Filson Trickle Bed Reactor

  • Simple structure and working principle for easy operation
  • Available to be used for three-phase reactions
  • Low energy consumption due to the stasis of solids
  • Able to withstand high temperature and pressure
  • Low catalyst attrition for overall cost saving

Filson trickle bed reactor is a chemical reactor in which gas and liquid flow through a bed of granular solid catalyst to carry out a gas-liquid-solid phase reaction process. The catalyst is present in the form of a fixed bed, so it can also be considered as a type of fixed bed reactor.

  • Construction material: stainless steel, Hastelloy, glass, Titanium, carbon steel, Monel
  • Working temperature: 300 – 550℃
  • Particle diameter: 2 – 15mm
  • Operation style: semi-batch, continuous

Note: the above parameters are just some of them, more details to be known by contacting Filson today.

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Filson Trickle Bed Reactor

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Filson trickle bed reactor is a solid-liquid-gas contacting device made of stainless steel, Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium or glass. It can work under high temperature and is often operated under pressure in order to facilitate the dissolution of the gas in the liquid.

In Filson trickle bed reactor, the liquid does a downward movement, at the same time, the gas can work both downward or upward. In another word, the gas flows co-current or counter-current inside the vessel.

During the operation process of Filson trickle bed reactor, pressure difference acts as the driving force. You can use it with the operation style of semi-batch or continuous according to your real application needs.

Filson trickle bed reactor is widely used in processing plants. Hydrocracking and hydrodesulfurization in petroleum refining are industrial processes where large trickle bed reactors are applied. Filson trickle bed reactors are also used in chemical production, but in a smaller scale.

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