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As an established and applauded OEM company, Filson has more than two decades of experience in producing high-quality porous filters.

  • Available for customized materials and sizes
  • Fully cleanable and reusable for a longer lifespan
  • Easy to install and replace due to threaded design
  • Robust and porous construction ensures high-efficiency filtration
  • Multiple series to be suitable for various application needs

What is Porous Filter

Filson porous filter, also known as sintered porous filter, is mainly divided into two classes: porous metal filter and porous plastics.

Filson porous metal filter or Filson metal powder filter demonstrates excellent filtration performance in gas, solid, and liquid, due to its compact and uniform pore size. What’s more, it also has a long service life as clean and reusable.

Filson porous plastics are featured with exceptional resiliency, outstanding strength, and lightweight after high-temperature sintering. Allowable pore size ranges from 1 to 100 microns, thus our porous structure has high porosity up to 75% with 99.8% filter efficiency.

Besides, Filson porous filter offers customized service for special metal materials including Monel 400, Inconel 601/600, and Hastelloy C – 276. You can also choose a metal thread porous filter, which is easier to install and remove.

Porous Filter Categories

Porous Metal Filter Cartridges

Filson porous metal filter cartridges are available in various metal materials, such as stainless steel, Inconel 600, nickel 200, etc. Through the sintering process, our products form a firm structure with high voids and narrow pore size. More importantly, it allows SOE type or threaded type.

Porous Plates

Filson porous plates, also known as fluidizing plate, is formed by high water-absorbing materials, thus they allow liquid transport freely. Our porous plates standard thickness ranges from 6mm to 20mm with fine filtering precision as little as 1 micron.

Porous Tube

Filson offers two types of porous tube, metal style, and plastic style. Both of them have strong wall thicknesses to withstand high pressure. With excellent resistance to chemicals, temperature, and abrasion, our product is an ideal choice for food processing, electroplating baths, etc.

Porous Frit

Filson porous frit supports both metal materials and polymer materials. It is usually shaped into discs to meet the column’s needs. With high porosity and precise pore size distribution, our product builds a reliable shield for your expensive equipment against contaminants.

Filson porous ceramic filters can be called as porous ceramic filter tubes. Thanks to its chemical resistance and stable performance in high temperatures up to 1260°C, it is an ideal solution in liquid, gas, and air filtration.

Porous Filter Types by Metal Materials (6)

  • Stainless Steel Porous Filter
    Mainly applied SS304/316L as raw materials, Filson stainless steel porous filter has excellent mechanical strength and temperature resistance up to 1000°C. Through vacuum sintering process, it has uniform pore distribution and porosity to suit broad range of applications.
  • Porous Nickel Filter
    Owing to its light weight, high porosity and stable performance, Filson porous nickel filter is an ideal choice in battery, catalysis filtration. Besides, it is your best partner for filtration fields where high temperature up to 1200°C.
  • Compared to other metal materials, Filson titanium filter owns excellent properties including non-magnetic, non-toxic and unique compatibility with human, and with no secondary pollution. Therefore it is popular in pharmaceutical industry, food field and water treatment industry.
  • Porous Bronze Filter
    Filson porous bronze filter also called as sintered bronze filter. It is made by bronze powder through sintering process, which has self-supporting structure. Besides high permeability, excellent corrosion resistance and stable pore size, our product can also mute sound.
  • Monel Filter Cartridge
    With larger filtration area and good air permeability, Filson Monel filter cartridge shows better dirt-holding capacity. Based on application needs, it is designed into broad micron rating range. Available for double open fitting and threaded end fitting, it is easy to install and remove.
  • orous Metal Disc
    Filson porous metal disc is made by metal power through sintering process, and various metal materials can as options according to your needs. Due to its special porous structure, high porosity and wide diameter selection, our product is the best choice for deep filtration.

