Filson Microwave Chemical Reactor

  • Enhanced ability to perform chemical reactions under controlled conditions
  • Stable performance at elevated temperature and pressure
  • Various configuration to fit different application needs
  • Reduced side reactions anddecreased overall reaction time
  • Ensured operation safety and increased reaction efficiency

Filson microwave chemical reactor is commonly used for organic synthesis reactions, providing a high reaction speed tens or even thousands of times faster than conventional methods. And it can synthesize substances that are difficult to produce by conventional methods.

  • Construction material: stainless steel ( other materials available )
  • Working temperature: room temperature to 250℃
  • Pressure range: 0 – 20bar
  • Power range: 0 – 1000W
  • External size: 510×460×510mm
  • Weight: 16.5kg
  • Agitation device: magnetic stirrer, mechanical stirrer

Note: more detailed specifications to be known by consulting our factory today.

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Filson Microwave Chemical Reactor

Eminent Microwave Chemical Reactor Serving Your Application

Filson microwave chemical reactor is suitable for various reaction conditions. According to the solvent property, reactor volume and reactants concentration, the reactor can achieve different results.

Filson microwave chemical reactor, as a special vessel that carries out reactions, is increasingly used in material processing, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and other related research and teaching fields.

Filson adopts advanced automatic control and non-pulse continuous microwave heating technologies to fabricate microwave chemical reactor.Depending on the high-precision &non-contact infrared temperature sensor, you can monitor and control the temperature inside the reaction vessel.

Usually, Filson microwave chemical reactor is equipped with either magnetic stirrer or mechanical stirrer to facilitate the reaction. And other special requirements can be satisfied at Filson. Contat Us by clicking here to get your satisfy microwave chemical reactor.

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