Filson Glass Chemical Reactor

  • Diverse selection for both jacketed and unjacketed design
  • Exceptional chemical and heat resistance
  • Optimal performance due to excellent strength and durability
  • Wide range of reactor size ranging from 100mL to 100L
  • Custom glass chemical reactor design for particular application

Filson glass reactor can be filled with different hot and cold circulating liquids (hot water/hot oil/freezing liquid) in the jacket, and the reactants are stirred at atmospheric or negative pressure in the sealed glass vessel.

  • Construction material: glass
  • Operating temperature: -80 – 300℃
  • Reactor volume: 100mL to 100L
  • Reactor type: jacketed, unjacketed

Note: more specifications to be known by contacting Filson today.

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Filson Glass Chemical Reactor

Your Perfect Glass Chemical Reactor Choice for the Application

Filson glass chemical reactor carries out the fully transparent reaction process that can be seen at a glance. It is the ideal equipment for modern biopharmaceutical, fine chemical and new material synthesis.

All Filson glass chemical reactors are made of Class A borosilicate glass which meets high standard specification, bringing exceptional chemical and heat resistance. Free of metal parts, the reactor has no risk of corrosion and can be used for a long time.

With size ranging from 100mL to 100L, Filson glass chemical reactor can satisfy your different application requirements, from small scale and medium scale to large scale production for both laboratory use and industrial use.

There are something you should pay attention to during the operation and maintenance process:

  • After each use, you should use a soft cloth to wipe off all kinds of oil, stains and solvent left on the surface of Filson glass chemical reactor to keep it clean.
  • When doing any repair or inspection on the glass reactor, make sure to cut off the power and water supply first.

Whether you need a pre-configured reactor system or a customized glass chemicalreactor, Filson is willing to be your next partner and design the perfect device for your application. Contact us now:

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