Filson Non-isothermal Reactor

  • Careful structure design for better reaction efficiency
  • Robust construction thanks to quality raw material
  • Optimized processing condition to ensure the integrity of the reactor
  • Custom solution for your specific application needs
  • Long service life with competitive price

Filson non-isothermal reactor is a device used to carry out chemical reactions for chemical production or experiments. You can simply call it a reactor or an industrial reactor in industry.

  • Construction material: stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, carbon steel, Monel, glass
  • Working temperature: 300 – 500℃
  • Reactor volume: 1000 – 2000L
  • Heating power: 300 – 500W
  • Operation style: batch, continuous
  • Minimum order quantity: 1pcs

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Filson Non-isothermal Reactor

Your Reliable Non-isothermal Reactor Supplier in China

Filson designs non-isothermal reactor with different dimension options. Generally, for laboratories, a 600mm height reactor is enough and the weight may be about 10kg. But the reactors used in industry are usually huge in size and complex in structure.

For Filson industrial non-isothermal reactor, it not only carries out chemical reactions, but also is often accompanied by industrial procedures such as mass transfer, heat transfer and material transfer in addition to the reaction process itself.

The biggest difference between Filson isothermal reactor and non-isothermal reactor is that the temperature is different inside the non-isothermal reactor and may be changed over time. You can choose according to your actual needs.

Filson non-isothermal plug flow reactor, non-isothermal batch reactor and non-isothermal fixed bed reactor are all commonly used type in all sorts of industries. Need a non-isothermal reactor design? Contact Filson immediately by the following ways:

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