Porous Filter Types by Plastic Materials (6)

  • Porous Polyethylene
    Being treatment with high temperature and pressure, Filson porous polyethylene has stable pore distribution. By using PE, HDPE or UHMWPE as basic materials, it has light weight while excellent physical properties, and works normally in acid or alkali conditions.
  • Porous Polypropylene
    Filson porous polypropylene has larger pore sizes and higher strength compared to polyethylene. As pore size rating ranges from 10 – 300 mm with up to 40% pore area, it is widely used in filtration, muffling, wicking, venting and other fields.
  • Porous PTFE
    Enhanced production processes, Filson porous PTFE stands out in the market with its excellent porous properties. As its non-toxic and odorless in food, good resistance to high temperature and chemical, it is universal in food, aerospace, medical, laboratory analysis industries.
  • Having higher work efficiency and more precise pore size, Filson porous glass frit has excellent performance in filtration, which up to 99.9% to reduce clog. It can withstand high temperature up to 1200°C to suit various application needs.
  • Porous Plastic Disc
    Filson porous plastic disc is rigid and robust with longer service life due to its cleanable. Thanks to fine and uniform aperture, it provides fully filtration area. We offer extensive range of porous plastic disc, diameter ranges from 1 mm – 1000 mm.
  • Combining mechanical, electrical, chemical property with wear resistance, Filson porous plastic rod is optimal choice in aerospace, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries. What’s more, it has simple structure with outstanding durability.

Porous Filter Types by Common Functionality (7)

  • Sparger
    Under optimal process conditions, Filson sparger is manufactured with countless tiny pores on surface. Compared to other spargers, Filson product can produce smaller bubbles, and due to its non-toxicity, it is widely used in beer brewing, fermentation, etc.
  • Carbonation Stone
    Filson carbonation stone is made by naturally porous stone, porous ceramic or stainless steel. Thanks to compact structure and uniform pore distribution, it has high efficiency in creating microbubbles. What’s more, Filson diffusion stone is also an optimal replacement.
  • Flame Arrestor Element
    By adopting advanced sintering technology, Filson flame arrestor element has porous structure to prevent flame while maintain gas and air flow normally. Stainless steel, brass, titanium and other materials applied with excellent thermal conductivity to absorb the heat of flame and cool flame.
  • Porous Metal Flow Restrictors
    Filson porous metal flow restrictors are formed by high-grade metal power through a vacuum sintering process, therefore our products are best choice comes to flow control. It has robust structure, outstanding corrosion resistance and temperature resistance up to 760 °C.
  • Semiconductor Gas Filter
    As gas filtration requirements getting stricter, Filson semiconductor gas filter is still applauded in the market because its uniform pore distribution and precise micron rating. That achieves high filtration efficiency, superior temperature, corrosion resistance and longer service life.
  • Filson pneumatic muffler can easily diffuse air, trap contamination or muffle noise, and mainly uses bronze, stainless steel and plastic as basic materials. Our products also permit various connection to easy install, like optional male/female- thread, or push-in types.
  • Column Frits
    Filson column frits have exceptional porosity, which can effectively block particles from solvent or fluid, giving reliable protection for pump, expensive hardware and whole system. Filson products also offer outstanding sealing to avoid leakage during operation.

Porous Filter Benefits

Longer Service Life
Longer Service Life

The most excellent performance of Filson porous filter is its durability, because of extreme stability and mechanical strength. In addition, it can be cleaned to resume its original function and reused for a longer lifespan.

Prominent Filtration Performance
Prominent filtration performance

Equipped with uniform porosity and precise pore size, Filson porous filter possesses high filtration efficiency up to 99.99%. With complex and twist structure, it is featured with fine filter accuracy up to 0.2 mm.

High Temperature&Corrosion Resistance
High Temperature & Corrosion Resistance

Utilizing titanium, stainless steel, nickel, and other metals as materials, Filson porous filter has high-temperature resistance up to 1260°C. What’s more, it can also work normally under high acid and alkali conditions.

