Filson Semi-batch Reactor

  • Much more flexible comparing to a batch reactor
  • Available for more selections of a reaction
  • High reaction rate due to proper temperature control
  • Easy reactants introduction and discharge
  • Robust and compact structure for long service life

Filson semi-batch reactor has some characteristics of batch operation and continuous operation, also called semi-continuous reactor.However, the production process of this semi-batch reactor is still intermittent.

  • Construction material: stainless steel, Hastelloy, glass, Titanium, carbon steel
  • Working temperature: 300 – 550℃
  • Working pressure: 5000psi
  • Reactor capacity: 1 – 15000L
  • Operation style: semi-batch

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Filson Semi-batch Reactor

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Filson semi-batch reactor is sometimes more convenient than the basic batch reactor, providing a better result for industrial applications. For chemical reactions requiring high concentrations of one reactant and low concentrations of another, semi-intermittent operation is often used.

When Filson semi-batch reactor is working, some reactants are added at the beginning of the reaction, and others are introduced in during the operation of the reactor. After the reaction reaches certain requirements, stop the operation and discharge the material.

In addition to the removal of heat by cooling media for some strongly exothermic reactions, the use of Filson semi-batch reactor allows the rate of charge to be adjusted to control the required reaction temperature.

In order to increase the product yield of some reversible reactions, one way is to use Filson semi-batch reactor to continuously remove the products and break the equilibrium of the reaction, while at the same time increasing the rate of the reaction process.

Because of the special features of Filson semi-batch reactor, it is widely used in fine chemical production, such as nitrification, sulfonation, chlorination, oxidation, acylation, diazotization and many other reactions which can be conducted in the form of semi-batch operation.

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