Filson Titanium Reactor

  • High reaction rate due to good properties of raw material
  • Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Perfect construction with no risk of leakage
  • Excellent temperature and corrosion resistance in harsh environments
  • Various types and designs fitting your different requirements

Filson Titanium reactor can be applied to corrosive experiments: Titanium is an originally active material, but it’s easy to be passivated. And the passivation layer is more stable, so it is usually used in the reaction containing highly corrosive materials.

  • Construction material: pure Titanium, Titanium alloy
  • Working temperature: 648℃
  • Reactor volume: 1000 – 2000L
  • Heating power: 300 – 500W
  • Operation style: batch, semi-batch, continuous

Note: other materials are available to construct chemical reactors, consult our factory for more details.

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Filson Titanium Reactor

Your Premier Titanium Reactor Manufacturer in China

Filson Titanium reactor can be mainly divided into pure Titanium reactor, composite Titanium reactor and Titanium lined reactor, respectively used in different process environments. Among which, the composite Titanium reactor is more widely used because of its superior performance and lower price than pure Titanium reactor.

Titanium is endowed with high strength, excellent heat resistance, exceptional corrosion resistance and good toughness, thus Filson Titanium reactors are greatly favored in aviation, aerospace, petrochemical, medical and geological fields.

Filson Titanium reactor also serves in civil fields, such as automobile, electric power, leisure and other industries. With the widespread use of Titanium and its alloys, users pay more and more attention to its welding performance.

Comparing to chemical reactors made of other materials, Filson Titanium reactor is more cost-effective and durable. At the same time, it’s possible for Titanium reactor to handle both single-phase and multi-phase reactions under harsh conditions.

Whether you need a horizontal reactor or vertical reactor, Filson can design and engineer using high grade Titanium materials accroding to your requirements. Do not hesitate to tailor your Titanium reactor, Contact Filson now!

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