Filson Polymerization Reactor

  • Reliable quality and stable performance for safety
  • Good sealing and no leakage risk for long time use
  • Custom configuration and design to better fit customer requirements
  • Highly precise control for easy and convenient operation
  • Strong anti-interference capability leading to high reaction efficiency

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Filson Polymerization Reactor

Your Reliable Polymerization Reactor Supplier in China

Since that polymerization reaction is a complex reaction with multiple polymerization ways and the viscosity of many reaction systems that take place along with the reaction rises, polymerization reaction design and model selection face the huge challenges. However, Filson is here to bring the ideal solution.

Filson carries advanced technologies and professional engineering team to fabricate this polymerization reactor. The vessel comes in various types including but not limited to stirred reactor and tubular reactor.

You can adopt batch, semi-batch or continuous operation for polymerization reactor. Filson suggests that the operation style could be selected according to your industrial scale. For example, a batch reactor is suitable for small to medium scale polymer production.

As it’s known to all, most of the monomers, solvents and catalysts used in polymerization reactions are flammable and explosive substances, which can easily cause fire and explosion when used or stored improperly. So Filson polymerization reactor is equipped with reliable detection and interlocking devices which will stop the reaction when there is something wrong.

If you don’t know how to choose a right polymerization reactor for your application, then you can Contact Us, Filson will assist you with every step of your project.

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