steel, cast iron, nickel, aluminium, monel, plastic ( PP, PE )
  • Operating pressure: 8 – 16bar
  • Feeding pressure: up to 3MPa
  • Plate size: 250 x 250mm to 1500 x 2000mm
  • Plate shape: square, rectangular, round

Note: material and size are customizable, contact Filson for more details.

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Filson Filter Press Plate

Your Reliable Filter Press Plate Supplier in China

Filson manufacures filter press plates using high quality raw materials, including stainless steel, cast iron, cast steel, aluminium, PP, PE and other special materials according to your requirements and depending on the actual application needs.

Filson carries a full range of filter press plates. No matter for chamber filter plates, membrane filter plates or plate and frame filter plates, Filson can tailor for you. All these parts are fabricated under optimized processing conditions and rigorously checked before shipping, so you can feel free to use them.

Except for the standard and custom types, Filson also provides replacement filter press plates for other leading brands in the market. That means you can find Lenser filter press plate, Evoqua filter press plate, Micronics filter press plate and Watermark filter press plate at Filson with same and even exceeding quality and performance.

Contact Filson today to know our range of filter press plate options and whether the design is appropriate for your press.

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