Filson Heterogeneous Reactor

  • Low catalyst consumption for overall cost saving
  • Available for all sorts of industrial applications
  • Able to be designed into various types to customer specifications
  • High temperature and corrosion resistance due to quality construction material
  • Excellent performance with no catalysts and reactants leakage

Different from homogeneous reactor, Filson heterogeneous reactor is a chemical reactor used to carry out heterogeneous reaction or multiphase reaction. On this account, the vessel is also called multiphase reactor.

  • Construction material: stainless steel, Hastelloy, glass, Titanium, carbon steel, Monel
  • Working temperature: 300 – 550℃
  • Working pressure: 30MPa
  • Vessel capacity: 1 – 15000L
  • Operation style: batch, continuous

Note: send us the material, working temperature, pressure, required vessel capacity and other specifications, Filson can tailor the heterogeneous reactor for you.

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Filson Heterogeneous Reactor

Correct Heterogeneous Reactor Choice for Your Application

Filson heterogeneous reactor can be designed into different types according to the application needs. Basically, Filson provides several options and customers can choose from fixed bed reactor, trickle bed reactor, moving bed reactor and fluidized bed reactor.

During the operation process, a non-homogeneous reaction is taking place in Filson heterogeneous reactor. It is a chemical reaction in which the reactants are components of two or more phases ( solid and gas, solid and liquid, two immiscible liquids ), or in which one or more reactants are at an interface.

All Filson heterogeneous reactors are made of high quality construction material to ensure the long-lasting of the product. And they will be 100% tested and checked before shipping from our factory for your operation safety.

Except for heterogeneous reactor, Filson also manufactures other types of chemical reactor to fit different application needs. And additional design like stirring device is available. Just Contact Filson today, a perfect multiphase reactor design can be provided.

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