Filson Continuous Slot Well Screen

  • Large open area with minimum drawdown
  • Durable and reliable with less maintenance
  • Improved collapse strength than other types
  • Certificated materials with excellent quality
  • Customizable dimensions and flexible connections

Continuous slot well screen from Filson is durable and well-received, you can use it in worldwide water, oil and gas wells. With unique v-shaped wires, Filson continuous slot well screens can provide large open areas and minimize flow entrance velocity, achieving minimum drawdown as well as best well performance.

  • Material: SS 304/304L, 316/316L or on request
  • Slot Size: from 0.1-6 mm
  • Diameter: from 25-1200 mm
  • Length: up to 6000 mm
  • Open Area: 60%

Note: standard specification sheet for reference only, customization available.

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Filson Continuous Slot Well Screen

Your Reliable Continuous Slot Well Screen Manufacturer in China

Filson continuous slot well screen consists of wedge wires and support rods, and wires are attached to rods by welding. It performs high mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for various pressure and corrosive underground operation conditions. Filson continuous slot well screens can be design to different slot sizes, generally from 0.1 to 6 mm, to meet divers formation grain sizes. Further, we excel at designing a series of viable size combinations with our extensive expertise to perfectly fit every application need.

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