Robust&Compact Structure
Robust & Compact Structure

After a high-temperature vacuum sintering process, Filson porous filter has strong mechanical properties and a compact structure, it also has no needless particle shedding to cause secondary contamination.

Porous Filter Specific Features

Filson porous filters possess the following characteristics to support your application needs.

  • Working normally under high pressure up to 3000 psi
  • Reduced cost due to lower gas or liquid consumption
  • Fully cleanable and reusable for longer service life
  • Wider micron rating ranging from 0.2 to 100 microns
  • OEM service to offer customized shapes, sizes or materials
  • High porosity and precise pore size
  • Special design reduces downtime
  • Lager flow rate up to 30 GPM
  • Reliable quality by ISO certification
Porous Filter Specific Features

Why Choose Filson Porous Filter

Porous Filter Production
Porous Filter Factory

Based on advanced sintered technology and sterile conditions, the Filson porous filter is formed by metal or plastic powers, which have porous structure, and special pore size. Therefore, our product is endowed with enough area to filter or mute sound.

By using multiple and high-grade materials, our product offers excellent properties to suit different applications, such as food and beverage, electronics, gas diffusion, fuel cells, etc.

Filson is an established company with more than 20 years of experience in the filtration field, with a professional design team and up-dating technology, Filson can fabricate any dimensions and type of porous filter to your requirements.

All Filson porous filters are delivered to customers’ hands after strict inspections, from material choice to package against any damage during transportation. Compared to other porous filter manufacturers, Filson promises to provide ex-factory prices.

If you are interested in our porous filter or want to learn more details, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at

Specifications of Porous Filter

There are the general specifications of porous filters. You can choose them or choose our OEM services by sending us your unique data.

  • Raw Material: stainless steel 304/316L, Monel, nickel, Inconel, plastic, ceramic, etc.
  • Operating Temperature: up to 1260℃
  • Differential Pressure: up to 3000psid
  • Pore size: 1 mm – 250 mm
  • Porosity: up to 75%
  • Working Pressure: up to 3.4MPa
  • Standard thickness: 0.75 mm – 6 mm
  • Length: 10 – 3000 mm
  • Micron Rating: 0.2 – 100micron (typically 0.5 – 12micron)
  • Connection: double open fitting, threaded end fitting
  • Shape: rod, tube, sheet, disc, ring, etc.

To meet our customers different requirements, Filson offers a broad range of materials as follows:

  • Stainless steel 304, 304L, 316L
  • Inconel 600
  • Monel 400
  • Nickel 200
  • Hastelloy C-276
  • Polypropylene
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Other materials as customized

Applications of Porous Filter

Porous Filter for Medical and Pharmaceutical industry

Filson porous plastics/metal filter can be treated with hydrophilic, hydrophobic and self-sealing properties, so it is applied in liquid drug delivery or as fluid cooling filter and flow control devices for medical equipment. And it can be used in fermenters and bioreactors to sparging oxygen.


With a micron rating as precise as 0.2 microns, Filson porous filter can block fine particles. As filtration of ink for high-speed printers, our porous filter reduces blockage to increase printer uptime and enhance image quality. It is also popular in oxide slurries for magnetic tapes.

Food and Beverage

Filson only uses safe and non-toxic materials to fabricate porous filters. Our porous metal filter can withstand high temperatures and has outstanding filtering capacity, therefore it can be used in process steam filtration, polishing of syrups, liquors, and other liquids, bleaching clay filtration, etc.


Filson porous filters can be equipped on various gas probes or sampling probes, such as stationary probe gas probes. Due to our sensitivity to temperature and humidity, our product can monitor any leakage. What’s more, it can also apply to in-line filtration, chromatography solvents, etc.


Filson polymer filter can effectively remove alien substances of the polymer, which can produce ultra-thin, optical, and strong fiber. It can be found in the production of Nylon 6/6.6 and rayon. Our product can help you achieve fiber, film, or other textile requirements.


With strong mechanical strength, Filson sintered porous metal filter is the best choice for the refinery section. Due to uniform permeability, precise bubble specification, and allow to backwash, our product can successfully filter silica and alumina fines in FCCU slurry oil.


