Filson Laboratory Reactor

  • Small in size and convenient in operation
  • Quality construction material to ensure the high corrosion resistance
  • Individually customized type to perform numerous tasks
  • Automatical control for easy adjustment of temperature, pH or pressure
  • Reduced risks and stable performance for long time use

Filson laboratory reactor, or lab reactor, is a container used to carry out chemical reactions. It is an ideal choice that featured with simple operation, easy to use, light and reasonable structure and convenient to take & put.

  • Construction material: stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Monel, glass
  • Working temperature: 450℃
  • Working pressure: 1 – 5MPa
  • Designing pressure: 0 – 35MPa
  • Agitator speed: 0 – 100rpm
  • Vessel volume: 0.25 – 5L

Note: detailed specification is decided by the practical operation requirements, send us your application and we will give you a content solution.

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Filson Laboratory Reactor

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Under normal circumstances, Filson recommends Hastelloy B-2 as the construction material of laboratory reactor and all parts that would contact with reactants, including valves and pipe lines to resist high corrosion. However, stainless steel and Titanium are also popular choices in laboratories.

The basic types of Filson laboratory reactor are high pressure reactor, mini reactor and stirred reactor. When you choose a correct chemical reactor, the working pressure should be considered as an important factor, and reactant property is another one. In addition, cost, catalyst integration and vessel size should be paid attention to.

There is one thing that matters a lot during the operation of Filson laboratory reactor: the vessel must work under normal temperature and excessive speed rising of heating is prohibited. Meanwhile, the regular maintenance is necessary after a period of use.

With rich experience in chemical reactor designing and manufacturing, Filson has mastered the core technologies and know-how to customize a suitable equipment for your particular application needs. You can feel free to Contact Us and get more details about laboratory reactor.

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