In industrial pneumatic equipment, the expansion and vibration of gas will generate strong noise. Filson sintered porous PE or metal filter can convert energy to heat energy during gas passing through. Filson product shows outstanding in absorbing medium and high frequency noise.

Gas Diffusion

Filson porous sparger has a high porosity of up to 75%, which can transfer gas into liquid more efficiently. Compared to conventional gas transferring measures, Filson porous sparger with fine pore size achieves smaller bubbles with liquid contacting area.

Fuel Cell Application

In electrolysis application, Filson porous filter provides titanium porous transport layer as thin as 0.01”, which reduces oxidation rate and premium resistance to bending or cracking. We also offer platinum or other alloys coating to improve conductivity in order to suit different requirements.

Thermal Management

Filson sintered porous metal filter utilizes stainless steel, nickel, brass, or high-grade alloys as basic materials, thus it has outstanding thermal conductivity. With a porous structure, it is featured with a tortuous path to absorb or arrest heat while maintaining gas flow freely.


Filson porous metal filter plays an important role in the aerospace field, we produce routine types or specific types. From filtration, and flow control to thermal management, it is as robust as to work normally under harsh conditions. It can keep its accuracy for more than ten years.

Porous Filter Manufacturer
Filson - Your Top-rated Choice of Porous Filter in China

Rely on Filson, you can choose various porous filters according to your needs. We only provide high-quality porous filters at competitive prices.

Porous Filter FAQ Guide

Before buying a porous filter, read this guide.

It has all the information you are interested in about porous filters, keep reading and find your answer.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Porous Filter?

A porous filter is manufactured with metal or plastic powers through a high-temperature vacuum sintering process. So porous filter is endowed with a pore but robust structure, high porosity, and excellent properties such as high resistance to temperature and pressure, long service life, and precise filtration.

Based on different materials, porous filters also have various performances. For example, porous bronze filters are popular in pneumatic mufflers, flame arresters, and sound-muffling fields due to their outstanding property of sound absorption.

You can choose a porous filter according to your needs, Filson offers various materials and different functions of porous products.

What is Porous Filter

What is Sintering Process?

To put it simply, sintering, which is also called frittage, is a process in which fine and uniform powders are shaped into specific dimensions through heating and pressure.

What is Sintering Process

What is Pore Size in Filter?

Pore size is a porous filter’s capacity to block out contaminants. For example, a porous filter’s pore size is 1 mm, which means it can filter out particles of a diameter of 1 mm or larger than 1 mm.

 What is Pore Size in Filter

Is Sintering Better Than Melting?

Compared to melting, sintering saves more energy by 3D printing, and easy to maintain and control its properties. With many microscopic pores also give sintered porous filters excellent performance in flow control, muffling, and filtering. Besides, the sintered porous filter is also robust.

Is Sintering Better Than Melting


How to Clean Porous Filter?

There are three methods of cleaning:

  1. blowback cleaning is suitable for the application of gas filtration.
  2. backflush cleaning is suitable for the application of liquid filtration.
  3. ultrasonic cleaning is an automatic process suitable for almost all applications.

How to Clean Porous Filter

What is Needed Be considered When Choosing Porous Filter?
  1. contamination retention
  2. backwash ability
  3. pressure drops

What is Needed Be considered When Choosing Porous Filter

What are the Advantages by Using Porous Filter?

Using a porous filter, its main advantages that you can enjoy is followed:

  • Excellent mechanical strength with high-pressure tolerance
  • Superior particle-blocking capacity with wide pore size
  • Premium Corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity
  • High pressure dropping

 What are the Advantages by Using Porous Filter

Why Sintering Process is Necessary?

The sintering process is the key to determining the properties of porous filters, from structure to optimal capacity, such as strength, electric, ductility, thermal, and wear resistance. That’s why we need to control this process.

 Why Sintering Process is Necessary

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